Well, here we are again. Welcome to the sequel of 'A New Lease on Life,' 'Due Payment' (Terrible title FTW.) Now I should note that for new readers that reading A New Lease on Life first is a brilliant idea, because little to none of this story will make sense, as it is slightly AU.

Anywho, I'll let the story do the talking. It's a short chapter so... Happy Reading!

The frosted leaves whistled in the wind as the sun shone brightly across the early-morning landscape. Several breeds of creatures cried their wake-up calls to the world just as a figure began to make its way down a watery slope. The figure looked up towards a pillar of steel glistening in the sun's rays, and smiled. Rubbing its gloved hands together it walked ever-so slightly faster towards the distant tower. Eventually, the figure stopped just outside the entrance to the building and began to rummage around in its coat pockets. A short time later, the figure's frustration was beginning to peak as the object that held its hopes and dreams had subsequently vanished into thin air. Suddenly, the figure tore off the coat and began to shake it profusely in an attempt to dislodge the now troublesome object from its hidey-hole. A card-key fluttered nonchalantly from the abused coat and decided to hitch a ride with the wind. The figure, not bothering to put the coat back on, ran after the card-key in such haste that it nearly crashed into another, softer figure that was heading in the direction of the tower. The softer figure merely side-stepped to avoid the overextended jump and watched in amusement as the other figure began to tumble down the slope, cursing the entire way.

The sliding doors opened with a soft, 'snick,' as a shivering boy and a giggling girl made their way into the girl's office. The boy shuddered his way over to the climate control and stabbed the 'heater' icon. The girl, in the meanwhile, just smiled as she shimmied off her coat and took a seat behind an office desk. She flipped open a sleek, paper-thin laptop and pressed the 'on' button.

"Ash," she called. "Be a dear and fetch me a tea." The boy, distinctively warmer now, merely grunted a reply and made his way to the kitchen that was built into the office. "You know how I like it: white, one sugar."

"Yes ma'am," said the dead-pan reply. The girl frowned.

"Y'know, you could be a little livelier." She smiled as she felt the male's stare pierce the top of her head.

"I'm sorry Anabel. I didn't notice you tumbling down the hill chasing after your card-key," he huffed. He watched as Anabel flicked a bang of lilac hair behind an ear and smirked at him.

"Aw, want mummy to kiss it better?"

"Shut up." Ash turned back to the tea. Anabel turned back to the laptop. A minute later, both were sipping hot drinks, with Anabel sitting on Ash's lap. She stroked his jet-black hair between sips.

"I love you, you know," she said absentmindedly. Ash smiled.

"I know," he said warmly, "you tell me every day." Anabel snuggled deeper into her boyfriend and sighed. The couple lay in peace, watching the world pass by. The two would have stayed this way for eternity if they could. However:

"Battle Tower Brain, you are required in your stadium in fifteen minutes," blurted the message over the intercom. A simultaneous sigh escaped the couple.

"Hold on, you're one the most organised people I know, why do you need a reminder over intercom?" asked Ash, as Anabel clambered off of him.

"Heck if I know," she grumbled, making her way over to the kitchen. A few quick manoeuvres later, the cupboard gained a sparkly new friend. Ash turned his attention to the laptop as his girlfriend then proceeded to get undressed and changed into the Battle Tower uniform. Although, he did flick his glance over in her general direction at some point. His eyes traced her lithe form, following her lilac hair down her slender neck, across her light, yet hefty chest, sliding down her taught stomach and finally landing at her modest hips and beautiful, pale legs.

"Hey, I appreciate the attention but, you're starting to creep me out," said Anabel, snapping Ash out of his stupor. He quickly turned his attention back to the laptop.

"Why?" he asked. "It's not as if I haven't seen you naked before." Anabel threw on a white tank top.

"It's the principle, Ash. I should be able to get dressed in front of my boyfriend without being gawked at." She buttoned up her white, gold-laced uniform and swayed on some matching, creased pants. "Alright," she said, her fingers fluttering over a wall-mounted keyboard and collecting the red and white Pokeballs that slid out of the tube next to the monitor, "I'm off."

