ThePrecursian Kids: School Days year 1

Jet: I'll start by saying that I own nothing; this is a fan fic. Okay, now that's out of the way, Lilly and her friends are back and off to school. I should say that this story is about the kids not Jak or really any of the people from the games; they will be in the story but not as much as the other story. The kids are more on their own in this one.

Penny: They're all little kids, they're not even preteens yet and they're on their own?

Jet: They all have each other. Well time to… (Stops)

Penny: What is it Jet?

Jet: I almost forgot something.

Penny: What?

Jet (Slap Penny on the back of the head): That.

Penny (Rubbing the back of her head): What was that for?

Jet: A friend asked me to.

Penny: Why?

Jet: To say 'hi' . Now time to read.

Chapter 1: Off to school

The morning sun light flooded into the room of a six year old she-elf. The young girl got out of bed and walked over to the mirror on the other end of the room and began to brush out her long blue-green hair. She pulled it back and grabbed one of her half light-blue half dark purple bows and put her hair in a very low pony-tail, she left two short strands of hair to hang in front of her face. Then she walked over to the closet and pulled out the new school uniform she was going to have to wear. It was a dull uniform; it was a long sleeve button-down white shirt, a black skirt that fell somewhere between her thighs and knees and knee high socks with black shoes. This was not to the young she-elf's liking; the outfit was boring which was the opposite of what she was. See she was not an average she-elf; she was the daughter of Jak Mar, one of the greatest and most powerful heroes that ever lived and she had inherited all of his eco channeling abilities.

The young girl put the uniform back into the closet and walked over to the bedside table and grabbed her necklace, she looked at it and smiled. This was the most important thing she owned; it was the Seal of Mar. She put it on then went to look out the window. She looked down at Kras city, this wasn't her home she was the princes of Spargus, a city in the wasteland. The reason she was in Kras city was because her and her friends were being sent to school later that day from Rayn's mansion.

Then the door opened and Jak and his wife Keira looked at their daughter who was too wrapped up in her own day dream to notice that they had walked in. "Lilly," Jak called her out of her thought.

She looked at them, "Hi mom, hi daddy." She said, looking back out the window.

They walked over to her, "What's on your mind?" Keira asked.

Lilly looked up at her mother, "I don't want to go to school."

Jak smiled at her, "Lil, you have to go to school."

"Why? You, mom and uncle Daxter didn't have to go to school."

"No, but there wasn't a school for us to go to. We were home-schooled by your grandfather."

"Why can't I be home schooled?"

Jak laughed a little, "Lil, home school isn't any fun."

Keira looked at her daughter, "Why don't you want to go?"

"Because…" she looked back out the window, "Because I'm scared. What if everyone finds out who I am? They'll all be afraid of me and I don't know what they'll do to me." She hugged Jak.

Jak and Keira looked at each other, "Lilly," Jak said, kneeling down to be more at her height, "Why didn't you say anything about this before?"

"Because I didn't think you would really make me go."

Jak pulled her into a tight embrace, "Oh Lilly, you shouldn't be afraid." He pulled her away from him and looked at her, "You should look at this like a big adventure; you're going somewhere I've never been."

"Then how do you know it's a good place for me?"

"Because your mother and I know this is what is right for you." He ran his hand through her hair and smiled at her.

"Besides," Keira said, "all your friends are going, don't you want to be with them?"

"Well… yeah." She said, a little sad.

Jak and Keira both hugged her, "It will all be okay, Lil." Jak said and then he kissed her.

Later Lilly came downstairs, wearing her uniform. She had her bag with her, clothes, school supplies and –although Jak and Keira didn't know it – her jetboard. She saw all five of her friends; Jean- a brainy girl who had been raised by Rayn since her parents had died when she was a baby. Danny- a boy that had been found nearly dead out in the wasteland by himself and had been taken in by Sig, he had only recently found out that his father is Razer and he didn't like to talk about it. Rick- Torn and Ashelin's son, he had scars that had covered his body since he was nearly killed in Dead Town. Sue- Daxter and Tess's daughter who was just a "girl version" of her father but looked like her mother. Then there was Devin- the newest one in the group so Lilly didn't know much about him other than the fact that his father is the Precursor Leader. Although Sue and Devin are ottsels, thanks to Devin's father they could change into elves whenever they wanted. However they both preferred their ottsel forms so they weren't elves at the moment- but luckily their clothes did change to fit whatever form they were in. They were all also wearing their uniforms. Although the boys and girls were going to different schools their outfits were almost the same, at least with the colors. The girls had black skirts and bows that were around their necks and the boys had pants and ties.

