War Hero/ Street Rat

By: Tiger1Lily

Chapter 2: What do ye want with me?

Author's Note: Well, I hope you all liked the first chapter! I'm so sorry it took so long! Three months, wow. Summer is here and my life has been pretty buisy lately! I promise it won't take this long next time. Reviews help me write. Tell me what you want the pairings to be, if any! Also, someone told me that the grammar is bad. It is supposed to be like that, he lived on the streets!

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George's POV

"George? What do you think you're doing?" My mom yelled, "What's your name, son?"

Fred replied, "My names Fred Weasley, 'cordin' to that there potion. He took some of my blood an' put it into what Glory calls a potion and it goes and spits out my name. I knews my name was Fred but didn't know my last name was Weasley. Ye see, I don't got no memory from the time before I was thirteen."

"George," My dad asked, " Are you positive?"

"Yes. I tested him with the identity potion myself?" I confirmed.

"Yep. And it sure hurt an awful lot!" Fred interrupted.

"FRED!" My mom shouted. Instantly, the whole room slipped into chaos to try to get closer to the man who had been dead for six years. Even Harry and Hermione, honorary Weasleys, were excited. But then again, it wasn't every day someone comes back from the dead.

"Stop! Stop! Will ye get off er me! Why are ye tryin' teh suffocate me? I promised Sky I'd see 'er again." He fought, breaking free of all the hugs.

"But Fred, we love you. We missed you." Molly said.

"Why?" He asked rudely, "Why did ye miss me? Why d'ye love me? In fact, I was happy, why did ye take me from me home? Who are ye?"

"Oh my gosh, Fred, that is a horrible joke! And why are you talking like a hooligan?" Mom gasped. I have to admit, I was shocked to. My brother fakes his own death, and then makes mom so upset? How could he?

"What joke? I'm a bein' serious as a heart attack. Have ye ever thought that maybe I was talkin' like this 'cause I'se bein' serious? Maybe I'm a tellin' the truth?" Fred growled.

"You really are serious," Dad pointed out.

"Like I said, as a heart attack." Fred confirmed.

"So you don't remember anything?" I asked timidly. I was fantasizing about getting my twin back, but it was obviously not going to happen. This man did not remember the times we had together. He looked at our family with hatred. He really did want to go back to the streets.

"Nope, I'se already says nothing!" Fred groaned sarcastically.

"I'm going to go get Professor Dumbledore!" My mom shrieked. She hurried off. I watched her run off. What was I going to do?"

"Who is Sky?" Ginny asked timidly.

Fred erupted, "Sky is the prettiest, wonder fullest gal you ever did see. She is beautiful and she saved me from being murdered on the street! Then, she stole the money I stole and went shopping." Fred didn't make any sense. He was rambling and was obviously panicking.

"Okay…" Ginny replied.

"Do you like to play pranks?" I asked, hoping that this Fred had some connection to the old one.

"I don't got much time. Most of my time is spent on pickpocket ting, joking around with my best mate Nat, and shoppin' with the girls, which I'm glad I ain't doin. Prankin' just ain't my priority." I couldn't believe that Fred, my little brother, my twin, didn't like pranks. The world was ending!

It was the funeral. We stood around the coffin paying last respects to him. His still body just lying there, pale, unmoving. It was time to close the lid, so I closed my eyes, not wanting to see it happen. Screams erupted. Fred's body had vanished, it was gone. We continued on with the burial, without the body…

Fred's POV

The older red head ran in to the room. She came out of the fireplace of all places! She waved around another potion in her hand, screaming my name. She pinned me down and forced it down my throat. My last thoughts before I blacked out were what would Sky do if it killed me? What do these people want with me?