Chapter 3

"Sunflower?" Amy called quietly, getting up from her bed and looking around her room. Sighing to herself, she wondered where the puppy had gotten to.

Seeing that the puppy wasn't in her bedroom any longer, the Scottish girl wandered towards the control room of the TARDIS. When she got there, neither the Doctor nor Sunflower were anywhere to be found. Amy took a seat on the small TARDIS couch, and decided to wait for her two friends.

After nearly an hour, with no sign of either, Amy was getting anxious. Where had they gone? What were they doing? Had the Doctor abandoned her? What had happened to Sunflower? Deciding that the best plan of action was to determine where the Doctor was first, Amy looked out the front door of the TARDIS. To her surprise, she found that the Doctor had parked the TARDIS in Amy's very own backyard on earth. Wondering what he was up to, the ginger decided to look inside the huge house.

"Doctor?" she called upon entering the house. She was answered by a large crash from the direction of the kitchen, and a few small yaps.

"Shoot!" It was the Doctor. Smiling to herself, Amy wandered down the hall, and into the kitchen, were she was greeted by a disaster zone. The broken remains of a plate were spread out around the kitchen floor, and several cabinets were wide open. An empty box of (who could have guessed?) pancake mix was laying on it's side on top of the counter, along with a jug of milk, an empty egg carton and piles of dirty dishes. The Doctor was standing over the remains of the broken plate, glaring at it as though it was responsible for everything that had ever gone wrong in his life. Sunflower was perched by the jug of milk, and began to give off small yaps of joy when she saw Amy standing in the doorway.

"Oh, good! I see you finally decided to join us Pond. You definetly slept for a long time! Come and have some pancakes, I made them for you." the Doctor said, pulling Amy by the hand over to the kitchen table, where a mountain of pancakes greeted her.

Amy couldn't think of anyting to say, so simply helped herself to some pancakes. Hesitantly, she cut a piece of one, and brought it to her lips. She paused before putting it in her mouth, unsure of what the Doctor might have put in it. She bit her lip, and then placed the piece of pancake into her mouth.

"Mmmmm!" she said happily, and began to ravenously devour the pancakes. They were, in fact, very, very tasty.

"Are they good?" The Doctor asked from underneath the table (he was trying to clean up the broken plate).

"MmmmMree" Amy said through a mouthful of pancake.

"What?" the Doctor asked, appearing by Amy's knee. Amy swallowed before talking.

"Yes! They're delicious!" Amy exclaimed happily.

"Ah-ha! See, Sunflower? I told you we would get them right!" the Doctor said triumphantly, standing up amd walking over to the puppy. He picked her up, brought her over to the table and sat down. He then simply stared at Amy as she devoured pancake after pancake.

Remembering why she wanted to find the Doctor in the first place, Amy said:

"Doctor, I'm sorry for yelling at you last night. I shouldn't have run off."

To her surprise, the Doctor gave her a huge grin. "Don't worry about it Pond, Sunflower and I've had a little chat. It turns out that Sunflower is only a puppy, not a man eating turnip! She also said that some other travelers dumped her on the planet. She really doesn't even belong on that planet!"

Amy couldn't help but laugh at the man eating turnip comment.

"Sooooooo..." she began.

"Sooooooo..." The Doctor repeated.

"Are we allowed to keep her?" Amy asked hopefully.

The Doctor sighed. "Yes. I suppose so."

Amy let out a shriek of happines, which seemed to scare the Doctor.

"Really? Were allowed to keep her?" Amy asked, as a huge grin, that would make the Cheshire Cat bow in awe, began to spread across her face.

"Yes Pond, I thought we established that..."

"Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!" Amy said, overjoyed.

At this point, Sunflower ran across the table and tackled Amy.

Both the Doctor and Amy laughed as Sunflower attacked Amy, trying to lick the poor red head to death.

~The End~