Lilly went to stand next to her friends; she put her bag with theirs. Almost instantly, Sue jumped up onto Lilly shoulder, "Morning Lilly." The blond ottsel said with a big smile on her face.

"What are you so happy about?" Lilly asked.

"Ah… hello, we're going somewhere we've never been. I would have thought you of all people would be jumping up and down about this."

"Lil?" Rick said, coming over to her. Even though all of them were all little kids Rick and Lilly did have a serious relationship. After Rick was attacked… he had almost died. Fearing that she was going to lose him, Lilly told him that she loved him and as it turned out Rick loved her too.

Lilly looked at him, if any of her friends could understand how she felt it was him. After he had been attacked he had gained powers of his own, they weren't eco based like Lilly but they were similar. She didn't want to tell him that she was scared of people being afraid of her, so she smiled at him, "Nothing, I am excited." She lied. Rick didn't know why but he felt like he could tell she was lying.

Jean, Danny and Devin came over to them, "We should get going." Jean said.

Danny smiled at her, "Yeah, the sooner we get away from this city the better." He said.

Devin looked at him, "I still don't think I get what your problem is."

Danny looked down at the ottsel, "Don't worry about it." He said as the six kids started to head to the warp gate that Rayn had in her mansion with their parents and guardians fallowing them.

They got to the gate and Sue jumped off Lilly's shoulder and hugged her parents, "Sue, you be a good girl and listen to your teachers." Tess said, hugging her daughter.

"I will mommy." She said. Then she looked at Daxter and hugged him too, "Bye, Daddy."

Daxter hugged her, "Bye Sue." He looked at her, "Don't get into too much trouble, but have fun okay? And don't let Lilly drag you to places you know you not supposed to go." He said, glaring at Jak out of the corner of his eye. Jak just smiled an 'I don't know what you're talking about' smile.

Sue smiled at her father, "I won't daddy." Daxter kissed her and she walked away from them and changed into her elf form and stood next to Devin- who was already in his elf form- with her bag over her shoulder.

Rayn hugged Jean, "Be good and write when you get the chance, okay?"

"Okay, Rayn." Jean said, hugging her back.

Sig wasn't there; he was taking care of things in Spargus so that Jak could be with his daughter. So Danny just stood by his friends.

Rick hugged his mother and she was more than happy to hug him back, "Try to keep yourself under control, alright?" Ashelin said.

"I will mom."

Rick looked at his father, who smiled at him, "Will see you when you come home for winter break." He said ruffling Rick's hair. Rick picked up his bag and went to stand next to his friends.

Keira hugged her daughter, "You'll be alright, Lil."

Lilly hugged her mother, "I know mom." She looked at Jak over her mother's shoulder, "I'm really going to miss both of you." She said.

Keira let Lilly go and Jak took her in his arms, "We're going to miss you too. Listen, you don't have be a perfectly good little girl, just listen to your teachers and do your homework but have fun, make new friends, get into some trouble if you have to." Jak caught sight of his wife's glare, "Not too much," he saved himself, "but have a good time and if you go anywhere it's always good to take a friend." He said, smiling at Daxter who rolled his eyes.

Lilly smiled at her father, "Okay, Daddy."

Jak let her go and then he reached into his pocket, "And I have something to give you." He pulled out a communicator and handed it to her, "Make sure you call us once in awhile, okay?"

"I will."

Jak kissed her and she went to stand next to her friends in front of the warp gate with her bag over her shoulder. All six kids looked at the adults before turning to the warp gate; Lilly gave one last look at her parents before jumping in, all five of her friends fallowed.

Lilly jumped out of the ring and looked around, however she didn't get a good look before she felt her friends collide with her- and all of them fell to the ground laughing about how stupid they all must look. They got up and looked around; they were in what looked like a bus station. Most of the people there were kids like them, all wearing the same uniforms. Lilly quickly hid her necklace in her shirt, Jean looked at her, "Lilly, what are you doing?" She asked, all of the other's looked at her.

