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Kiome-Yasha: "I need my writing muse back guys. It's lacking to the extreme. The song "Viola Lion" by Isles and Glaciers inspired this story. It's a beautiful song, and it contained a lot of emotions in me to make this. This is a short story, a short love story if you will, about an angel and death as they spend their last remaining days together. Beyond the end of the world, all that was left of them…were the stars."

Chapter 1: Birth

Snow drifted down from the sky, coating over the sleepy city known as Traverse Town. Corpses lay beneath the soil, rotting away like the earth they once lived on. Roxas stared at the masses of people that walked by him. They were unaware of his presence, burying their minds within the blissful world called life. He was the shadow of their upcoming deaths. After so many years, Roxas had never felt peace in his entire life. How could death bring it when he was death? Carelessly like a child, he brought his hands up to touch the flakes that fell from the sky. There was no warmth. It passed through his ghostly form, denying his existence.

If only his brethren could see him now. They would probably laugh at him.

The glaciers of the past always taunted him. They were cold and lifeless, just like him. And yet, he was soon to be granted an opportunity that he never thought would be possible.

Roxas sought refuge inside an alleyway that was close by, burying his face beneath the overcast of his hood. The lanterns lit up, signifying the entrance of dusk. The snow was sticking by now, gathering across the cement of the town's roads. There was no reason for him to stick around. He already completed his assignments for today. It was time to meet up with Axel and Xion like he promised.

He entered the void of nothingness, transporting the souls he collected inside. Behind him though, there was a fierce glare of light. It was pure, and platinum, but it was dimming by every second. Fate had a cruel way for something so young. It didn't matter to him though, seeing as it was nothing out of the ordinary. They would meet their end soon. And before they even know it, breathing would be nothing more, then a sad excuse to even know they were even living.

"Roxas, you're here." Xion voiced out delicately with fondness.

The young reaper warped out of the abyss and entered the boundary of space inside their lifeless domain.

"Hello, Xion." He greeted with a friendly nod.

Axel approached the two with a wide grin of approval, "Roxas, it's good to see you've come back from the living." He joked rather cheerfully, "You seemed to have harvest a great sum today."

"Before you know it, you'll be granted the privilege in becoming human." Xion concluded gently with esteem.

"Such a gift will only last for so long." He countered with a shrewd tone, "In the end, I would only die."

He was rather unimpressed by the idea of becoming human. It wasn't really something he desired. Even so, the thought intrigued him for some reason. After so many years of wondering in the darkness, he never knew why Homosapiens sought the comfort of existing. They evolved continuously throughout the years, only to meet the same demise. He was untouched by such forces, invincible even. Why would he want such a thing when he was practically a God?

"It doesn't make sense for me to enter such a realm when I'm perfectly immortal here." He firmly concluded.

Axel shook his head with dismay, "There's more to the living besides life and death, Roxas. You should be so lucky to be even given such a chance, got it memorized?"

"I doubt it." He answered haughtily, "And more so, I don't think I ever will."

A strong wisp of wind blew over their direction, opening a draft of pure emptiness to wash over them. An azure-haired gentleman entered the scene, his eyes bright like gold. His posture was stiff with authority, defining his rank. He brought his hood down, revealing the scar across his face that was shaped like an "x". Using his hand, he flicked his mane back behind the shack of his hood, acknowledging the reapers who were currently present in front of him.

"Saix, what are you doing here?" Axel questioned suspiciously.

Blatantly ignoring the trio, he trailed his eyes over to the one he was searching for.

"Roxas, you have been called by the superior."

"What for?" He asked distrustfully.

"Surely you know the answer to that." He responded smugly, "The same reason he calls upon any who he wishes to see."

The blonde reaper started speaking in theory, "Which is either total annihilation, or…."

"To become human." Xion finished with disbelief.

Roxas swiped his head over to hers, "I'm not willing to jump to conclusions just yet."

"As much as I'm not willing to admit it, she does have a point, Roxas." Saix sponsored coldly, "You have collected a great amount for us over the centuries. It wouldn't surprise me if the gift of human life would be offered to an obedient little harvester like you."

He glared at the soulless man, "It's my purpose, without it, what else do I have?"

