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Chapter 3 Blissful Companionship

Warmth was forbidden to reapers; and the thought of wishing for it, was merely ridiculous. However, now having the privilege to touch, Roxas found it to be irreplaceable. It calmed his skin, and more importantly, relieved his heart. Soon, his senses were possessed by another discovery. It spread across the air, filling his nostrils with a certain fragrance that made his mouth water.

Stirring a bit in his semiconscious state, he gently sniffed the air. His mind was trying to decipher the heavenly odor. The scent was sweet, and buttery, his stomach growling as a result.

'Just what is this smell?' He questioned with a hint of urgency.

Propping his head up a bit, he continued to sniff the smell out. His eyes opened in shock when he heard a feminine giggle close to his ears. When he opened them, he was humiliated to find his nose pressed up against Naminé's silky blonde curls. Roxas immediately reacted and jumped back in shock. Naminé burst into fits of laughter from his flustered appearance.

"Good morning." She smiled brightly.

Roxas sighed and managed to gain back his composure. "Good…uh…morning."

"Hungry?" She harmoniously asked, her smile still evident.

He rustled uncomfortably when answering. "Uh…yeah, a little." He stared down at the blanket in a stupor while rubbing the sleep from his eyes, "What is…"

"Oh, you fell asleep on the couch last night." She confided softly while walking back over to the kitchen, "I didn't want you to catch a cold, so I gave you an extra quilt I made. I hope you don't mind. Lambs are sort of my hobby, along with stars. I know most girls probably like cats or hearts, but...I find them to be sweet."

The look he gave her was vacant and thoughtful. She blushed with embarrassment from her surplus of information. It felt odd telling him that, but somehow, comforting. She wondered if it made him feel estrange.

"That's an unusual taste." He admitted casually.

"I know…" She sighed and tried to pass out a laugh.

He gave a humble grin. "I like stars too though, so…thank you."

She lifted her head up at him and smiled happily towards his appreciation. "You're welcome." She bashfully pushed back some of her hair behind her ear, "Anyway, I'll prepare your plate. In the meantime, you should take a shower to get yourself cleaned up. I already have a towel for you on the sink when you walk in. Just put on the same clothes you're wearing now when you're done. Okay?"

He nodded and found amusement over how overly organized she was.

'She doesn't miss a beat, does she?' He silently questioned.

He pushed back the blanket and carefully left it beside the corner of the couch. Hoisting himself up, Roxas was once again bombarded with the sweet odor of Naminé's homemade breakfast. It filled his nostrils with a delightful need to devour, much like her hair. His chest tightened from the comparison, causing him to feel dizzy as a result. He calmly walked around the couch and headed for the hallway.

He pointed down the small corridor hesitantly. "Is it this way?"

Naminé turned and felt clumsy at her lack of consideration. "Oh yeah, sorry! Just up ahead on your left. Sorry." She repeated apologetically.

He shook his head, not wanting her to worry about such a simple mistake. "It's alright."

He walked forward and took a gander at each room he passed. When he found the bathroom, he cautiously took a step inside and closed the door. He felt sort of intimidated by the small structure of the room, examining each corner carefully for some sort of familiarity. The basics of the bathroom weren't foreign to him, so he felt confident a bit of what to expect. Making sure he was completely unattended, Roxas began to undress. He dropped the clothes by the hamper, and shivered from the chill breeze that resonated off the walls.

He wrapped his arms across his chest and stuck his hands underneath his armpits for warmth. "Okay, I can do this."

He wobbled his way over to the shower and pulled back the curtain. He stepped into the tub and closed the sheets back. So far, everything seemed to be going right—at least he thought. The color blue reflected off from the curtain, surrounding him like an aquatic bubble. He stared down at his flesh, blushing at the new discovery of his own length. He was never aware of it until now. He wondered what was the customary size of a male's reproductive organ. Examining the piece rather curiously, he found his to be a bit more stretched down than normal standards—perhaps that was a desirable trait?

"Well, here it goes." Roxas reached forward and grabbed one of the valves.

