Bite Night

By- Allyssa Watercloud

Once in a small town called Nightville there lived a girl named Myra Harris she had light skin and silky hair and was a mortal. One day it appeared to be a dark cold night and Myra's car seemed to have run out of gas but she just had filled it up. Then a very rapid shadow went by her but she didn't notice the first time. The second time Myra saw the shadow but she couldn't tell what it was. Then the shadow didn't come back when Myra started to be a little frightened. So she walked to the nearest gas station and bought three bottles of gas then she walked back to her car. But that second she walked up she saw her car was already started. Then she stopped and wondered how the car turned on by it self.

Since the car was already started she hopped in and drove home. The next day she was out with her friends and bumped into this guy. They introduced themselves the guy's name was Joe. Joe asked Myra if she wanted to have lunch. Myra would have accepted the invitation but she couldn't abandon her friends so she went to go ask them first. Happily her friends said sure go have lunch we'll be right here. They didn't say but a word to each other because they were looking in each others eyes but it hit 12:00 am and Myra was up to late so she left and Joe rushed in front of Myra almost knocking her over. When he rushed by her she noticed that he dropped something out of his pocket. It was a little piece of paper. The paper had said "to my best friend I am a VP". Myra tried to figure out what VP means but she some how couldn't figure it out. She just threw it in the trash.

Mean while… Joe lived with his friend and told his friend the whole plan he said since I am a vampire and haven't eaten in days I'll marry Myra and when we come home from the wedding day I'll suck up all her blood she won't have enough blood to survive. Also if she is still alive that is when the whole pack will attack her leaving but nothing her skin. Joe also said "The rest of the vampires will be in disguise at the wedding. But Joe didn't know when to ask her so Joe asked his friend Ronnie to secretly ask her where she would like to get married at and to not make it seem so obvious.

That next day Ronnie went to Myra and asked her the question. Myra said," well I would like to get married under the moon and the stars". Then Ronnie said thank you and dashed away to go tell Joe the news. When Ronnie told Joe, Joe was happy. He went right out the house and went to Myra they had there hi's then Joe spilled the milk "Myra", he said "will you marry me". "Yes", said Myra .Myra said "we can have are wedding under the moon and the stars.


The pastor said, "Myra Harris do you take Joe to be your lawful wedded husband". "I do" Joe VP do you take Myra to be your lawful wedded wife. "I do" (Pastor Vampire) you may now bite the bride "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" ,screams Myra. Chomp Chomp Chomp.