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Chapter 1

Amy giggled as she tickled the puppy's stomach, and got a huge, overly sweet, oblivious look of innocence in return. Sighing, she asked the question that had been nagging her for a while now.

"How much longer until we have to let her go?" Amy asked, doing her best to keep a whine out of her voice. She failed phenomonally, but the Doctor seemed not to notice.

"She goes back when we get back to the planet" came the curt reply. Amy sighed again, and turned to look at the Doctor.

"How do you suppose she got aboard the TARDIS?'

"I don't actually know. Maybe she can travel at a sub particle level, or she's trans-dimensional, or-" the Doctor was cut off by Amy, who had started to talk.

"Oooooooor, she wandered in while we were on the planet" she said, then paused. "Doctor..." she began, putting on her best "please-please-please-just-this-one-thing-I-promise-I-won't-ask-you-for-anything-else-ever-again" face as she stood up. "You don't think that we really could just leave this poor, innocent little puppy to fend for herself on that huge, dangerous planet now, could you?" she asked, sauntering slowly up to him, her hands clasped together.

The Doctor looked up from the TARDIS console, only to find Amy's face barely an inch away from his own. The Doctor yelped, and jumped backwards. They stared at each other for a few seconds until the Doctor started to feel creeped out by Amy's intensive staring.

"Well... I guess not..." the Doctor said, unsure of where the converstion might be heading.

Amy clapped her hands together. "Well then! That's all settled!" she said cheerfully, and skipped over to the puppy. Bending down, she said: "You get to stay with us from now on", then went back to petting her. The Doctor stared at Amy as though she had started speaking fluent Gallifreian.

"What's settled?" he asked. Amy didn't look at him, but kept cooing gentle praises to the small, chocolate coloured puppy.

"You need a name if your going to stay with us" Amy whispered to the puppy, gently tickling her under the chin. And then he Doctor understood. Amy wanted to keep the puppy on board the TARDIS, and have it travel with them. With this new information still fresh in his mind, the Doctor slowly walked up to Amy.

"Amy..." he started, but was once again interupted by the red head.

"Doctor, can't you see I'm busy? I have to decide what to name our puppy..."

"Pond, as much as you want to keep her, you know you aren't allowed. For all we know, she could actually be a huge, snarling werewolf that transforms every full moon, or she could be a clown in disguise, or-"

"Doctor, how could Sunflower be a werewolf or a clown? She's far too sweet, and not at all scary!" But the Doctor wasn't listening. He was still going on about what the puppy (apparently now named Sunflower) could actually be.

"She could be a mass murderer, a giant, man-eating turnip, or worse! For all we know-OW!"

Amy had given the Doctor a swift slap across the face.

Rubbing his now stinging face, the Doctor glared at Amy, who was glaring right back at him, her bottom lip defiantly stuck out and her brow slightly furrowed, the puppy in her arms.

"What was that for?" he asked, moving his jaw, trying to make sure Amy hadn't broken it with the force of her slap.

"Sunflower is NOT any of those horrid things, and how could she be a turnip? That doesn't even make sense!" Amy pouted, cuddling the puppy. "And besides, just look at her!" The Doctor surveyed the puppy. She had warm, chocolate coloured fur, and eyes like melted chocolate mixed with honey. She could easily be a labradoodle puppy.

The Doctor stared at Amy, who was cuddling the dog as though it was an overgrown teddy bear.

"Pond, my word is final. Were not keeping the puppy!"


"No buts! We can't keep a puppy aboard the TARDIS!"

"Your certainly mister grumpy pants today, aren't you?"

"POND!" The Doctor said shrilly.

"WHAT? You expect me to leave a defenceless puppy to fend for herself on some unknown planet just because you don't want to keep her aboard the TARDIS? Well then, I guess you can just take me home, because there is no way I'm going to abandon Sunflower!" Amy yelled, hot tears welling up in her eyes and pouring over her cheeks. Distressed by the amount of noise and the sudden eruption of salty water pouring from the ginger's eyes, Sunflower began to let out loud, wolf like howls.

"Look what you've done! You made Sunflower upset!" Amy wailed, before turning on her heel and running out of the room.

"Pond! Pond, wait up! Amy! Amelia! Come back!" The Doctor yelled after her, but Amy wasn't listesning. She shot down one of the TARDIS's many corridors, and into her bedroom. She slammed the door behind her, blocking out the Doctor's pleas for her to come back.

Sitting on her bed, she let the tears flow freely from her eyes. Sunflower wandered over from where Amy had placed her on the bed, and climbed onto Amy's lap, resting her head on the red head's stomach. Amy gently fiddled with Sunflower's ears, and whispered small words of comfort both to herself, and the small puppy. Slowly, they both drifted off to a dream filled sleep.