He turned the faucet properly and unlocked the sprinklers. Without mercy, water burst forth and hit his body with a vicious impact of ice. The sensation struck every pinpoint of his nerves, exhilarating his brain to react wildly with warnings to escape. Roxas panicked and stumbled out of the shower. He hit the floor and made a beeline out of the bathroom. He dashed down the hall without any awareness where he was going.

Naminé sprinted out in front of him to see what was wrong. "Roxas, are you—?"

She didn't have time to finish, his nude body already colliding into hers. They fell back onto the floor, Naminé wincing painfully in shock. Roxas awkwardly maneuvered his body over hers. He towered over her petite form in a rather suggestive position. Noticing the plight of their current situation, he froze and waited for her response. Gazing down at her, there was an uncomfortable festering rising in the pit of his groin. He blushed madly from the stiffness, his human body completely ignoring his signals to stop. The sexual tension was just too compromising to resist—smelling her hair earlier also didn't help.

Naminé moaned painfully from the impact. "Owwww…." She opened her eyes and gasped with fright, "Roxas…!"

He panicked from her tone. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to! It's just…the water was really cold!"

She couldn't help but stare at his body, scanning every muscle and curve that was practically visible for her to touch. His skin glistened from the bits of water that had sprayed on him. She was utterly victimized by his features. The swollen image of his shaft pressing dangerously into her inner thighs being the only thing left for her to faint.

'Oh God! This isn't good!' She exclaimed mentally in alarm.

She planted her hands onto his chest and roughly tried to push him away from her. "Roxas, please, you have to make yourself decent!" She pleaded with her eyes clenched shut, "My brother will be here any minute and—."

Just then, the doorknob jingled, indicating someone was entering inside the apartment. Naminé held her breath and rotated her head back in terror. Hayner proceeded to unlock the door and opened it slowly to the side. His wife Olette was accompanying him while holding some bags of clothes in her hands. Roxas hitched his breath and was just as motionless as Naminé was.

"Naminé, we're here." Hayner obliviously announced when taking his key out.

It seemed like he didn't notice them yet.

"Oh my God...!" However, the same couldn't be said for Olette.

Hayner caught heed of her screech and rapidly whipped his head over across the room. Right away, his face became possessed by a burning rage of red from what he saw.

Naminé instantly lifted her hands up in defense. "Hayner! This was an accident! I can explain!"

"Get off my sister, you sick, perverted, FREAK!" Hayner charged forward and grabbed a broom that was placed conveniently next to him.

"Hayner!" Olette tried to seize him, but it was too late.

Roxas had no chance to block the attack—he was completely nude and vulnerable. Hayner ran forward and took a massive swing at the reaper's head. Roxas groveled in pain and was easily knocked down onto the floor.

"Roxas!" Naminé shouted with distress.

He didn't respond, proving to be unconscious with nothing more than a throbbing bump to display his "luck".

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxX

Roxas groaned sorely with an agonizing drone. He instinctively touched the area of his swollen injury. He winced from the pressure, becoming numb when he drew his hand away. However, he still felt like something was touching him. He opened his eyes cautiously to find a pair of emerald ones. They glistened happily with a sense of curiosity and amusement.

Olette smiled at his waking form. "You're really quite handsome, no wonder we found you and Naminé getting busy on the floor."

Roxas blushed from her comment and quickly pulled away from her pokes. She had been probing his cheek the entire time, studying his features admiringly with envy.

"What happened?" Roxas questioned to no one particular.

He found Naminé's blanket to be wrapped around his waist, covering his nude form. Recalling the pain that was throbbing against his skull, Roxas was able to switch his attention onto Naminé—who was currently arguing with her brother inside the kitchen.

"Looks like things might get ugly." Olette whispered hesitantly with dread.

Hayner banged his hand lightly on top of the counter, demonstrating how furious he was. "Naminé just what the hell are you thinking? I don't like where you're going with this guy! You only met him yesterday!"

The blonde glared in response from his insinuation. "Hayner, it's not like we were having sex on the floor!"

"He was naked!"

"It was an accident! I keep telling you that!" She seethed loudly in retrospect, "God! You're always like this! Letting your temper get to you!"

"Well, sorry for being concern for my only baby sister!"

"I can take care of myself! Just because I'm…" She became silent, taking a moment to compose herself, "…. Please…I just want us to act normal. I don't want you to keep thinking it's the end of the world that you have to feel obligated to take care of me."

