Hello there, welcome to the more updated and edited first chapter of Uzu Hurricane. If this is your first time reading the story, then you don't need to worry about it, and you can just enjoy.

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Chapter 1

"Hey there he is." A voice whispered.

"I see. Can you believe he is a genius? I still can't believe he got any higher than genin." A second voice snorted.

"I guess. It should have been Sasuke instead of the demon." The first voice said.

"I agree. I have no idea why Hokage-sama let the him in the academy first." The second voice agreed.

"What are you two doing? Your not supposed to talk about him remember?" A third voice reminded interrupting them.

The boy walking down the street heard their conversation and ignored him. He didn't understand why people continued to gossip about his skills. He shook his head with a sigh.

He was on his way to the Hokage tower ignoring the looks of hate and disgust. The boy had been used to them for his entire life. Honestly he didn't care anymore. He long since gave up his dream of being Hokage.

This boy was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, though he just preferred Uzumaki. He learned of his heritage when he made Chunin at 9 years old and his name was put into the Bingo books, earning the rank of C.

No one knew besides his sensei and the Hokage that he was the son of the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze and the Red Death Kenjutsu master, Kushina Uzumaki.

As he was walking through the streets he was trying to figure out why his fellow Anbu weren't watching the civilians. That's right he was an Anbu; Captain in fact.

He had no choice but to become captain when his sensei left the village after wiping out his whole clan besides his little brother. To him, Itachi made a mistake on that part. He never liked Sasuke Uchiha. He was too Arrogant for his own good; just like his father.

The only Uchiha he could stand was Itachi, Mikoto and Shisui. Those were it. And if he was alive, Obito. He made Anbu when he was 11 and was working under Itachi for the longest time.

Now here he was 13 years old and Anbu captain. He planned on passing the captain position to Yugao Uzuki who was skilled enough to handle it without any issues. His relationship with Yugao, was strictly sibling like. Besides Itachi, Sshe taught him Kenjutsu along with Hayate. But she wasn't ready for Anbu captain not willing to take the position at the time, so that only left him.

Breaking out of his musings he approached the new secretary for the Hokage. The last one was killed due to her insulting Naruto about his tenant, which was still classified as an SS-rank secret.

He killed her on the spot for breaking the Sandaime's law. He killed a lot of people for breaking it so it made them think twice before speaking about it. He loved his village, but he secretly loved killing the bastards who made his life hell when he was much younger.

"Yoko-chan, I'm here to see JiJi." Naruto greeted with a smile. The woman looked up and returned the smile with her own.

"Oh hi Naruto-kun. Go right ahead he's expecting you." Yoko smiled. Naruto nodded before leaving.

He didn't barge in like he used too, but he didn't knock either. So what if he was Anbu, he still saw the Hokage as his grandfather, when not on duty of course.

"You called for me Hokage-Jiji?" Naruto asked as he closed the door and stood in front of the Sandaime's desk.

"Yes I did Naruto. I hope you are aware the are Rookie's graduating tomorrow correct?" He asked getting a nod. "Good. Because…"

"Listen Jiji if you want me to train the brats I decline. I have more pressing matters to deal with." Naruto interrupted, with a blank look on his face.

"No. I wanted you to be assigned to one of the squads." Hiruzen said warily. He was beginning to break out in a cold sweat due to Naruto's glare.

"What?" The blonde demanded with a certain edge to his tone. He didn't like where this was going.

"Well we need to keep an eye on them. Plus it will be a good way for you to socialize with people of your own age group. Also were shot one member." Hiruzen shrugged, taking a puff of his pipe.

"And you can't have one of Danzo's ROOT agents fill that spot?" Naruto wondered with a small sigh.

"I could but I don't want that. You and I both don't trust Danzo." Sarutobi reminded, earning a small nod from the boy.

"Okay I still don't understand why I have to do this?" Naruto muttered, crossing his arms.

"Because this way you can keep an eye on the first time sensei's, being you already had a great one." Sarutobi smiled a bit, in remembering Itachi.

"I do still not like this." Naruto stated with a bland tone.

"Itachi wants me to keep an eye on Sasuke. And I can't personally do it. So why not have someone who Itachi trusts completely?" Hiruzen asked with a raised eye brow.

"If Itachi-sensei was here he would be facing my wrath. Why the hell would I want to watch that bastard?" Naruto glared with a growl.

"Well because Itachi has a feeling Orochimaru might be after him soon. He reported that Orochimaru tried to steal his body and failed horribly." Sarutobi brought up, trying to persuade Naruto as much as he can.

