War Hero/ Street Rat

By: Tiger1lily

Chapter 1: CAUGHT!

Author's Note: Hi guys! So I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while and I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out so far. I'm curious to see where it goes! If you review, I'll post faster! I hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: Have you checked the news lately? Was there anything about J. K. Rowling selling Harry and the gang? I think not.

Fred's POV

I walked down the alley of the strange city. I didn't know where I was or worse, who I was. I couldn't remember anything! I think I'm about thirteen.

"Where d'ye think yer goin'?" A girl asked as she strolled up infront of me. She had short, black hair and unforgettable ice blue eyes.

"I don't want any trouble…" I managed to stutter our. I had only been here for a day, I think, but I knew getting jumped was a bad idea. I was instantly surrounded…


"So, ye say ye don' 'member nothin'?" Sky, the black haired girl, asked. Her gang(which consisted of two other people) decided to take me back to their hideout as some sort of project. They told me I had all the signs of a wizard. They were ones too, but they never attended school, they didn't want to go.

"Then what'll we call ye?" Nat asked curiously. He had blonde hair and green eyes.

"What'd ye want teh be called?" Glory asked. She was blonde with violet eyes.

"Fred," I whispered. It sounded right.

Six years later

I fled the police. I had just snatched the one man's wallet. It was heavy, a good sign. Besides, we needed it more than him.

I wiped my currently dark brown hair out of my eyes. My friends had explained about changing your appearance often when on the street. You didn't want anyone, especially the police, recognizing you.

I slipped into our hideout, unnoticed, and tossed the wallet on the table. "Ow's this?" I asked.

"Gosh Fred!" Sky marveled, leafing through, "Must be a fortune!"

"Go through any trouble teh get it?' Glory asked.

"Just the normal!" I bragged.

"Good job mate! Ye'll be treatin' tonight!" Nat exclaimed.

"SHOPPING!" Glory shrieked and ran out the door with Sky close behind.

"Guess we be goin' shoppin', eh mate?" I asked.

"Fun…" he said sarcastically. We followed the girls out and soon found ourselves in Diagon Alley.

"Are ye sure it's safe?" I asked. It was, after all, freshly stolen material.

"Positive!" Sky chirped.

"I'll be goin' off on me own," I announced, "Meet ye back in the hideout."

"What! Ye'll leave me with them?" Nat exclaimed.

"Yep! Have fun!" I rushed away before they could stop me. The next couple hours were fun. Actually, it was amazing. Until a red-headed man of about 19 stared at me in horror and whispered, "Fred?"

"Only I would ask, "What?"

George's POV

Fred. My brother. Dead for six years. Anyone could imagine my surprise when the man responded to the whisper. The man looked just like me, except for the long dark brown hair. My whisper was just a reaction. I couldn't believe it when he replied. I needed answers. I had to catch him I needed answers even if this was the wrong guy. Too bad he took off. I would just have to chase him.

Thirteen year old me had been summoned to the headmaster's office. I had been there before, but never alone. Fred was always by my side. I was scared to go alone.

My fear deepened when I saw my whole family, crying in the office. My whole family minus Fred. They told me he died. He wasn't coming back. Died falling from a broom in a quidditch practice I missed. Gred. My brother. I would never see him laugh again. I would never see him smile. I would never hear him joke or make fun of Malfoy. He was dead. It was an accident. He wasn't watching the second bludger. It hit him. He fell down, down, down…

I finally caught him. I took a blade and drew a little of his blood and dripped it into an identity potion. We were in the middle of a war, didn't hurt to be prepared. The results shocked me. The potion clearly read: FRED FABIAN WEASLEY. My twin brother was alive, glaring at me. His expression, so filled with hatred turned to worry almost instantly. All because a girl's voice called out. She called out, "Fred!" She had ice blue eyes.

To my surprise, he answered. "GO SKY! Ye'll be fine. Go tell the others I be caught!" Fred now talked in an odd accent that would make our mother shudder if, no when, she heard it.

"BUT FRED! She cried out, anguished.

"Shh. Ye know I'll be back as soon as I can," He called to her.

"By Fred, I'll miss ye!" She called out sorrowfully.

"And I ye. I love ye…" He choked on the last words.

"DON'T LEAVE!" She shrieked as I prepared to apparate away with my brother in tow, "I LOVE YE TOO!" I finished the motiongs and apparated home. My whole family was staring at me, sitting in the living room. I shove my brother onto an empty couch.

"You have some explaining to do…" I commanded.