He winced and stepped back from her claim, the hurt on his face clear and easy to notice.

He bowed his head, his voice changing into a solemn tenor. "So, you're choosing a stranger over your own family?"

She crossed her arms under her chest, feeling ashamed for what she said. "I didn't mean it like that…"

"No…" He shook his head and put on a fake smile, "It's exactly what you meant."

"Hayner…" Olette tried to intervene.

He ignored her and focused on the bags they had brought. "I hope these clothes fit him fine. We'll just take our leave then."

Roxas remained unobtrusive, guilt settling inside him for being the cause of their argument.

"Hayner, you don't have to go." Naminé persisted lightly, "I just want you to calm down."

It was hard to determine, but Roxas swore he saw tears being shed from the older sibling.

"Easy for you to say. You're always so calm about these things, Naminé. For once, why can't you just say how you feel?" Hayner demanded hoarsely, already making his way out to the door, "Olette, we're leaving."

The brunette frowned and turned to Roxas with an apologetic smile. "Sorry for the bump. Hope to see you again…take care of Naminé."

Roxas didn't have time to respond, the couple already taking their leave as fast they had arrived.

"Wait!" Naminé called after them, "Please, you guys don't have to go."

"I think we've been welcomed enough." Hayner stated coldly when leaving down the hall.

Olette paused by the door and turned to the blonde with a sympathetic gaze. "I'm sorry, Naminé. You know how he gets, ever since the news, he's just…. hasn't been taking it very well."

"…." She sighed and bowed her head down.

Her sister-in-law placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "I'll call you later after he cools down, okay?" She nodded over at Roxas, "It was nice meeting you. Goodbye."

She left the apartment and gently closed the door behind her. Naminé's shoulders drooped from their departure. Roxas studied her form with a bit apprehension.

"Naminé…?" He spoke faintly with concern.

She remained silent, her body unchanging from its position. Roxas's eyes fell with guilt. He never meant to cause a strain in Naminé's personal affairs. All he's done was add stress. There was no need for him to intervene when he should be dealing with his own problems either. Even so, he felt attached already in wanting to know more. It was like she held an entire wavelength of secrets, all that he was willing to discover. The only part he had to get pass now, was accepting it.

"Naminé…" He attempted to strike a conversation with her once more, "Are you…?"

He wasn't quite sure what to ask. There were million and one questions rising inside his head. It was ironic really—after living for so many years, you would think he known everything.

She shook her head and passed on a forced smile. "I'm sorry you had to see that."

He sensed her emotional turmoil from the way her voice cracked. "It's no problem. You obviously have a lot going on. I shouldn't meddle in things I can't help you with."

"You've helped me enough by just being here." She softly whispered with relief.

There was doubt etched on his face—to him, she looked like she became ten times older.

Naminé continued to reassure him. "Don't worry, everything is fine. My brother just tends to act that way normally." She shook off the occurrence like it was nothing more than a bad bite, "Let's just finish breakfast. I actually have to go somewhere later and I would like for you to come with me. Is that okay?"

Her eyes glistened eagerly for his response. Roxas considered her proposal.

He nodded with acceptance. "That's fine."

If it could stop the pain momentarily, he'll agree to anything she asked.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxX

After a bit of a cold meal for breakfast, Roxas found himself inside Naminé's car. He sat quietly on the passenger seat, gazing at each structure that passed by. From the speed she was driving, everything sped by like a blur. He never saw the world like this before. Everything was new, and his curious mind only wanted more. By using the winter attire Naminé's brother had given him, he was warm and protected from the cold. And yet, Hayner's hostile from earlier only continued to make him worry even more.

He whispered lowly while snuggling into the cotton of his coat. "Naminé…"

She hummed, signifying he had her attention despite driving.

"If…if I'm a bother to you, don't hesitate to tell me." He soon mentally confided, 'It's not like I don't have my own issues.'

She giggled from his words. "Why? Are you tired of me already?"

"No…!" He exclaimed a little too quickly, blushing madly when she flashed a smile, "It's just… I don't want to make you feel like you have to do me any favors, okay? I'm a stranger just like your brother said. So, there's no need for you to keep me around like I'm some sort pet you bought home."

