Chapter 5

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Olivia's POV

Normally, it was the usual daily grind. Wake up, get dressed, and go to school. But not today. Today was special. Not only was there no school, because it was Labor Day, but also because the sun was shining, it was a balmy 81 degrees, and I had a date with my girls, Madison and Kyle, out in the ocean.

When I walked downstairs in my pajamas, my mom was on the phone, while using her laptop. "Uh huh. Oh. Okay. See you tomorrow!" My mom said as she hung up with a smile. "Guess who has a job interview tomorrow?" A smile spread across my face as I gave her a big hug. My mom really needs this job, ever since she got laid off a few weeks ago.

After a bowl of Lucky Charms, two strips of bacon, and a glass of milk, I headed back upstairs to change into my new bikini. It was white with navy blue stripes on it, and very cute. The suit didn't expose too much, but it also didn't make me look like a grandma. And for a bonus, it was only $12, something I could easily afford.

On top of that, I slipped into a pair of bright pink denim shorts, a white tank top and slid sneakers onto my shoes.

"Bye Mom!" I yelled as I flew down the stairs and out the door. I hopped on my bike sitting on the porch, and pedaled to Angler's Cove, where we regularly met to swim or talk. When I stopped, Madison was sitting on a rock fumbling with her phone, and Kyle was staring off into the distance. I laughed when I saw her do this.

"Hey." I declared. Madison and Kyle looked at me. Kyle smiled and waved, but

Madison just said "hey" and continued using her new phone which her parents bought after it fell in the ocean. Even though she had gotten it about two days before school started, which was probably a month ago now, it was already scratched on the edges of it. And the fact that Madison probably snuck out of her bedroom to come here made me cringe. After all, she's supposed to be grounded!

"You ready?" Madison said as she stuffed her phone in her back pocket. Right as we were about to run in, the absolute worst thing possible happened.

Landon showed up.

"Hey guys." He said quietly. I saw him scan us from top to bottom. "We're you guys gonna run in the water wearing your clothes and with your phones?"

"Oh. Uh... Oops!" Kyle said, slipping off her shorts and shirt. "Didn't notice that." That was our cue to start taking off our cover ups to try and prove Landon something. But what?

"Exactly why are you here?" Madison asked Landon. She gave him a death glare, and he bit his lip.

"We'll, for starters, my house is right there." Landon pointed to a small beige house which was almost directly above where we stood. It rested on some bluffs, and Landon was the one who showed us this beach. We were the only people who ever came here, for the fact that it is so well hidden.

"Landon, leave." Madison spoke to Landon. He raised his arms, turned around, and walked back. "Thanks, Landon!" She shouted, but I get the feeling he either tuned us out purposely or didn't hear us.

"Now, where were we?" I asked them as we all peeled into the water. A few moments later, the most beautiful thing in the world, my tail, appeared directly behind me. I cheekily smiled, and kicked to start swimming. Madison and Kyle did the same motion, until we were all racing 15 feet underwater.

My first time swimming (or at least as a mermaid!), I remember everything was different. I could see as clear as if I were wearing goggles, and I never really felt the urge to come up for air for at least 15 minutes, and not to mention having a tail! I feel bad for anyone in the world who isn't (or wasn't) a mermaid.

I raised my head above the surface only to see Kyle staring back at me. She had a blank expression in her face, as if she didn't care about anything in the world. Only a few second later did Madison surfaced. She had a huge grin in her face, until she saw Kyle and me looking at her.

"Damn it!" Madison cursed. "I really need to start working on my time." I giggled, and soon enough Kyle joined in with me. Madison did eventually smile, to prove she's not a bad sport. We all floated in the water, just laughing until our sides hurt, not caring what anyone else thought.

We all swam back, might I mention SLOWLY this time, observing the coral, fish, and everything else surrounding us. It was fun doing this. I wouldn't have chosen to spend my day off any other way.