"And you both have a feeling he is after the Sharingan. Something the spoiled brat doesn't even have yet?" Naruto narrowed his eyes. The Hokage nodded. "So this is an undercover mission?" Naruto sighed once more.

"Yes. SS-rank. S because it has something to do with Orochimaru and another because this concerns the last Uchiha and you won't take nothing lower than B." Hiruzen grumbled.

"My pay?" Naruto wondered. He was a person who loved money, and he didn't like when people played with his money.

"It will still be the same. While they are doing D-ranks you will be getting B-ranks pay due to the mission, if you accept that is." Sarutobi smirked, knowing Naruto's love for money.

"And what of Anbu? As you can see I am captain. I can't just give it up yet. I won't be like Kakashi." Naruto uttered, with a small glare.

"I understand that Naruto. That is why I am allowing you to have a substitute while you're gone. When you return they will be your assistant." Hiruzen informed.

"I see. Well then, I have my choice already. I just to see if she's ready. Now if I accept how long will this mission be?" Naruto grilled, wanting details.

"Till Sasuke reaches Chunin. He should be able to take care of himself by then." The Hokage guessed with a shrug.

"I don't have to teach him? Just watch?" Naruto asked, wanting to clarify.

"That's right. So?" Hiruzen asked with an anxious look. Naruto was quiet for awhile before he sighed with a nod to his head.

"Fine. When do I start?" The blonde wondered with a frown.

"Well I have the Paperwork already done if you said yes. Be at the academy tomorrow." Hiruzen ordered. Naruto nodded then bowed before walking out.

As he was leaving her waved to Yoko who smiled back. 'What do you think of this Kyu-chan?' Naruto asked.

'Well this should be good for you Naru-kun. You never hang out with people your own age.' Kyuubi replied. Naruto grumbled before remaining quiet.

He was able to meet Kyuubi when he was Itachi's student. Itachi wanted to have Naruto try and control Kyuubi's power before he started his career.

Shockingly Itachi found out it was a female and Naruto found out why the villagers hated him. He grew to love Kyuubi as time went on and finally became her mate; learning her name to be Kurama. Now he was trying to figure out away to release the seal so she could be free and they could be together.

From Minato's notes he needed the 'Key'. But that was gonna be hard considering he didn't know what the 'Key' was. Once he was sure no one was around he used the Yondaime's famous jutsu to get home.

Once he made Chunin he learned about his parents. It was a few days before Itachi told him his mission and that he needed to leave. Naruto understood what his brother figure needed to do. But before he left they had one more training session.

It was the hardest and most memorable training session that changed him forever. At the end of that training session he was able to obtain the…

"You called for me Naruto-kun?" A sweet voice asked. Naruto broke out of his musings and turned to see Yugao.

"Hey Yugao-chan. Look's like you brought your gear. Good. Come on were going to the training ground." Naruto nodded clasping on his last Arm guard. His Anbu outfit was the same as Itachi's. He admired him that much.

After they went to the back yard Yugao asked "What's this about Naruto-kun? You never want to spar unless you need improvements. Something wrong?" She asked with a concerned look.

"No. I have a mission that I was recently assigned too and I don't know how long it will take. But it concerns me not being captain." Naruto informed as they stoopped.

"What? You're resigning? But you can't do that! You're the best thing we had since Itachi-sempai!" She stated with anger.

"Calm yourself Yugao. I never said anything about resigning did I?" He smirked.

She calmed down somewhat but paid close attention. "Now, this mission will take awhile and Anbu needs a captain. I plan on staying but I need someone to watch over for me while I'm gone." Naruto smiled when she caught on.

"Do you think I'm ready?" She asked. "Of course I do. If I waited a few months before becoming captain it would be you instead of me. Now are you ready? I still have to test you after all." Naruto smirked drawing his sword.

His sword was longer than the average katana, it wasn't long enough to be considered a long sword however. The metal used to forge the blade was very touch and firm, making the blade hard to be broken. The color of the blade itself was red with black engravings. The hilt had a black and red wrapping.

It's name was Zexal Hurricane. It was the twin brother of his mother's sword that was lost for some reason.

Yugao drew her sword next. "I'm ready Naruto-kun." She stated, adopting a cool impassive expression. Naruto grinned at her before they both blurred out of existence and appeared in the middle of the field, both their swords clashing against each other.