She laughed at the analogy. "You're nothing like a pet, Roxas. Might act like a newborn pup, but it doesn't mean you are one."

"Well…" He turned away and focused on the scenery outside instead, "…I'm just putting it out there."

She nodded with understanding. "Thank you, but my choice is clear." She frowned and took a turn down a street, "And again, I'm sorry you had to see that this morning."

He reverted his eyes back to her. "It's fine. Although, it seems like you two had something else that was bothering you."

She gulped nervously and became quiet.

Roxas noticed the uncomfortable look on her face. "Sorry, I didn't mean to pry. Forget I even said anything."

"No, it's fine." She shook her head and smiled encouragingly, "I actually feel comforted by it."

He blushed from her remark, becoming pleased. "Anyway, I just want to say…. I'm thankful for your kindness. I shouldn't question you when you given me so much already. You've honestly gained my trust after such a short amount of time."

This time it was her turn to blush. "I'm flattered. And please, no need for thanks. I was happy to do it."

She soon turned into a driveway, heading into a large parking area where a large white building was. Roxas recognized the setting right away, an eerie struck of silence pouring over him. He observed the passing sirens going through the gates of the entrance. The density of the air made it hard for him to breath. Death clung over him, taunting his existence. How he hated hospitals—they were nothing more that a constant reminder of death. Why would Naminé need to visit such a burial?

The blonde female drove into an empty space and switched her gear into park. "Well, we're here. This won't take long, I promise."

"Is there a reason why we're here?" He asked with an unsettling cough.

"I'm just going for my check-up." She smiled warmly, "Come on, I don't want to leave you alone in the car."

She unlocked the doors and proceeded to step out into the cold. Roxas followed after her, standing quietly against the wind. They closed the doors and secured the vehicle where it was. They headed over to the entrance, and entered the deserted lobby area. Only a few patients and doctors passed by, but not enough to make it seem crowded. Naminé headed over to the secretary desk and spoke with the nurse there.

"Hi, I'm here for my scheduled check-up." She gently addressed.

"Name?" The female employee respectfully asked.

"Naminé Graceheart. My doctor is Ansem Wise."

"One moment please. I'll send him a call of your arrival." She took the phone and punched in the extension. "Hello, Doctor Ansem? Your patient Naminé Graceheart is here. Okay sir, I'll let her know. Bye." She hung up and smiled up at the blonde, "He's ready to go see you. All you have to do is go to his usual examination room."

She nodded. "Okay. I already know where that is, so I'll be fine."

Roxas kept fidgeting where he stood. His eyes were fixed on the floor, refusing to stare at anything else that caused him to feel dizzy. Naminé returned to his side and gently took his hand to calm him.

"Hey, you okay?" She asked with a worried look.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just…" He sighed heavily with distress, "…. hate hospitals."

She frowned. "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

He shook his head, not wanting her to take the blame for it. "It's not your fault. It's going to be quick, right?"

She nodded to reassure him. "Right. I'll be right back! Just stay here on this floor and wait for me."

"Okay." He watched her walked towards the elevator and patiently began to wait.

His nerves didn't last long though, soon, he found himself trembling. He curled his toes, halting the vibration from causing any suspicion of his presence. The white walls intimidated him, beckoning him to make contact with the dead. Without his powers, Roxas never felt so afraid. There was an uncomfortable stillness that made time seem like it either stopped or went on forever. He breathed anxiously for it all to disappear. It's the reason why he took solace of being a reaper. He never had to fear death—for he was death. Now that he was a human, there was something inside him that was beginning to rupture. His chest began to feel heavy, and so, he decided to take a walk. The awareness he was gaining was intense, leaving him to fumble against his thoughts. He just wanted to escape. Being at the hospital with Naminé was making him unstable. Minutes seemed to pass by, and he lost track of where he was even supposed to be. All he could think about was the suffering of their cries—the agony of their hopelessness. They were clinging to him, begging to live. Out of all the powers that had vanished within him, why did this one have to remain?

Just then, he heard a shrill of sobs.