"Class, please open to page 59 in your English textbooks." My teacher, Mr. Gregory bellowed to the class. He had brownish gray hair, a mustache, and was wearing a blue and yellow sweater. Yikes. In my free time, I run a fashion blog, and let me just say this: I know a bad outfit when I see it. And this? Terrible doesn't even begin to describe how awful his sweater is.

I rolled my eyes and whispered something to the girl sitting behind me, Natalie Hicks, about how awful class was. She laughed, but I instantly turned back around as soon as I saw him get out of his desk and came towards us. My face was buried in my textbook, and I stared into it as if it were the most interesting thing in the world. Mr. Gregory walked away, and as soon as he was out of eyesight, the bell rang and I was off to science.

When I plunked my stuff down on my seat, Landon nudged me and whispered in my ear.

"Olivia," Landon uttered, his eyes glued on Madison. "You and Kyle have been spending a lot of time with Madison, and she's kinda been… Well…. It's almost like she's… avoiding me. What do you think?" What was I supposed to say? 'Oh no, don't worry. She's only been avoiding you for the past month because we're mermaids now. No big deal.' Yeah right. Like I was just going to tell him!

"Um… She's on her period?" I barely spoke. My voice rose as I told him. "And it's been really, erm, long?" Landon just stared at me with a confused expression. He blinked, scratched his head, and shoved his books into the small crevice made to hold books and other things.

"But doesn't a period last for only like a week?" Landon questioned. I thought for a second, thinking how I could cover this up. I just gave him a confused shrug and jotted down the notes on the board as Mrs. Ashwood gave her lecture on cells and reproduction.

Once class ended, Mrs. Ashwood signaled for Madison, Kyle, and me to come to her desk. She took off her reading glasses, set them on her desk, and began to talk.

"Girls, there's something very important I need to talk to you guys about: full moons.

"So… let me get this straight… the moon is supposed to make us all loopy?" Madison said to Kyle and me. "Yeah right. We're not werewolves." She rolled her eyes and continued walking on the sidewalk, strutting in front of us. Kyle and I exchanged looks, but we also continued to walk along the road.

Normally, we all took the bus, but considering that it's in the low 80s temperature-wise, and the beginning of September, we knew this weather wouldn't last forever. Soon enough, it'd be jeans and light jacket weather, like it usually was this time of year.

We all went our separate ways, each of us heading down a different street. I headed for my house, of course, and saw my brother sprawled out on the couch, watching SpongeBob Squarepants. His feet dangled from the edge of the couch, and his head rested on a pillow.

"Spencer." I stated, scaring him. "Homework. Now" Spencer groaned, but got off the couch and lugged his backpack up the stairs. I smiled a triumphant grin, and set my backpack on the coffee table. I unzipped the zipper, slid out my laptop and notebooks, and began working on my homework. The phone rang right as I lifted my pencil from the table. It was Kyle, so I couldn't just ignore it. She knew I was home; after all, she walked home with Madison and me. When I picked it up, there was a moment of silence, until Kyle started talking.

"Hey Olivia." Kyle said, pausing for a little bit. There was some awkward silence, but I told her hello and we began chatting some more.

"So…" Kyle continued. I waited for her to finish her sentence. "What do you think about the full moon and Mrs. Ashwood's warning about it?" she asked as her voice faded slowly. I pondered that for a second. Did I truthfully believe it? Honestly, I wasn't too sure. But I guess that if you're going to try and protect yourself from a moon that you don't exactly know if it's true, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

"Um… I'm not really too sure. But I guess I'd rather be safe than sorry." I told Kyle. It was so quiet that I could her long, deep breaths through the telephone. We hung up, but after that, I kinda just sat on the couch for a minute. All of the sudden, the door swung open. My mom stood in the middle of the doorframe with an enormous smile on her face.

"I got the job!" Mom exclaimed. I gave her a huge hug, and I felt her pulse beating rapidly in chest as she pressed it against mine.