Later that night, Naruto was sitting on the Nidaime's stone head. He was sore around his neck due to Yugao putting him in a head lock and giving him a noogie. Man did he hate those.

But he smiled when he remembered the happy grin she gave when he pronounced her Anbu captain. It wasn't permanent, but it was a big achievement for her. He told the rest of the Anbu she was in charge and they were happy to know that, while also wishing him luck on his mission.

As he was about to go home his ears twitched as he heard a crash. Wondering what that could be he jumped from roof to roof, in the direction the sound came from.

The boy stopped on the closet roof to the scene he came across. There were 3 people in the dark alley. Two of them were big men while the third was a drunk woman with dark hair in a pineapple style. One of the men was getting up from the wall that he was slammed into.

Naruto narrowed his eyes to see she was moving sluggishly, a bottle of sake in her hand. The man standing up was making his way towards her with a glare. The man rushed at her, but she tried slamming the bottle against his head. However she missed and was nearly tackled to the ground, if it wasn't for Naruto kicking him in the face with ease.

The two men stood back up and glared at Naruto's shadowed form. But what they could see was his eyes, that glared at them with a burning passion of hate.

His eyes were light purple sclera with ripple patter of rings that seemed to go on forever. This is what came out of training with Itachi when he left. The most powerful doujutsu known to man, The Rinnegan.

"I would suggest you back away from her right now, before your heads are on a platter." Naruto warned in a cold calm voice leaking out some KI. His hands were in his pockets, his body hiding the woman's drunken form.

The men froze gazing into his eyes and turned pale at the sight. The woman looked up too her eyes widening a little.

"Lets get out of here!" One of the men stated with a voice of fear. The other one didn't seem too frightened as he growled at Naruto.

"No way! I will teach this snake bitch a…" the first man's eyes widened when his friend's blood splattered all over him.

"Watch your mouth. I consider Anko-chan a good friend of mine." Naruto growled out yanking his hand back from the dead man's throat. After flicking most of the blood off his hand he side glared at the next man.

"Please let me live!" The man begged. "I remember you. You're the on who started that mob and sent them after me when I was 4. April 7th I believe." Naruto recalled, cocking his to the side a bit with a small smirk.

The man's eyes widened before they were forever positioned like that, due to his head being sliced off my Naruto's hand. Swiping the blood off once more he cracked his fingers, earning loud pops. The woman behind him flinched at the sound, before gripping her head.

He looked down to Anko's form. She was a bit dirty, her eyes were half lidded. And he could tell she was trying her best to not pass out. Picking her up bridal style he flashed home leaving his Anbu to clean the mess.

When the Anbu finally arrived they knew that their captain did it. For someone so young he sure was ruthless.

Naruto laid Anko down in his bed. He took of her jacket and boots and undid her hair. He used some of his chakra to heal the mark on her face and once he was done she had a look of relief on her face.

Smiling down at her he noticed the black mark on her neck. The curse mark. He remembered promising himself that he would take that damn mark off her when he was strong enough. Now he was and perfectly knew how to thanks to being adept in seals. However who needed seals when his chakra could erase it?

He nodded to himself before pushing some of her hair out of her face. He caressed her cheek earning a light moan and she leaned in his touch. Taking his hand away he was about to leave when he heard,

"Please don't leave me alone Naruto-kun. Stay with me, please?" She whispered loud enough for him to hear. He sighed before taking his Anbu vest and shirt off showing his well toned muscles which made his mate growl in approval.

He shook his head before lying down next to her and pulled her closer to him. She snuggled into his chest and sighed in content. Naruto smiled kissing her head and nearly fell asleep himself when he made his decision.

Pulling his arm away he touched her stupid mark and channeled his Chakra to it. Within in seconds it faded away forever. He felt her relax even more and a smile worn on her face.

Naruto smiled before putting his arm around her again and fell asleep.

'Sweet dreams Anko-chan.'

Naruto was having a good sleep till he felt something squeezing him to death. He knew his surroundings even when he was sleep. It came with being Itachi's student and Anbu. Always have to be prepared for anything. Hell that was just being a Shinobi.

So he knew he was at home. In his bed. He also remembered bringing Anko home and rem…

"Naruto! Wake up already!" Anko yelled. Naruto fluttered his eyes open to see a grinning Anko.

"Uh, Morning Anko-chan." Naruto said sleepily, rubbing his eyes.

"Morning Whisker-chan!" Anko smiled. Hearing the nickname she gave him, his left eye twitched in annoyance.