"I just want to know how people will treat me if they don't know who I am." She said, picking up her bag again. She looked around and saw a big group of girls standing together, "Sue, Jean, I think that's the bus for our school." She looked at the guys, "What do you say we all meet up this weekend? That way we can tell each other how our first week at school went." Everyone nodded in agreement. "Okay then, we'll see each other this weekend." She kissed Rick before she, Sue and Jean went to stand with the other girls and Rick, Danny and Devin went to find where the boys were.

The girls got onto one of the buses and it took them from the small town they were, through a forest and soon the school came into view. All of the first year girls pressed their noses to the windows to get a good looked at it; Lilly, Sue and Jean included. It was a nice building, the walls where painted a pale cream color and the roofs were a nice shade of light purple, the building had four floors but no one could see how far back it went. The buses pulled through the gate and drove them to the front door where they were let off. All the girls grabbed their bags and headed into the school where they were greeted by the teachers. Some of the older girl's rejoiced at seeing their old friends after a summer apart and the entrance hall filled with the sound of chatter. That is until the teachers called them to order, the chatter died down and all the girls gave their attention to the teachers. One of them, an old looking she-elf in a long purple dress, with half framed glasses addressed them, her gray hair was in a tight bun on top of her head and her ears slightly drooped but that was more do to her age than anything else, "Welcome girls." She said, "For our first year students, I am the head mistress of the school, Professor Holiday. Now girls, as our older students will tell you, you must attend your three classes; they are history, eco science, and writing. Those are the only classes you must attend every day, but we encourage our students to join clubs and activities in their spare time. Each teacher has their own polices and rules that you are expected to fallow. But we do have general rules which include not leaving the school grounds without permission. You may go to the nearby town, but you must be back before dark. Pets are not allowed in the school at any time. You are all free to have contact to the boys down the road but under no circumstances are they to be in your rooms unless a teacher or myself has given permission. No boy is allowed in the school after dark. No student is allowed outside after dark, students are not allowed in the halls after nine on week days, and most important if any of you go into the forest do not leave the path unless you are with a teacher. Well that's about it, you are all free to spend the rest of the day exploring the school and the grounds. Classes being in the morning you will find your class schedules in your rooms." And with that the head mistress left and the girls all dispersed to find their rooms; the older students all went to the rooms they had occupied last year and the first years all went to find their rooms that would be like a home for the next three years.

Lilly, Sue and Jean went to the top floor where all the rooms were and found a door with their names on a note that was stuck to it along with the names of three other girls. Lilly opened the door and all three of them walked in, there was a main sitting area and four doors. Jean opened one door and found a blue haired girl, she had a white flower stuck in her hair, she looked at Jean, "Sorry." Jean said.

The girl smiled, "It's okay, there are two beds so I think we have share the rooms. If you want to share with me that's fine."

Jean looked at the other bed, "Okay." She said smiling, "My name-"

"Don't tell me your name yet- the other girls and I have a plan to meet out in the main room later and get to know each other."

"Oh, okay." Jean said, looking at Sue and Lilly and the two of them left and went to the room next to Jean's new room.

Lilly opened the door; the room was painted midnight blue and had a door that lead to a balcony, it didn't have anyone in it, "Sue do you want to share a room with me?" She asked.

Sue shook her head, "I think it would be fun to share with someone I haven't met you know?"

"Okay." Lilly said. She walked in, closed the door and put her bag on the floor and opened it. After a little digging she found what she had been looking for, a photo in a frame of her with her parents. She put in on the bed side table, then she laid on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, she was thinking about them. She already missed them and she wish she was back home in Spargus, although she wasn't really complaining about it, here it was really cold. True, it almost sixty degrees outside but to the young wasteland Princess- who was more use to hundred and twenty degree weather- it felt more like twenty… and that was being nice. She was also thinking about all the rules, for her there were just too many and she had a feeling that before the year was over she would have broken almost every one of them.