"That's great, Mom!" I replied, smiling. "When do you start?"

"Next week."

"Okay…" My voice started trailing off. "Where exactly are you working?"

"Um… You see… That's the thing." I gave my mom a confused expression as she fumbled with her purse. "I'm working as the replacement secretary…"

"That's great!"

"At your… school." My eyes bulged and my mouth hung open. Yes, I was happy for her, I won't deny that. But why at my school? Why not at some restaurant? But what really mattered was that she had a job. So now, I don't have to spend my weekends and nights babysitting for neighbors on my block. Now, don't get me wrong, I love babysitting. But I'm 14! I do have some kind of social life, even though it's not really much.

"You know what, all that matters is that you're working again." I heard Spencer's snickers coming from his bedroom door, even though he tried to muffle them. I obscurely stuck my hand out in a "stop" position behind my back and angled it at his room. But, even though I only meant to send a quick chill inside, due to the fact that I probably have the least amount of control over my powers out of all three of us.

Spencer ran out of his room and down the stairs, shivering, and covered in snow.

"Whoops." I muttered under my breath.

Madison's POV

I don't know how, but I somehow convinced my mom to let Kyle and Olivia spend the night tonight, even though I'm grounded. Well, not really anymore. I kind of made this deal with my mom that I would get all B+'s and A's on my report for this first semester, and that I had to use my phone only between 3:00 (when school got out) and 8:45 (when homework HAS to be finished, or else. And trust me, you don't want to find out what "or else" means, I learned the hard way.), and thatI could keep NO SECRETS. Period, end of sentence.

Okay, so that last one would be very difficult to promise to, if not impossible, with my dilemma. But because I did not want to be grounded anymore, I swore to everything.

Honestly, I think that the first two might be harder than the last. But maybe that's just me.

"Hey girls!" I stated as they both walked in, sleeping bags in tow. Kyle's arms contained a bag of candy and a box of microwave popcorn. In Olivia's arms were movies, like and Mean Girls, The Devil Wears Prada, Beauty and the Beast, White Chicks, Legally Blonde and Breakfast at Tiffany's , and both sleeping bags and pillows. And, because it was my room, I slept on my bed (duh).

I helped each one of them set up their sleeping bags and get the movies set up. On one of the walls of my bedroom, the window was exposed to us, even though it could have easily been shut with my blue and green curtains.

We were in the middle of Mean Girls, even though it was only 7:30 or 8 o'clock.

"Okay, I am going to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." Kyle got up from her sleeping bag walked towards the door. But then, I looked at her, and she froze. Her eyes were glued on the window. I tried peeking out the window, but Olivia quickly tackled me and covered her eyes.

"Don't look at the moon! Or else you'll be under the moon's spell, remember? Like Mrs. Ashwood told us?" Olivia warned me. I rolled my eyes, but then I thought. Kyle was still frozen as ever, looking directly at…

The moon.

Kyle's eyes glowed and her hands were by her side, twitching. She wore a grin on her face the size of an elephant. Suddenly, she was out of this trance, but somehow sucked into an entirely new one.

"Kyle? Are you okay?" I asked, waving my hand in front of her face. She grabbed it tightly, and snapped it down.

"Um, excuse me? Do I know you?" Kyle retorted, rolling her eyes. At me! This is the same sweet, generous, pure girl that I've known since Kindergarten! Kyle continued looking at me. Her eyes were a sort of reddish tint.

"Hey Olivia, some backup would be nice!" I said. Olivia immediately sprung out of her bean bag chair and tried to focus Kyle away from the window. It seemed to be that the more she looked at the moon, she more she was controlled by it. Why didn't I just take Mrs. Ashwood's advice and not have this sleepover? Actually, that could've been worse if we were separated. Who knows what our parents would think?