"What did I say about calling me that Dango-chan?" Naruto smirked seeing the tick mark on Anko's head.

"Watch it kid. But whatever that doesn't matter now. Do you know what happened last night?" Anko grinned.

"Can you just tell me? I hate guessing." Naruto grumbled, with a yawn. "You're no fun Whisker-chan," Anko pouted, yet earning another twitch from Naruto. "But since you're going to be an ass about it…my curse mark is gone!" She grinned.

"That's awesome." Naruto smiled. Anko gazed at him with a serious expression, causing him to look back at her with a raised eye brow. "What?"

"You did this didn't you? You're the one who removed my curse mark. How?" The woman demanded in a calm tone. Naruto blinked before deactivating the Genjutsu around his eyes, showing her his doujutsu.

"These eyes helped me. There are certain abilities that come with these eyes and two of them helped me destroy your curse mark." Naruto informed with a shrug. He was surprised though when Anko snatched him and hugged his face into her bosom, suffocating him.

"Thank you so much whisker-chan! You have no idea how much this means to me!" Anko cheered, moving around rapidly. Naruto pried himself away from her, taking in gulps of air. Anko laughed as she let him go.

"Normally I don't like to be in peoples debt because then they won't stop bothering me about it. But since the situation is completely different, I think I'll let it slide. So Naru-kun, is there any wish you would like me to fufill?" Anko asked with a seductive smile, brushing up against him and wiggling her eye brows.

Naruto gave her an blank look, knowing she was flirting with him. It was nothing new, she did it all the time. He shook his head as he got out of the bed, letting her fall to where he just was.

"You don't have to repay me Anko. You're my friend, so I did as a favor to my friend. Nothing much to it." Naruto shrugged as he headed for the closet. Anko grumbled as she sat back up and laid back down with her arms behind her head.

"Well I understand that, but there must be something I can do for you. I mean, you just changed my life forever here Naruto! Now I don't have to carry a large weight on my shoulders, and lots of other stuff." Anko muttered.

"And I understand what you are saying Anko. But as I said, you don't need to return the favor. I'm sure if our roles were reversed you would have done the same for me." Naruto shrugged, as he came back out the closet putting on his Anbu boots.

"Of course I would. That feeling of always being watched, and being used as a puppet is nerve wracking and can drive someone into madness. I would do it for anybody that didn't deserve it." Anko agreed with a nod.

"Then it's settled. I did it because you were my friend, and you would do the same. I don't want you to return the favor, and you would feel the same way." Naruto stated, wanting to drop the subject.

Anko sighed with a roll of her eyes. "This isn't over Whiskers." She grumbled, but Naruto ignored her as he situated his kunai and Shuriken pouch. Anko raised a brow as she watched him get ready, though what was strange was that he wasn't wearing his Anbu vest or anything. Instead he had on a fishnet tank top and elbow warmers.

"You going on a mission or something?" She wondered. Naruto gave a small nod with a sigh.

"Yeah, I don't know how long it will take but this mission is very important no matter how much I hate it. All I can say is its undercover and SS-rank. You'll find out what I'm doing soon enough." Naruto grumbled as he started to adjust his weight seals. Once he was set, and ready, he slipped on a orange high collared shirt with a black Uzumaki swirl on the back.

"Wow whisker-chan, you look casual. But are you seriously going with orange?" Anko smirked.

"Don't knock the orange Dango-chan. It's a cool color. Granted it's not shinobi colors but it kind of fits with what I'm about to endure, so whatever." Naruto huffed, gaining a chuckle from Anko. "Anyway, I'm gone. You know the way out, I'll see you later." Naruto waved before he left, via Hiraishin.

Anko sighed once he was gone and laid back in the bed, pondering on what she was going to do for Naruto to pay him back. Maybe she could take him to that ramen place he liked so much? Or better yet Dango?! Wait, that was her thing.

Groaning she got up and put on her clothes. She needed a fresh pair and head over to the work place. Though, she would keep Naruto's favor in mind.

Naruto appeared right in front of the Hokage tower, he still had some time before the academy started. So he waved to the half asleep Yoko who smiled back and made his way to the old man's office.

With out knocking or kicking the door down he simply went inside to see the Hokage reading a little orange book. Naruto's eye twitched when he heard the man giggle.

"Ahem." Naruto cleared his throat. Sarutobi looked up and paled at seeing his top Anbu staring at him in…disgust?

"Oh Naruto, what can I do for you?" Sarutobi smiled sheepishly while putting his book away.

