A/N Hi! My first Mother-Daughter Book club fanfic! It's about different text conversations between the girls, their moms, their other friends, and each other! Review please!

Megan: Hey Bec! What's up?

Becca: Nothing much, Stewart is on the phone with Emma, Mom is in the garden, Dad doing dad stuff. How about you?

Megan: Same, just relaxing. Gigi's at the tea shop with Mom. Dad at work, so I have the house to myself.

Becca: Sounds fun! Did you look into that fabric design I told you about?

Megan: Yeah, it's cool, Gigi ordered it for me.

Becca: Yay! And the dress you promised me for the dance next Friday?

Megan: Almost done! :D I'm gonna go work on it, thanks for reminding me! Bye!

Becca: Thanks! See you later!


Emma: Jess! Are you ready? Darcy and Stewart are waiting for us in the car!

Jess: Hold your horses, Em! I'm coming, just gotta find my key!

Emma: You're always losing that thing! Ready now?

Jess: Yup, I'm heading down the stairs.

Emma: Awesome!


Cassidy: Are you coming to baseball practice? Coach is waiting on you, again!

Zac: Yes! My mom's car got a flat!

Cassidy: K, should I say that to coach?

Zac: Yes! Thanks, Cass!

A/N I hope you liked it even though it was probably awful! Review please!