"Go easy on them," said Ash, eyes glued to the laptop. "I don't like it when you're stressed." Anabel chuckled as the elevator doors slid open with a light hiss.

"I'll see what mood Metagross is in." Ash looked up at the mention of her monolithic powerhouse of a Pokémon.

"Nasty girl."

"You love it."

And with that, the elevator doors snapped shut. Ash turned back to the laptop, and laughed.

"Yes I do."

Needless to say, Anabel was back in her office, sipping tea from the comfort of her desk within an hour. Ash was pacing the room while writing messages on his Pokenav. He groaned as, once again, his message failed.

"How come there's no reception here? We're on like the one hundredth-"

"Forty third."

"Seventy eighth floor," Ash growled, typing his message again for the fifth time. Anabel slowly placed her cup down on the desk and sidled her way up to him. He didn't even notice her until he felt the familiar body shape push against his back and the soft hands that turned him around.

She placed a kiss on his lips and held it there as she led him towards her desk. Dropping his Pokenav, Ash placed his hands on the desk as Anabel lay down on it, and began to return her movements with movements of his own. Their bodies synchronised when the kisses became more and more passionate, as Ash had started to plant kisses down Anabel's neck, eliciting a few coos of pleasure in response. She ran her hands down Ash's toned back, causing a few shudders to spark through his body, eventually giving her enough control to turn him over so she was on top. Ash halted the kissing so he could stare into Anabel's deep pools of lilac. She was gorgeous beyond belief, and he always wondered what she saw in him.

His concentration was broken as a loud guitar riff echoed throughout the office. Anabel looked, almost with spite, at the rumbling Pokenav on the carpeted floor. She hopped off of Ash, as to let him answer it, and proceeded to tidy up her desk and hair.

'It's so casual now,' she thought, watching Ash laugh with whoever was on the phone. 'I remember when we first got together it was so awkward, especially with his lack of experience. But now it's like routine.'

She grinned. 'Not that I'm complaining.' Ash flicked the Pokenav off and began fixing his shirt.

"Who was that?" Anabel inquired. Her boyfriend messed his hair a little before turning to her.

"Your replacement," he said simply. Anabel froze for a second before realising what he was talking about. Her eyes piped up.

"Already? He said 'yes?'" Ash nodded and started heading towards the elevator doors.

"And we're picking him up now so he can take a look around. Come on."

"Hold on, let me get my coat."

"Nah, leave it. It's getting warmer outside." Anabel stared at him indignantly with her hands on her hips.

"When did you become the boss?" Slowly, Ash turned and made his way back to Anabel. He looked her dead in the eye.

"When you allowed me to do this!" he said, as he squeezed her breasts and bolted towards the open doors of the elevator. As soon as the tip of one of his toes was inside of the lift, his face was given a sharp greeting by the floor. Anabel, who recovered quicker from the crash-tackle than Ash did, then proceeded to lay into him with a flurry of slaps and kicks, all the while yelling things along the lines of 'creepy old man.' Eventually, the attacks subsided and Anabel leaned down to Ash's ear. She whispered:

"And do you know what the worst part of that was?"

Ash smiled. "What?"

"It didn't make any sense!" she yelled, slapping him again for good measure. She heaved herself off him, and he sat up.

"Did it have to? It's not like I haven't done it before." Anabel huffed.

"Principle, Ash. Principle."

"You love it."

"As do you." Ash opened his mouth for retaliation.

"…can't argue there." Anabel grinned in victory and pressed the 'G' button.

"Ground Floor. Descending," chirped the intercom.

Several minutes later, the couple were outside, getting ready to board Anabel's beloved Metagross. Ash wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I can't believe how quickly it's gone," he said, distantly. "We'll be heading to Unova soon." Anabel nodded.

"Three years. It really flew by. I can't wait!"

'And I finally get to confront him,' Ash thought. 'I swear, I will make him pay for what he did to Anabel.' And with that, the duo clambered on top of Metagross and watched as they rose slowly off the ground. A low hum filled the area as they began to rise higher and higher.

"Hey Anabel," said Ash. She turned to face him.


"You forgot your coat."

Ash was thankful for the mossy grass at this point.

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