With the boys, they had found their bus and when they got to their school they got a set of similar rules that the girls had, then they went to find their rooms. Like the girls they found a room that had their names on a piece of paper that was stuck to the door and the names of three other boys. They walked in; the room was a round shape and had six beds all with the head boards against the wall, next to each bed was a small dresser. There were three other boys already in the room, one of them was laying on one of the beds and just looked up at the ceiling. He had really short, pale purple hair and an expression that said 'leave me alone.' The other two boys looked like clones of each other; they both had short red hair and light brown eyes. The two of them came up to Rick, Danny and Devin. "Hi." They both said at the same time.

"Hi." Rick said, "I'm Rick and this is Danny and Devin." He said, pointing to them.

"Hi." Danny said. Devin just waved.

"He's Fred." One of the boys said, pointing to the boy next to him.

"And he's George." Fred said, also pointing to the boy next to him. "We're twins." They said together.

"Hmm, I feel like that sounds like something form a book I read once… or was it a movie?" Devin said, scratching his head.

Danny looked at the other boy, "So who's Grumpy over there?" He asked.

The twins looked over at him, "That's Robert." Fred said, "You're not going to believe this but he's from the Wasteland."

"The same one that Jak Mar lives in." George said.

Rick looked at him, "Is he from Spargus?" He asked.

Robert got up form and his bed and glared at Rick, "Don't ever confuse me with them!" He half yelled, "I'm the Marauder Prince and I'm only here for one reason."

"And what is that?" Rick asked, glaring back.

"I was told the Spargus Princess is going to the school down the road. The only reason I'm here is to destroy her. So stay out of my way and you won't get hurt."

Danny and Devin looked at Rick; his hair was starting to turn pale as he walked up to Robert. He glared at Robert, "I warning you," Rick said in a low and dangerous tone, "if you do anything to hurt Lilly I will kill you myself." Rick knew he was losing his temper and he was trying to keep his dark side from taking over. Robert just glared back at Rick, not intimidated.

Danny and Devin grabbed Rick and forced him away from Robert, "Rick, calm down. He's not going to do anything to Lilly; she can take care of herself." Danny said.

Rick looked at him, by now his eyes had turned blood red. He took a deep breath and went back to normal. Fred and George both looked at him, "What was that?" They asked. Rick didn't answer he just went to the bed by the window, which was the farthest away from Robert he could get, and laid on it. The twins looked at Danny and Devin and they explained to them about Rick's powers and why he was so protective of Lilly.

A little later; Lilly, Sue, Jean and the blue haired girl came out of their rooms and sat down on the couches and chairs that were out there. Along with Sue, a dark skinned girl with long orange hair came out and a girl with long wavy black hair came out of the fourth room. They all sat in a circle, "So…" Jean said, "how are we going to do this?" She asked.

The girl with black hair that was sitting in the chair next to her looked at her, "Well I thought that we could just say are names, where we're from and little about who we are." All the girls nodded their heads in agreement… all but Lilly.

"Okay," Jean said, "I guess I'll go first. My name's Jean Johnson, I was raised by my godmother, I'm from Kras city and I travel a lot with these two." She said pointing to Sue and Lilly, "And that's it really."

"You three already know each other?" The girl with orange hair said.

"We grew up together." Jean said.

"Well that's interesting." The girl with black hair said, "Well I think I'll go next. My names Aurora Starburst, I'm the princess of the Mountain city."

"The Mountain city?" Sue said, "You don't live in the mountains near Haven city do you?"

"Yes, I do actually. I'm also the future sage of red eco."

"You're a sage?" Lilly asked.

"I will be one day."

"Me too." Lilly said.

"Same for me." The blue haired girl said.

"Same here." The orange haired girl said.

"We're all future sages? That's weird." Aurora said.

"Well I guess I'll go next." The orange haired girl said, "Or were you not done?"

"No, I'm done."

"Well my name's Tiana Rider."

"I'm sorry," The blue haired girl said, "but what's wrong with your skin?" She asked naively but respectfully.

Tiana looked at her, "Nothing, actually I was about to ask all of you that. I've never seen anyone as pale as all of you." She had the same fascination but respect for what she's not used to.

"Why?" The blue haired girl asked, "Do you live under a rock or something?"

Tiana laughed, "Close, I live at the bottom of the ocean, in the old Precursor city. I'm the princess there and I've never been to the surface before."