I pulled out my phone and recorded Kyle trying to attack Olivia while she pressed Olivia's face into the bed and dug her fingernails into her skin. Kyle balled her fist and began to burn Kyle's skin, making Olivia scream. Thank god that my parents were at a dinner party, Avery was at her friend's house for a sleepover, and Cole was playing in a football game at Harborside! Hearing their screams would be the last thing I wanted.

Setting the phone on my bedside table so it was still angled where it was recording, I got up immediately and tried stopping Kyle. But she was relentless, stopping at nothing. While I struggled to pull Kyle away, she tightened her grip on the mattress of my bed.

"Okay, that's it." I said and pulled Olivia out the door of my bedroom and down the stairs. Kyle chased after us, and she looked like a monster who had just escaped some type of prison.

I ran desperately to Landon's house and banged on the front door.

"Landon!" I yelled frantically. Olivia was right behind me, and Kyle was beginning to catch up to us. "Landon! Landon! Landon! Are you there? HELP!" Landon appeared at the front door, his eyebrows furrowed and his arms crossed. He did not look happy at all.

"What do you need?" Landon questioned. I pointed to Olivia and Kyle, who were fighting. Olivia and I tried very hard to not look at the moon, but it seemed as if that was what Kyle wanted Olivia to do. Upon seeing both of them, he covered his mouth to keep from screaming and his eyes widened.

"What the hell is going on?" Landon asked me, as if I knew.

"Listen Landon, I know I've kinda been avoiding you for the past few weeks or so. But I kinda have a good reason…" I said. Landon looked at me, almost waiting for an answer. I looked down and made the left corner of my mouth go up.

"I'm waiting…" he said reluctantly. I took a deep breath and just let it go as I said…

"I'm a mermaid."

"Yeah, sure! And I'm a magical little leprechaun who eats candy all day and rides pink unicorns! " Landon laughed, but I didn't find it funny.

"I'm not kidding. Think about it! Leaving in the middle of science after you spilt water on my arm, avoiding you, and spending so much time at the beach so suddenly?" I saw Landon register all the details in his mind. It all just clicked with him as shock flooded his face.

"I… I…" Landon muttered. "Get away from me, you FREAK!" he exclaimed, closing the door. I stopped it with my foot just in time.

"Landon, listen! I am still the same girl you have known since we were babies, who does everything with you and knows everything about you. Now, I know I kept this a secret from you longer than I should have, and I apologize for that. But just because I'm now a mermaid, that doesn't mean I'm any different! It's just one different secret that you and I, well, also Kyle and Olivia, share." I stuck out my hand, maintaining eye contact with him. "Got it?" He was reluctant for a moment, but grabbed my hand and looked at me.

"Got it." he said quietly. "Now, why exactly are you here?" I pointed to Olivia and Kyle, who was trying to rip out Olivia's hair. She focused her head up to the sky and showed her the pearly white, shining moon. And now not only was Kyle under a trance, but also Olivia. But thankfully, she wasn't as violent as Kyle, just sort of oblivious and controlling.

They both smiled and looked at me. Both of their eyes were a glowing reddish color, and sparkled just a little bit. Kyle and Olivia ran after me on the dark street. It if didn't get them inside and out of sight of the moon, people would start calling the police and worrying.

"Landon!" I yelled, getting Landon's attention. "Help me get them in my house!" Landon grabbed Olivia's arm, who froze his hand solid. Around his left hand was a large block of ice completely surrounding it. Kyle started melting it, which relieved Landon, but then began burning his hand.

"Kyle! Stop!" Landon swatted Kyle's hand away from him, which angered Kyle and set a bush on fire. She inside of my house and almost starting burning it to flames. But I covered both of their eyes, led them inside of a closet with Landon's help, and turned on the lights.

"Kyle, Olivia, listen to me. And if you try to hurt me in any way, I can do many things that you don't want to happen, like exposing your secret." I winked to Landon, but Olivia and Kyle slinked down to the ground and sat down, but continued looking at me.