Axel decided to intrude on the opportunity, "Roxas, don't you get it? This is something we all want. If the superior could give you that then…"

"My only desire is to stay here with my friends." He firmly finalized.

"You sound human already." Saix established arrogantly.

The young grim reaper scoffed at his observation, "It's my duty as Death to gather souls. What kind of world could I be missing besides that?"

"Well then, that's for you to find out…and for you to die and know." The high rank undertaker contributed diligently, "This is a test we must all take."

"No rest for the wicked, huh?" The blonde offered with a fake undertone of amusement.

"If that is your answer, follow me then." Saix opened up a vortex, allowing them access to their master's domain.

Roxas reluctantly came up beside him, keeping his face hidden from view. He took one final glance at his friends, sending them a silent farewell. No matter what was waiting for him on the other side, he knew they couldn't show sympathy. They were used to such detachments. There was no way they could always be together, their friendship a fleeting moment like the departed souls they collected.

Nothing lasts forever, and Roxas was soon going to realize how much those words were true.

When they were swallowed into the ominous plain of purgatory, Roxas took the moment to reflect on his achievements as a death bringer. There wasn't any pride in his work, no remorse—only salvation. He did what he had to, that was all. To even question it was beyond his comprehension. The ability to turn human was nothing more than an experiment to their superior. It was their way in recording the lifespan of man. Irony struck that this could only be achieved by his subordinates, never himself. For his burden is to safeguard the balance of the souls, transporting them between the sanctuary of heaven, and the damnation of hell. Whenever they met the Death God, there was always a result.

They passed through the gates, entering the field of nothingness that lurked between the spirit realms. There was an altar, and sitting at the throne was no other than Xemnas himself. They were surrounded by black sand with different shapes of earthly rubble. The waves lapped over the shores, circling around the steps that led to the platform of his "kingdom".

"Number XIII, so, you have arrived." The Death God humbly announced with gratitude, "I appreciate your cooperation in being here."

Saix became annoyed when the young deity didn't respond.

"The superior is addressing you, Roxas. I suggest you step forward." He sternly advised.

"I'm sorry, I just like to be reminded that I have name." He disputed softly.

"We are given names by ranks." He callously reprimanded.

"If that's the case, Xigbar should be standing here beside me, not you." He fiercely argued.

"Enough of your squabbles. I did not call you both here to hear them." Xemnas quietly scolded.

Saix bowed with respect, "Yes, superior. Forgive us."

Roxas rolled his eyes with disgust—he was such a lapdog. Although, when he thought about it, he was no better.

"What is that you called me here for, Xemnas?" He questioned outright without stalling.

"Aren't we the zealous one?"

"…. More like anxious."

"As you should be." He soon stood up from his throne, "Saix, you may leave us."

Number VII submitted to his demand and quickly vanished within the chasm of darkness, lending them their privacy. Roxas felt even more uncomfortable towards the situation. The air was thick with a certain density of death that even he was afraid of.

Xemnas gradually began making his way down the platform, his hood slowly drifting off his head in order to reveal his tanned features.

"Do you know how many souls you've collected over the centuries, Roxas?"

The blonde shrugged, "To be honest, sir. I've lost count."

He chuckled from his remark, "Indeed, even I would have to say I've lost track."

He was still making his way down the lengthy set of stairs.

"Despite your lack of confidence towards your existence, you still remained loyal enough to be one of my finest." He commented with a tone of pride, "I find that to be very admirable for a Death God like yourself."

"I'm no God, sir."

"Correct. In fact…." He was halfway towards the landing, "…You'll soon be human instead."

The realization and truth stunned him, leaving him completely immobile.


"Roxas, you've been approved to live amongst the living."

"No…I can't." He objected gently with disapproval, "I have no place there. I am Death. I reap souls. That is the sole reason why I even exist. It's my purpose."

"And I want you to do more." He austerely added, "Deep down, you know you envy them."

Roxas felt cornered, the lack of air actually suffocating him. There was no sense in breathing. This shell, it was hollow. It was being filled with an overwhelming sensation, one he couldn't explain.

"Good, seems like the transition is already starting." Xemnas announced with a satisfying grin. He soon made the last step, "It will all be over soon, trust me."

