Chapter 6: Finding Chrys:

"Oh excuse me sir, I didn't see you there. My name's Chrys. Are you Dr. Stuart Price?"

"H-How did you know my name?" Stu asked.

Chrys handed him his wallet. "Last night while you and your friends were exiting out of the club. This fell out of your pocket."

Stu took his wallet and looked through to see it hasn't been tampered with and nothing was stolen.

"Phil" Stu turned around to see Phil out of his sight. Stu looked all around for Phil.

"He followed Jenny..." Chrys told Stu.

"Okay..." Stu was getting a bit frustrated, Phil was getting distracted, and he seemed to be the only one whose head was in the game.

Which was so weird to him, it's usually him, he would get all caught up in the crazy shit he did the night before that it was Phil who would snap him out of it. Why all of a sudden did him and Phil switch places?

"Jenny can take care of him. She probably took him backstage." Chrys suggested.

"Do you know anything about Alan or what happened last night?" Stu asked.

Chrys smiled. "I don't know everything, but enough. I also know where Alan is. He's fine-"


Went someone's breaks outside of the bar, whoever was driving had to be speeding and came to a last-minute stop. Soon the man who drove the car came barging in the club. In search of a certain someone from last night.

A short Asian man came in wearing a black leather jacket and two other Asian men came from behind his right and left side looking around the club.

"Alright, motherfuckers.." The Asian man called all the attention to him, as if he hadn't done so already.

"Oh no..." Stu heard Chrys whisper.

"Is that Mr. Chow?" Stu asked.

Chrys nodded. "I remember...He also came in with y'all and hung out with us, offered you guys drinks and such. When y'all left I hit him up for some money, he lost it all to me, but he was too fucked up like you guys to realize it..I guess he figured it out.."

"How much is some?" Stu asked.

Chrys bit her lower lip. "It was $500, but then it turned into $5,000..."

"Shut the fuck up!" Chow threatened to some of the dancers squealing in fright, as he pointed a gun toward them.

"Hey!" Eddie then came barging in from his office. "Chow? What the fuck man? Aren't you supposed to be in prison!"

"I'm supposed to be in a lot of things...bitches." Chow teased. "But right now, I'm looking for a certain bitch..Hit me up for five grand!"

"Stu!" Chow brought his attention to Stu as he saw him after scanning the room for any possible person to have scammed his five grand.

"Chow! Hey.." Stu tried to stay as cheery as Chow in order not to get him all aggressive again.

"What the fuck happened to you last night, man? You guys let me get fucked out of five grand!" Chow hit Stu in his shoulder.

"I honestly don't know Chow." Stu said.

"Where's Alan, and pretty boy Phil?" Chow asked.

Just at that moment Phil walked from one of the hallways that lead to the backstage rooms, and as he tried to get back in the game he ran up to the front with Stu and Chrys.

"Chow?" Phil asked.

"Phil! Stu! What the fuck? Chow! Get the hell out of my club! Before I call the cops on your ass again!" Eddie threatened.

"Shut up!" Chow snapped at Eddie.

"I'm not leaving until I find the bitch that hit me for five grand!" Chow reminded.

"Stu, Phil, do you remember?" Chow asked.

"Hell no! We're trying to find out what fuckin' happened here ourselves!" Phil exclaimed.

While Phil explained to Chow how they don't remember anything about last night, and how they don't know anything of what he's talking about.

As Phil did that, and Eddie tried calming everybody down. Stu looked toward Chrys, who just sorta stood there not sure what to do. She probably didn't mean to cause a scene, by the looks on her face, Stu could tell she was actually wanting to help them.

Music started playing back up again, Chow put his gun away as him and Phil began discussing things out. Chow would shout every now and then just to express his anger over loosing his five grand and how he wants to find that bitch.

"Stu! Whose this?" Phil asked bringing the attention back to Chrys.

"I-I'm Chrys. I hung out with you guys last night at this club." Chrys admitted. Stu's eyes soon got weary.

"Do you know anything?" Chow asked in a loud screech like sound.

Much like she did when Stu asked her the question, Chrys just smiled at him and said. "I know enough."

"Bitch! Cut to the chase! Do you know who stole my five grand?" Chow asked.

"Yeah.." Chrys said, her head lowering.

"Well! Who is it?" Chow asked.

Stu and Phil looked at Chrys. Stu wondered if she was going to admit it was herself who jacked him of his five grand. Phil was still lost, but knew it had something to do with her.

Chrys lifted her head her black hair slowly brushing off her face, she looked at Chow and his guards and to the exit door.

Chrys smirked. "Your looking at her..."

With that Chrys made a beeline to the door and left the club, but Chow and his men were close in pursuit. You could hear a "That bitch!" come from Chow as they exited out of the club and after the fourteen year old.

"Stu...who...what.." Phil was so frustrated and confused.

"If you hadn't taken a little flight to the Bird's Nest you wouldn't be so behind."

"She was the one we were supposed to go meet at the Foster Home." Stu informed. "She knows where Alan is and says he's fine."

"Did she say anything about where he's at?" Phil asked.

"Nope, but I think, if she knows where he's at, then he may be near where she lives. And that's the foster home. And knowing Alan, and knowing it's also an Asylum. I'm thinking he's in the Asylum." Stu suggested.

"Are you so sure Stu? I mean we really need straight answers."

"But it's all we got...and I think that's better than just waiting around for a straight answer.." Stu insisted.

"Alright, to the Asylum it is...let's go."