"I know that I should've believed Mrs. Ashwood and listened to her when it came to talking about the full moon, but it turns out that I, the one who didn't listen, would be the one trying to calm both of you down from results of the full moon. But listen to me girls, I know that you are both very sweet and kind, while tonight you guys both acted almost in the exact opposite ways. So please, stop!" I sent Landon upstairs to retrieve my phone. When he handed it to me, I played the video I recorded of Kyle almost trying to kill Olivia.

When I looked at Olivia, the distant, evil look on her face was gone. Her eyes no longer glowed red, but were her regular bluish-brown color. And her expression softened while she continued watching the video.

But her sweet, innocent look on her face disappeared, and soon became twice as bad as before. She and Kyle grimaced, and reached for my arms as they dragged me out of the closet, up the stairs, and into my room. They both pinned me down to the bed, and began their torture. Kyle stuck out her fists and started burning my arms, while Olivia dug her nails into my skin and scraped it as hard as she could. I yelped with pain, and tried signaling Landon, while Olivia and Kyle continued hurting me.

"LANDON! LANDON!" I yelled frantically. He ran up the stairs and flew into my bedroom with a metal pan in one hand and a phone in the other. Landon whacked Kyle in the back of her head with the pan, causing her to fall to the ground. He then did the same to Olivia, who dropped to the ground almost twice as quickly.

I heard the sound of a car horn and saw lights on a car as it pulled into my driveway and into the garage. It wasn't hard for me to know that it was either Cole or Mom and Dad. I wasn't sure what would be worse; Cole thinking that Landon and I were getting "frisky" (if you know what I mean) and him ratting me out to my parents, or my parents seeing it firsthand and completely not trusting me.

"Landon, leave. Now." I pushed him down the stairs that can't be seen from the front door and out the back door. He was about to say something, but I quickly shut the door and sprinted up the stairs and hopped into my pajamas. Carefully, I slipped the pan under the bed, crawled under the sheets, and pretended to be asleep, even though it was only 10:47.

The sound of keys jingling in the door made me think that it would make Kyle and Olivia wake up and return to how they were, but no matter how loud the sound or how bright it was, they wouldn't wake up at all. It turned out it was Cole, who came home to grab his jacket after his football game because his team was going out for ice cream to celebrate winning their first game of the season. He was in and out of the house faster than a lightning bolt.

I ended up actually crashing on my bed about five minutes after Cole had left. That was definitely a crazy night! Maybe next time I should listen to all of Mrs. Ashwood's warnings and tips. After all, she was a mermaid back in the 90s.

Kyle woke up at about 9:30, her eyes crusty and her neck sore. She looked around, and saw me staring directly at her.

"AAH!" Kyle jumped from her sleeping bag. "My freaking god! Were you watching me sleep? You know you're not Edward Cullen, right?" I laughed and playfully rolled my eyes at her last joke she told. Olivia woke up not soon after, looking around and examining the room. She held a confused look on her face, but once they were both a little bit more awake, I explained to them the full moon and showed them the video.

"Oh, yeah!" Olivia said. "I remember Kyle was trying to, like, kill me or something!" Kyle's face quickly turned dark red, almost like blood. She looked down and bit her lip.

"Oops." Kyle spoke.

"Anything else we need to know about last night?" Olivia asked. I scanned my memory, checking if there was anything else they needed to know.


"Um… Yeah… Funny story…" I scratched the back of my head anxiously. "Landon… He kinda… you know…" They both stared at me with blank expressions glued to their faces.

"Landon knows." The moment I said it, I instantly regretted it, but they would find out sooner than later! And besides, if they found out that he knows our secret and I knew, but I didn't tell them, they would never trust me again! Okay, so maybe never was a bit of a stretch, but still!

Upon hearing this, Olivia's jaw dropped. When she tried to speak, her voice stammered. Kyle was just plain shocked; I wasn't sure if she was somewhat relieved or slightly embarrassed. But either way, there was nothing I could do about it, and that's that.

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