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Ch. 21: And so, the Endless Waltz!

"Am I dead?"

"Yes, Tamaki."

"Wow! Being dead feels much better than being alive..."

"That's because you lived to a ripe old age and died in your bed, just moments ago. You're not old anymore." He indicated a mirror on the wall.

Tamaki zipped over to the antique mirror. "Oh..." He said in wonder, hand reaching towards the glass. "I haven't seen myself like this since..."

"Stop getting entranced by yourself, idiot, and come back over here." Kyoya looked amused at the reluctance with which Tamaki tore himself away from his reflection.

His human wrapped his arms around him and nuzzled him adoringly. "But why, Kyoya - why have I reverted to this age?"

"Emotional maturity."

Kyoya's dark chuckle rang out as Tamaki began to pout, prompting him to quickly revise his statement before the puppy eyes made an appearance. "No, no, Tamaki. You revert to the person you are deep within. In your heart, you never stopped being the White Prince of your Host days, seeking to infuse beauty and happiness into the lives of those around you."

He looked deeply into those violet eyes, just as lustrous as the first time they met. "You're still the Prince I fell in love with - the only one who could tame a demon to your hand."

Sheepishly raising his hand to touch his hair, Tamaki confessed, "Well, I wasn't really sure that you wouldn't just absorb my soul and be done with it, after all the trouble I've caused you. I mean, I'd hoped, but..."

"Wait, Kyoya, why are you looking at me like that?" He studied the smug demon. "Are you going to eat me now?"

"Yes." And he leaned in for a long, deep kiss, pulling Tamaki in by the small of his back before relinquishing the human, leaving them both a bit breathless.

Tamaki tried again. "But not literally, righ- mmf"

Having his words cut off by another kiss from Kyoya was nothing that Tamaki would argue with.

. . .

"Do you like it?" Kyoya had just finished giving Tamaki the tour, and he was honestly a little concerned about how well Tamaki would take the transition.

But Tamaki was peering at the random assortment of demon fruit. He opened his mouth to bite down, then paused. "Wait, can I eat this?" He looked doubtful.

"Not if you were still mortal, but you should be okay now. That one's sort of dry, but sweet."

Wide violet eyes gazed at him skeptically. "Sure I won't become a rubber man or something? Or acquire some sort of stupid weakness?"

"No, not much affects the dead." Kyoya replied, wryly.

"Too bad, I could have used some ninja skills." He bit in, peeling the soft skin around it as he went.

At least he's curious by nature, Kyoya thought, while admiring his beautiful beloved.

"So what am I supposed to do now?" Tamaki wondered, at loose ends for the first time in a lifetime.

"Love me?"


"You should talk."

The idiot blond continued crunching along. "How about I run around as a demon's sidekick, charming women with my extensive expertise while collecting souls?"

"Perhaps not," Kyoya countered sardonically, "though it's possible. Besides, I've already fallen for your charms and don't plan on giving them up."

Tamaki sparkled at him a little, but it was positively restrained compared to his Host days. "Good, because I have nowhere to go if you do..."

"Ah.." Kyoya frowned. "I'm sorry, Tamaki. It was never my intention to trap you like this. But just say the word, and I can release you..."

Tamaki shook his head adamantly. "Never. I've told you a thousand times, this is my choice. I want to be with you for as long as I can. I'm just lucky that it's a good bit longer than most people get. Though it does seem kind of unfair that you can kill me, but I can't kill you."

Stating it as a fact, Kyoya reached up to adjust glasses that were no longer present, leaving his downcast gaze visible to the blond before he raised it back up. "Tamaki, if you ever want to kill me, all you have to do is leave me." If he'd been told a lifetime ago what a sap he would become, he would have killed the messenger.

Tamaki melted a bit at that, even though he didn't know how true it was. Or perhaps he did. He wound his lover's arms around him, leaning back into the familiar embrace. "Mmm," he murmured as he pressed his lips against his jaw, "I don't think I will. I kind of like the Kyoya I've gotten to know, so I'll stick around for now."

