Remember the Name

A Naruto x Harry Potter Crossover



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'With power to bring the world to ruin,

We dwell beneath the demon moon.

Contest ye not our boundless might,

Or perish beyond the reach of light.

And beware the ones who hold us chained

Within their hearts by hatred pained.

But if ye walk the six-fold path,

Then fear ye not our primal wrath,

For we were shaped by ancient Sage

To be legacy of bygone age.

Sundered from One, we once were Ten,

We Nine who walk the world of men.'

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts, frowned. This passage, which he had come across in a book of ancient lore, was bothering him. It was a riddle.

Usually, he was quite good at riddles. Why, once in his earlier days, back when he was a spry, adventurous young man of sixty, he had riddled a Sphinx with riddles of such obscurity and complexity that the half-human, half-lion beast had ended up crawling on its belly and begging him to stop.

But this particular riddle had him completely stumped.

No matter how he interpreted the words, no matter how many times he reread it, he could think of nothing that could be the answer to this riddle. And there were very few things in the world of which he did not have at least a little knowledge.

Frowning to himself, Dumbledore set solving the riddle aside for later and returned his attention to the book which he had been reading through before he had stumbled across the puzzler in question.

It was actually a very interesting read. It held all kinds of esoteric knowledge that most wizards were entirely ignorant of, including a number of curious diagrams and what could only be described as hermetic arrays, though they did not seem to adhere to any discipline he knew of. The fact that, if what he understood of the text was accurate, there was an entire field of specifically wandless magic that had been completely forgotten by the wizarding world as a whole only increased his interest. No matter how old and gray he grew, there were very few things Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore enjoyed more than the acquisition of new knowledge. He loved learning as much as he loved teaching, and this ninjutsu intrigued him considerably.

Continuing on, he eventually came across a passage describing the origins of this forgotten magical discipline. And his eyebrows rose up, up, up and away as he realized that he had found the answer to the riddle without even trying.

Bijū... Tailed-beasts. Nine in total, creatures of incomprehensibly immense magical power, formed from the divided life force of an even greater and more terrible creature. A creature with ten tails.

'Sundered from One, we once were Ten,

We Nine who walk the world of men.'

Dumbledore couldn't help it. He laughed.

Just maybe...

The seeds of an idea taking root in his mind, Albus began to plot.

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