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Author's Note: What Bobby thought in the episode Of Grave Importance.

I Thought

I thought that by doing what I was doing was helping the boys. I wanted to stay to help the boys on their hunting job. To see things that they couldn't see, to keep an eye on them and keep them safe. As safe as a job in hunting Supernatural beings could be. I know it's a dangerous job, but it's my job to look out for them just like I did when they were little.

When Dean was looking back in that hotel room I thought for sure that he had seen me, but he didn't. I felt frustrated because they couldn't see me and so I kept trying to move things. To tell them that I'm there watching out for them.

Here they are in a new motel room and I'm trying to let them know that I'm here and still they don't see anything move. I go into the bathroom and stare at the steamed mirror. This was my last chance to tell them something. I had to make it work and it did. Dean calls Sam to ask him if he wrote on the mirror and of course he tells him no. They ask who it is and I write my name. They know I'm here and of course Sam picks up my flask to show Dean. I go with them to the house where Annie is. They still can't see me, but they know what to do.

I take the flask out of Dean's pocket to put it in the drawer, so that I would stay at the house. I watch them as they see the video and talk to Victoria. I watch as Whitman kills her and then watch my boys walk out the house to burn his bones. That is the only way that they can free the ghosts from dying. I feel worried when I see Whitman in the back of their car and hope they will be okay.

I thought that I was going to die as I felt Whitman's hands try to kill me, but then it stopped. I knew right then that they had burned Whitman's bones. I had been passed out on the floor and woke up right as they boys made their way back to the house. I tell them hi and they stop there. I know right then that they can finally see me.

I then tell them that they needed to put the ghosts to rest. I stand there by the car. I hear them say that at least that Annie had a hunter's funeral that she wanted and hear Dean say that they thought they did the same to him. I tell him that I was stuck here with you because there was still work to do. I hear him that it's not right.

I am still in the backseat and hear them talk. They can't see me right now. I hear Dean say that it's not the natural order of things. That everything is supposed to end and that I was supposed to end. He says what are the odds that this ends well. I hadn't thought of that. Maybe this wasn't the best decision that I made, but at that time I thought it was the best decision.

The End