Breathing Tamaki's scent in deeply and focusing on his warmth, he replied absently. "Well, all you have to do is look at me to know that I'm still the same person."

"And here I thought that I'd be able to take all your different forms for a test drive," Tamaki pouted playfully. "After all, you were my first love, and I don't want anyone else, so it's only fair, right?"

"Watch it," Kyoya warned, eyes dancing, "or I'll show you the basement, bind you in the darkness and come sip from your soul until it's gone." Even without the spectacles, his eyes seemed to glint.

Tamaki blanched, despite knowing he would always be safe. Kyoya's improving sense of humor still wasn't something to be trifled with, but he'd become more sly over the years as well. "And what will you do when I'm all gone?" he asked archly.

The demon pretended to consider. "I suppose I'll just have to wait a very long time between sips, to make you last." A devilish licking of the lips.

"But I'll just be missing bits of soul all the time!" Or maybe not.

"It'll grow back."

With that, Kyoya turned Tamaki around in his arms as the prince sputtered at the casual remark, trapping him lightly against him and kissing him until the breathless laughter turned into deepening anticipation.

Both pairs of hands wandered surely against the other, seeking out favorite spots and sensitive areas. For Tamaki, it was the area behind the ear and his upper neck, which Kyoya licked, breathing faintly across the same spot before sinking his mouth over it to truly taste his lover. Shivers made their way up to Tamaki's brain, and he reclaimed those lips to enjoy that warm wetness again, drawing it out until they began to lack oxygen, in that way that caused his lover to look dazed and delicious. With each exchange of breath, the fire that simmered between them flickered to the surface, licking at their consciousness and causing the physical contact to spark and burn.

Clothing was discarded with abandon, lying across dining chairs and falling to the ground, both moving with complete disregard for the lumps of fabric.

Kyoya's arms bore Tamaki up onto the table, where he leaned on the edge, naked and unabashed, provocatively displayed. Wet kisses trailed down his chest and down to his navel, golden down turning into curls against Kyoya's lips, and away again as he reverently made his way to the tip of his lover's erection, caressing it with his tongue and eventually his throat.

Tamaki's long fingers twined through his hair, drawing him back, pressing against his cheek and slipping into his mouth, wet and slick as Kyoya sucked on them until he removed them, raising himself on the edge of the table and slipping those fingers into himself, watching Kyoya as his mouth parted slightly in reaction.

The demon ran his nails against the insides of Tamaki's thighs as he rocked back against his own fingers, pulling the blond close as he stood, the blood rushing southward so forcefully that his cock almost brushed the base of his belly. Tamaki turned half-lidded eyes on him when he firmly tugged his arms back, forcing those fingers out and leaning him back as he positioned himself at the entrance, brushing and nudging teasingly before entering as slowly as possible, inch by inch.

Once the demon was fully inside, Tamaki leveraged himself up and twined his arms around Kyoya, catching him in another kiss, wiggling slightly against him and rubbing his own erection against his lover. With every motion that Kyoya made, it would slide between them, pressed between their heated bodies and causing him to writhe a bit more.

Tamaki's breaths came hard against Kyoya's neck, his tongue occasionally emerging from his open mouth to lick and sample his lover's skin, nipping lightly and eliciting soft groans. He could feel Kyoya pressing a kiss against his head, a sweet gesture of affection, even with his cock buried deep within his lover.

"Harder," he exhaled against his ear, urgently. "You don't - have to be careful anymore," he panted. "So fuck me ha-" He caught his breath as Kyoya slammed into him, "-aah," he articulated, the second syllable coming practically knocked out of him by the impact. Blond locks swung forward as he wrapped his arms tighter around Kyoya's neck, arching his back to meld their torsos together.