"You live in the old Precursor city!" Sue and Lilly said at the same time. "We didn't think anyone lived down there." Lilly added, "You said you're also a sage, what color eco?"


"Well that makes sense. The original blue sage lived in the village that was close to underwater city." Lilly said.

"How do you know that?" Tiana asked.

"My dad told me."

"Oh… Well, I'm done."

"Then I guess it's my turn." The blue haired girl said, "I'm Rose Everbloom, I'm the princess of the Tree Top city. I'm going to be the sage of yellow eco some day. And that's all there is to tell about me."

Sue smiled, "Well then it's my turn, my name is Susan Marie Strong but everyone just calls me Sue. I'm not a princess like all of you; my parents own a bar in Haven City. But I am half Precursor."

Aurora, Tiana and Rose all laughed, "Yeah right." Aurora said, "I heard they were all little rodents."

"Ottsels." Sue corrected, a little offended, "And I am one, I'll prove it." She said and then she changed into her ottsel form.

The three girls gasped in surprise, "You're really an ottsel!" Aurora half yelled in surprise.

Sue giggled a little, "Yes I am." She said proudly, "Do you guys know about Jak and Daxter?" All three girls nodded- Tiana most excitedly, "Well Daxter is my father." Lilly couldn't help but to roll her eyes.

Aurora, Tiana and Rose all looked at her even more surprise, "Your dad is really Jak's sidekick?" Tiana asked, a growing interest in her voice.

"Why does everyone think he's the sidekick?" Sue yelled.

Lilly smirked, "Because he is."

Sue glared at her, "Well then why don't you tell them who you are."

Lilly looked at Aurora, Tiana and Rose. They had all been honest about themselves it was only fair she did the same, "My name is Lilly Damas Mar, I'm the princess of Spargus and the future sage of green eco." She smiled.

All three of them just stared at her, "Did you just say that your last name is… Mar?" Tiana asked, Lilly nodded. "You're not related to Jak Mar, are you?" She asked.

Lilly grinned nurvously, "Um… yes. He's my father." Aurora, Tiana and Rose looked at each other shocked. Lilly ears drooped a little, worried that they were scared of her, "you guys don't have to be scared of me." She said.

"Scared?" Aurora said, "Why would we be 'scared'?"

Lilly looked at them a little confused, "You three aren't scared of me?"

"No." Rose said, Lilly couldn't help but smile.

"I can't believe that I get share a room with the daughter of a great hero." Tiana said, smiling.

"You mean the daughters of two great heroes." Sue said.

The five girls started to laugh. "So Lilly," Tiana said, "Can you use dark and light eco like your dad?"

"Well I'm not as good as he is- but yes, I can use it."

"That's unbelievable." Tiana said, "I can't believe he's a real person."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I was always told he wasn't real, that he was just made up."

Lilly shook her head, then she looked at the clock, "It's getting late, I think I'm going to go to bed." She got up and walked to her room, closed the door and changed into her PJs. She looked at the photo on the bedside table before turning off the light and going to bed.

Back in Spargus, Jak looked out the window of his study. His crocadog, Mutt came up to him and rested his head on his leg. Jak looked at him and scratched him behind the ear, "You miss her too, don't you?" He asked.

Then the door opened and Keira walked in and looked at Jak, "Hey, you okay?" She asked.

Jak looked at her, "I guess so."

Keira kissed him, "I'm sure she's fine." She smiled at him casually, "Come to bed Jak, it's late." Jak looked at her and fallowed her to bed.

Jet: Well that's the end of the first chapter.

Penny: Fred and George… really?

Jet: What? I love Harry Potter, I've been reading the book almost as long as I've been playing Jak and Daxter and I love the twins.

Penny: You couldn't be more creative with their names?

Jet: No. If you must know all this stuff with Lilly and her friends is something I came up with when I about twelve and being that I'm eighteen now that just tells you how long I've been thinking about all of this and because of that I refuses to change anyone's name.

Penny: Okay but what about Tiana? That has to have something to do with the Princes and the Frog.

Jet: No, as hard as that is to believe I thought up Tiana about a year before anything with the Princes and the Frog was out… it was a quite an annoying coincidence. So everyone tell me what you think, I can't wait to hear from every one and I'll update as soon as I can.