A/N: I know, I know, I'm sorry I can't get these ideas out of my head, so I write them out and post them and see the recognition, if it's well I continue, but when it doesn't get any attention I stop and try to think of something else. But sometimes out of boredom or finally an idea hits me in the head. And unfortunately I've been drone to Writer's Block on a few of my stories. This fic is for the Hangover fandom, a new fandom I fell into after my dad bought me the first one and second one and we watched them non-stop.

Here's to the Hangover! And all it's fans!

For your information, my story goes through a different format: Stu and Lauren are divorced (it'll be explained in the story) and it follows up from the second movie, and after about three years since Lauren and Stu said there vows.

BTW! There will be a lot of refs to other fandoms. Like for Stu and my OCs I have a lot of references to Once-ler and the Lorax and Dr. Seuss. For Zach (and for my DeviantART twin Sis:chipmunkgirl213 or on here as: PussinBoots1fan) I've got some Puss in Boots references.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 1: Depression:

"Oh come on Stu. You should be happy you got divorced!" Phil exclaimed, patting his friend on the back. It's been a month since Stu and Lauren got divorced.

Let's just say the word got out about what Stu and the rest of the WolfPack been through the night before Stu and Lauren's wedding got around. All the way back to Lauren. She wasn't pleased with what she found out, that Stu had intercourse with a kathoey prostitute was a whole new level and starting a bar fight that turned into a riot was another added cherry on top.

Stu was in his dentist office, fixing to head home where he now lived alone. Phil stopped by knowing Stu, and that he was going to be in a depressed state.

Phil said that line several times, and Stu just didn't feel like arguing about it anymore, so he just ignored Phil, and continued putting files into his briefcase and slipping off his white lab coat.

Stu was heading out the door with Phil close behind. The two friends reached all the way to Stu's car in the parking lot. Stu tossed his briefcase to the passenger side and looked at Phil.

"Phil, I appreciate your...somewhat attempt to comfort me. But seriously I'm fine..I should of seen it coming." To be honest, even during the marriage, Stu knew it was going to end in divorce, but just when he started looking to the positive side of things. Lauren figured it out and filed a divorce.

"Really? Maybe...uh...fine enough to come with me, Alan, and Doug to Miami? Alan won some great deal on some sweepstakes. It's him and three guests and he wanted to invite you." Phil invited.

"Oh...well.." Stu reluctantly replied.

"On c'mon Stu. Either your in or out." Phil impatiently said.

Phil tried to be convincing by walking slowly away from Stu and his car and said these last few convincing words: "It won't be fun without you, Stu.."

Stu shook his head and softly chuckled. "Oh alright, how bad can it be? After all nothing important is happening...right?"

"Nope, no bachelor parties, no weddings the next day. Just good ol' friends and three days and two nights in Miami." Phil assured.

"Alright fine, but I'm not drinking anything Alan's bringing."

"Don't be a pussy. We'll pick you up sometime tomorrow.."