The direction of the sound was coming from around the corner, just ahead of him. Roxas cautiously made his way forward, his curiosity getting the better of him. When he entered the hall, he was astonished from what he saw. A large window stood before him, and right behind it, was a room filled with newborns. Some were fast asleep, while others wailed. Nurses occasionally came by to check on them. They gave the infants their full attention, giving them anything they needed to feel calm. Roxas gawked at the tiny humans, his hands pressed inquisitively against the glass. He never seen a baby up close before, and the thought of actually meeting one was something he had dreamt about. They brought promises of life and new beginnings, the complete opposite of death. Roxas trailed his eyes over to one in particular who was watching him. The infant focused his gaze on him, shaking his hands wildly as if to communicate. He gurgled and kicked, wanting to be held. Roxas's heart shriveled with sympathy at the life before him, knowing someday, he too will die. It was only a matter of time until his fate would come to that conclusion. A compassionate sense of empathy overtook him to the brink of wanting to shed tears. Somehow, it made him sad to even think about it.

"Roxas…?" A sweet and familiar voice broke out from beside him.

He turned with a startled yelp. "Namine…!"

She frowned at him. "Are you okay? You look sad."

He scratched the back of his head, feeling a bit rattled. "Um…yeah, I was just…thinking." He shook his head, shaking away the discomforting tightness around his heart, "Anyway, sorry for wandering off. Did you get what you came for?"

"Oh…" She stared down at the bag that was filled with prescriptions, "…Yeah! So we can leave anytime you want. I know you must be desperate to get out of here."

Roxas turned towards the newborns, their faces flushed with life that he never wanted to see vanish. It was unbearable to even watch.

He frowned once more, breathing with a sigh of relief. "You have no idea."

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxX

They were once again on the road heading home. The sun was nearly gone from the horizon, the city becoming bright with lights. They had picked up food along the way, seeing as they have missed lunch. Roxas bothered not to question their visit to the hospital, wanting to dismiss the trip from ever occurring in the first place. However, despite his own negative feelings, Naminé held a smile of amusement.

Roxas took notice and frowned suspiciously at it. "What?"

She giggled and kept her concentration on the road. "Well, it's just…" She let out another chortle, "…I never expected you to be a baby person, Roxas."

His cheeks reddened from her teasing words. "They were cute…" He sincerely admitted.

She beamed from his response. "I didn't know you were into cute things either. Then again, you did tell me you like stars."

He fidgeted from her stare. "It's not like it's a big deal or anything. Seems like humans tend to break up the species and their taste so easily in order to judge. I don't see why, when it could be so simple just to say you have an interest in something without it leading to a conflict. It's why bonds are important to create, is it not?"

She laughed from his blunt explanation. "I was only saying, it's nice. I mean…it's why we're bonding right now, right?"

"Uh…" He felt foolish from his sudden tirade, "…Sorry, I just get a little critical sometimes when I'm pushed to a corner. I sort of get aggressive when I'm questioned to understand something when I…technically don't."

Her smile decreased. "I never meant to make you upset about it."

"Trust me, you didn't." He sighed and felt frustrated over his outburst of newfound emotions, "Everything here is just so new to me. I feel alienated."

"Well…" She hummed sweetly, "…That's why you have me here for."

He laughed at her reply. "You're strange, but I guess that's true."

Suddenly, Naminé hit the brakes hard and caused them both to violently lurch forward. Roxas winced from the tight tug of the seatbelt, turning towards the blonde with a dazed look of confusion.

"Why did you stop like that all of a sudden?" Luckily, they were at a red light.

Naminé's eyes lit up and stared at the sign beside her. "A pet store!"

"Huh?" Roxas rubbed his chest, trying to clear away the soreness of his whiplash.

She didn't explain, already driving into the small parking lot that stood next to the shop. She parked the car and hastily began to make her way out.

"Naminé!" He grabbed her hand and questioned bewilderedly, "What are doing?"

She halted from his hold on her. "We're going to get a puppy."

"Huh? Why?" He frowned with confusion, "Isn't that sort of sudden?"

"Of course not!" She answered happily, "In fact, it's the perfect moment!"

He honestly didn't know what even triggered such an idea to sprout from her mind. Either way, he stumbled after the girl, doing his best to catch up to her surprisingly fast speed. They passed by the window, finding a set of puppies bouncing around. Naminé waved at them, catching their attention right away. One in particular stumbled forward and licked her hand against the glass.