"Old pervert." Naruto whispered shaking his head before saying, "I want to let you know I removed the curse mark from Anko-chan. She is no longer under the small influence she had over him, so I would prefer if you let her start aging again." Naruto informed.

Hiruzen stared at him in mild surprise, but a small smirk on his face. "I'm guessing this has something to do with you're eyes."

"Of course. Even that pervert Jiraiya couldn't get rid of it, so how would I if I didn't have my eyes. It occurred to me when I saw it last night. No doubt that she will want that promotion soon." Naruto muttered.

After Anko came back with the curse mark the Sandaime had no choice to put Anko on probation and a jutsu that put her body in a non aging state. It only worked for 3 years before it no longer worked. It stopped the body from growing but not your mind. It was only a jutsu the Hokage knew. If Orochimaru found out about it, then he wouldn't be doing the things Jiraiya told him he's been doing. A shudder ran down his spine just thinking about it.

"Okay it should be wearing off soon." Hiruzen let him know, earning a nod from the teen.

"Oh and I will be the one to evaluate her. I have a feeling who ever gives her the test will be hateful towards her. She was sought after last night by some thugs, however I killed them before they could continue on." Naruto smirked.

"I have a feeling you enjoy killing the villagers." Hiruzen muttered.

"I don't know what your talking about. It hurts me deeply whenever I have to harm those loyal to Konoha. But if its to keep others within Konoha safe, I'll am more than willing to do it." Naruto informed, a small smirk on his face.

The hokage simply narrowed his eyes before Naruto spoke again.

"Alright, there was one more thing I forgot to ask you last night. Do I need to hold back?" Naruto asked with narrowed eyes.

"No. But don't go full out either, not unless needed." The Hokage stated with a serious tone. Naruto nodded and was about to leave when someone burst in the room.

"Old man! I challenge you for the title of Hokage!" a small boy yelled running at the Sandaime, but tripped over his scarf making Naruto sweat drop.

"Ow." The boy muttered. Naruto was about to walk off when the little brat stood up and pointed at him. "Hey you! You're the one who tripped me didn't you?" The boy glared. Naruto picked him up by the scruff of his shirt and eyed him.

"Hey! Put the honorable grandson down!" Ebisu yelled charging in the room. Naruto glanced at him and it made the man freeze. 'What is he doing here?' Ebisu thought in fear.

Naruto looked back at the boy who had a smirk on his face. "You gonna put me down now? Since you know who I am. The grandson of the Hokage!" The boy sneered. Naruto's eye twitched and grew a tick mark on his head.

Letting the boy go he smashed his fist on the boys head. "I don't care if he's your mother!" Naruto roared. The boy had a dazed look on his face while nursing his head.

'This one, he's different.' The boy thought with a frown, looking up at Naruto who huffed in annoyance.

"Lord Konohamaru! Naruto that is not the way to treat the honorable grandson." Ebisu scolded but was sweating inwardly.

Naruto looked between the two then back at Konohamaru. "You wanna be Hokage right?" Naruto asked making the boy nod. "And I'm guessing this fool is telling you there is a short cut, correct?" Naruto asked again. The boy nodded wondering how he knew.

"Don't listen to him for a second. There are no shortcuts to be Hokage. Just hard work and dedication. Something your 'trainer' obviously isn't teaching you." Naruto glanced at Ebisu who was fuming but nervous at the same time.

"From now on I'll be taking care of your training, if you can pass my test." Naruto said. "Hunh? How are you gonna train me your just a teen!" Konohamaru said.

"Yes but I'm the captain of the Anbu black ops. I made genin at 7, Chunin at 9, Anbu and captain at 11. You think I'm just a teen now? Ebisu-baka over there is shitting his pants because I'm in the same room as him." Naruto smirked.

Kono's eyes brightened up. "What's this test?" He asked.

"You find two people who will be your close friends who will have your back no matter what. If you can find them within the next year, I'll train you and your two friends." Naruto smiled.

"Really?" The boy asked in an excited tone. Naruto nodded in response.

"Really. Now I have to go. See you later, Konohamaru." Naruto grinned before leaving in a yellow flash making Ebisu's eyes shoot out of his head.

"Wow! I got to go! By old man, Ebisu-baka!" Konohamaru grinned running but not without tripping on his scarf. "Darn scarf." He muttered getting back up and leaving.

Hiruzen watched with amusement. 'Maybe Naruto should be a jonin teacher.' He thought with a smile. 'I'll ask him soon.'