Roxas clutched his chest and fell over to the floor. He could feel moisture in his eyes, blurring his vision drastically with fear. Air was seeping out of his lips. It was warm at first, but now, it was getting colder by each second he exhaled.

"When…did…." He could barely make out a word.

"Since you entered my domain, your fate was already decided." Xemnas stared down at the reaper with little sympathy, "Even if you're not ready, you were already chosen."

"I can't…. I can't…. breathe…." He heaved heavily with panic.

"Rather surprising how quickly emotions strike when one is at the brink of death…how ironic for you, and yet, most intriguing."

Roxas whimpered and buried his face against the grovel sand.

"Oh don't whine, XIII. There are worse things we encounter than death." He wrapped his hands behind his back, "Luckily for you, you're not fully human quite yet. You must complete a certain task for you to become one. You only have six days to figure out what that certain price will be. If not, then you shall certainty be erased. You may think of this as a punishment, but I assure you, it is a gift. My advice would be…to use it well."

His words were basically whispers at this point. Roxas's vision was slowly dissipating. He was sinking deeper and deeper. Where was he going?

'It's getting dark…is this how it always feels like?' He dismally inquired, 'His words…I could barely hear it anymore…everything is getting quiet…. everything feels light…. I can't…. where am I...?'

It was cold—too cold.

His lips shivered, his body was trembling.

The tips of his fingers were numb.

How did he get here?

It was absurd—to have something like this even be possible. Why was it so damn cold? The exposure of wind, it was unforgiveable. It sent chills down his spine. Everything was bare—almost like he was stripped down of all dignity of what he once was. His brethren had betrayed him, leaving him to die. This was worse than any mockery he could ever imagine.

He was reduced to a human! A mere mortal!

Even worse, he felt alone.

Suddenly, his ears were enlightened by the sound of footsteps. It was cautious and getting louder by each second. Was it still snowing? He swore he could hear a certain crunch of cotton in the air. Snowflakes, they were melting upon his skin—it must be.

Then, there was a voice.

"Oh my God, are you okay?"

A girl.

She rushed to his side and turned his body over to inspect him. She cradled his head upon her lap, dusting away the snow that was on his face.

"You're nearly frozen!" She gasped in alarm.

"Don't worry! I'll get you out of here!"

Her voice, it was filled with an emotion that felt warm for some reason. He had the sudden desire to open his eyes just so he could see her. When struggling to lift his weight up, he had gained the privilege to do so. He couldn't see her eyes, but he was able to distinguish some parts of her face. Flushed cheeks, slender pinks lips, and pale peach skin, you could say she was an angel—the ones depicted by humans in those cliché paintings of legends.

Could such a creature even exist?

"I'm going to take you somewhere so you can get warmed up. Okay? I promise!" She hastily reassured him, hoping to soothe out any doubts that he may not survive.

He gently fell back into oblivion. Xemnas told him there was something more to being human than death. Now that he was here—now that she was here—the possibilities seemed endless.

End Chapter

Kiome-Yasha: "I usually do the first chapter to a story short, just so I can build up a setting and idea of how the plot may go. From here on out, the chapters will be longer and there shall be A LOT of RokuNami than you could ever imagine. This story isn't going to be long. It was just an idea I had after listening to "Viola Lion" on repeat. I plan this to be what it is, a love story. I'm not sure if I'm going to be proud of this piece. To be honest, I'm not really sure I'm confident in anything I'm writing anymore XD;. But, this doesn't mean "Whispers in the Dark" is being forgotten, just on hold. I'm going to try and work on it when I can, but I'm going to work on this too as a side project. And yes, if some of you might have noticed, this story IS rated M for obvious reasons. You all must think I'm a pervert for always writing lemon fics of Roxas/Namine, but it's not like that. Yes, I do fantasize them having sex (is willing to admit it), but there's more to it than that. Making love to someone is supposed to be compassionate, a link to serve a physical bond between two people who's willing to accept EVERYTHING about each other. I love Rokunami. I want their relationship to always be special—for them to always express each other to the fullest. So yes, this story shall have a lemon scene. I think this fanfic shall be up to 10 chapters at most. Anyway, I hope you readers enjoyed the first chapter! If you can, please leave a thoughtful review on what you think. I would greatly appreciate it :). Until next time!"