"Let's go inside." She suggested warmly.

"I still don't get why you suddenly want a dog." He mumbled dully.

"I just want to try having one. Is that so bad?" She asked with an insecure tone.

He quickly shook his head in defense. "Well, no but…."

"Then let's go in then." She ushered quietly while entering the store.

Roxas sighed from her stubbornness and followed after her. The puggles that were displayed on the window eagerly barked from their arrival. The manager waved at the pair and allowed them freedom to explore. Naminé walked over and sympathetically gave attention to all the pets they passed—even the fishes. Roxas studied her posture, finding her to be acting a bit strange since they left the hospital. It wasn't long until she stumbled upon the same puppy litter they spotted outside. The puggles hopped over each other excitedly for her touch. Naminé giggled at their playfulness and picked one that was falling from behind.

Roxas strolled over to her and examined the pup warily with distrust. "Um, I'm not sure about this. Do you even know how to take care of a dog?"

She sulked from his words and answered truthfully. "No…well, sort of…." She buried her head down between her shoulders and stroked his fur, "Not really…." She rubbed a certain spot, detecting a shape, "Aww, this little one has a bump on his head. Just like you did, Roxas!"

Roxas rolled his eyes, and felt ridiculous. Just what was the point of them even being here? Animals didn't live as long as humans. Why get attached to something you're obviously going to end up replacing when it's gone? He found the logic to it all too complicated to understand.

Naminé observed the half-breed even further. "He seems to be a boy too. I think I'll name him Pluto."

"Wait?" Roxas questioned sharply in astonishment, "You already decided to buy him?"

She nodded energetically with a smile. "Of course, he seems to be a winner." She cuddled into his face, giving him privilege to lick her.

"That's a lot of responsibility, Naminé, and besides supporting me? That's just too much."

"Hmmm…" She gave a sly grin, "If I didn't know any better, Roxas, it sounds to me like you're jealous."

"What?" He was stunned by her suggestion, "It's not like that at all! I'm just…concern since I never expected this…from you." He muttered reluctantly.

She giggled humorously from his excuse.

"He's not a lamb, but he'll have to do." She passed Pluto over to Roxas, "Here, you hold him for a bit while I go buy the stuff we'll need for his new home."

"Uh…." He held the puggle while keeping him at arms' length, "Naminé!" The blond reaper called after her, finding his protest to be futile.

She walked down to the registrar and started filling out some paper works. Roxas groaned and veered his attention back on the canine. He was flapping his tail, and whining pitifully for a hug.

Roxas sighed with fatigue. "I really shouldn't be wasting my time like this."

With one day down, he knew his time would be short. If he didn't get any leads fast, he would surely disappear. It was all nonsense, one he never asked for. He wondered what Axel and Xion were doing, and how they would feel if they saw him like this—in a shop, with a girl he barely even knew, with a dog in his hands. Once again, Naminé proved to be enigma to him. Even this morning she was odd. After experiencing such a bare and close encounter with him, you would think she would be distant. Instead, she pursued him even further.

By the time she returned, her hands were filled with bags, containing multiple signs of puppy products. She even bought a gate, which would be the area of his room. A smile bloomed across her face, strangely warming his heart.

"Well, I think I bought the whole store." She lightly joked, "Let's go home you two."

'Home…' Roxas whispered cagily inside his mind.

He looked down at Pluto who continuously tried to sniff his face. He frowned and unzipped his coat. He gently placed the small puppy inside and zipped it back up. His wrinkled face stood out while the rest of his body and paws kept warm. Tilting his head upward, he gave Roxas a soft lick under his chin. The blond smiled and helped Naminé gather her things into the car. Once everything seemed situated, they stood for a bit and prepared to leave.

When she closed the trunk, Roxas took the initiative to speak. "Naminé…"

"Hmm?" She blinked and focused her gaze on his.

"I still don't understand…. why are you doing all this?" He asked hoarsely with puffs of hot air escaping his lips.

"Roxas…" She simply smiled, hoping to clear his insecurities, "I just felt like the company was nicer than being alone." She paused as it started to snow, "That's all."

End Chapter

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