He didn't want so much as a breath of air between them, just skin to skin, slick and hard. What he needed was this, more than oxygen, more than life, firm hands stabilizing him and holding him in place, and that wonderful friction below where Kyoya was still pounding into him, causing him to gasp and moan and shudder until he hung limply against his lover, pressing kisses against damp, salty skin.

All the while, hands moved against his back, as Kyoya drew him up and sunk his teeth into his shoulder, always conscious of exactly how much pain was acceptable to his prince, then relinquishing the flesh to cry out as the release rolled over him, causing Tamaki to follow soon after, and bracing them both against the table against the accompanying weakness.

Carefully, Kyoya drew out, spilling onto the floor and helping Tamaki down before half-accidentally seating himself in a nearby chair and causing Tamaki to land in his lap. The laughing blond simply wrapped himself around Kyoya and leaned down, nudging that dark head of hair with his own skull.

"Ah, mon ami," he giggled softly.

"That was on purpose."


. . .

After that, Kyoya had managed to have sex with Tamaki in a few more rooms before the blond caught on to what was happening, and convinced Kyoya to be a little less ambitious.

It wasn't really his fault that he hadn't caught on more quickly; the demon could be rather persuasive. Under the pretext of finding a bed, Kyoya had led his mate into the next room before making advances on him again, nibbling on his ear and giving him such a blatant invitation that Tamaki eagerly partook before he saw anything strange about only walking a few paces before it happened again. And then he started to wonder why they even bothered to get dressed afterwards.

The servants, of course, made themselves scarce. Tamaki was certain that it was one of the demon's immutable traits that he didn't suffer idiots gladly, which also functioned as the highest proof that no matter what Kyoya said, he didn't think the blond was an idiot.

The time after, Kyoya hadn't even bothered letting him get dressed, but simply fucked him from one room to the next, causing the most unsubtle ruckus to ring out into the hallways. But they had grown accustomed to discreet servants and unlimited means, and indulged with abandon in their new home.

They were lying on top of each other on a lounge at the moment, Kyoya twining Tamaki's hair around his finger as though he was contemplating another round, if only he could get his lover to the next room first.

"I know what you're trying to do," Tamaki said, amused. "but I don't think we can christen this house in one day."

Kyoya sighed, but without any real regret. "No?"

Tamaki laughed and kissed him. "It's taken us a few days all the other times too. Even when we were this young."

"It wouldn't be a problem if you chose more... modest dwelling places, you know." Fingers stilled in his hair as he shifted, settling more comfortably against Tamaki.

"You can't blame me for this one," Tamaki pointed out.

Before Kyoya could concede the point, a polite voice came from behind a tactfully closed door that neither of them had actually touched, aside from the time when Kyoya had pressed Tamaki into it and past it, and into the couch.

At the suggestion of refreshment, Kyoya pried himself away from Tamaki and retrieved the proffered tray, all the while hiding his lower half behind the door. It wasn't exactly modest, but there was no hiding what they had been up to, and Kyoya's staff was truly thoughtful when it came to the needs of their master: currently, the need for hydration after multiple rounds of sex.

Tamaki, too was thoughtful as he sipped. "Highness, huh? So you really are the Shadow King?"

"You knew they called me that?" The demon sounded amused. He didn't say anything for a few moments, settling back in beside Tamaki and gathering the blond against him.

He brushed a few stray hairs from Tamaki's face as he studied it with somber gray eyes. His idiot prince, who had turned out to be the greatest gain that he could ever have sought, who was watching him with love in his steady violet gaze. Who had, despite his reputation for being fickle, had been the most constant and understanding companion anyone could ask for.

But then again, Tamaki did have a short attention span, and they had all of eternity.

"No," Kyoya replied. "I'm really the third son of the Shadow King.

"Want to help me win control of the realm?"

And Tama-chan and Kyo-chan reigned happily after ever, after they overthrew the existing regime and captured Kyoya's older brothers. They may even have had a whole brood of children, depending on how demon/soul reproduction works.


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