Naruto appeared right in front of the academy. Apparently he was a little late since there was no one around. Shrugging he walked inside, making his way down the hall. 'I wonder if Iruka-sensei is here? I'll have to say hi.' Naruto grinned.

As he was walking he heard the familiar voice and grinned. "Team 7 will be Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki?" Iruka gasped before the door was slid open revealing Naruto.

"Hey Iruka-sensei!" Naruto waved with a grin. Iruka and the class turned to him, the teacher having a flabbergasted look on his face.

"N-Naruto what are you doing here? And on the list?" Iruka wondered. "Oh didn't Jiji tell you? I swear that man is perverted and forgetful. I think it's old age." Naruto shook his head.

Naruto looked up to see all the Rookies looking at him in wonder. "I'm here because the Hokage told me to be. No more said, you want answers talk to the old man." Naruto told Iruka before he heard a yell.

"I know you! You're that kid Itachi trained!" Sasuke yelled in anger. Naruto locked eyes with the boy and it scared Sasuke to death, though he didn't show it.

"Yeah and?" Naruto glared, challenging the boy to go against him.

"Don't glare at Sasuke-kun!" Sakura barked. Naruto turned his glare at her making her freeze.

"Shut up!" Naruto uttered, his tone cold and dead. Sakura froze, shutting her mouth. Naruto grunted before he made his way to sit in the back of the class.

"Well then um, Team 8…" Iruka continued. Naruto closed his eyes and decided to spend some time with his mate. The 30 minutes passed and Naruto found himself alone with his teammates who were glaring at him.

"Yes?" Naruto said with a dull, bored tone.

"Why are you here? Last I heard you made Chunin." Sasuke stated.

Naruto sighed, having to use the lie he came up with last night. "I was demoted. The council thought I would betray the village since I worked with Itachi-sensei. Dumb idiots." Naruto muttered.

"Hey! My mother is on that council you're talking about." Sakura glared.

"So?" Naruto snorted in small amusement. Sakura continued to glare at him, though he ignored her.

After fifteen minutes Naruto groaned. "Why of all people must we get him? I swear I am setting him straight." Naruto growled before the door slid open a mop of silver hair poked its head in.

"Why the hell are you late this time Kakashi?" Naruto glared. Said man paled at hearing the voice. Turning his head he sheepishly eye smiled at Naruto.

"Sorry Naruto. I was busy." Kakashi said.

"Don't let it happen again Hatake. Visit them on your own time but from now on you train us or I will report it to the Hokage, Understood?" Naruto demanded in a calm tone. Kakashi nodded, but then wondered why Naruto was here in the first place. Naruto realized this and spoke before he did.

"I don't feel like repeating myself, if you want answers talk to the Hokage." Naruto shrugged. Sasuke scoffed, speaking to Naruto as if he was the boss.

"Why should we ask him when we can get the answers from you. Why are you here? From the way you just spoke to Kakashi, you couldn't have been no mere Chunin." Sasuke deduced.

Naruto stared at him unaffected which made Sasuke angry. He was an Uchiha! This new kid should be scared of him; he could wipe the floor with him. "Your stare doesn't affect me, Itachi's foolish little brother." Naruto smirked seeing the reaction Sasuke made at the phrase.

"I will kill you!" Sasuke roared ready to lunge at the blonde when suddenly he fell to his knees under an unknown pressure. Kakashi was having hard time breathing and Sakura was worse than Sasuke she was trying to hold in her breakfast.

Kakashi thought it was weird because he wasn't feeling any KI coming from Naruto it was just pure power. Amazing.

"Listen here Sasuke," Naruto mocked, his voice cool and calm.

"Your threats mean little to me. I was stationed here because of the Hokage's orders. Whether you like it or not, I'm staying till further notice, so I advise you to get over it. This can be a fun little time, or a not so fun little time. Same goes for you Haruno." Naruto warned, giving them both freezing glares. After a few more moments, the pressure was lifted.

Sasuke stood up slowly and Sakura took deep breaths as she stood up as well. Kakashi was able to get his breathing under control before he said, "Meet me up at the roof tops." He said before he and Naruto left Via Shushin.

After five minutes Sasuke and Sakura made their way on the roof tops to see Naruto lying down on top of a water tank and Kakashi was leaning against the rail reading his smut book which Naruto promised to burn soon.

"Good since you two are here let's start by introducing ourselves. Naruto get down here." Kakashi ordered. Naruto sighed before leaping down and leaned against a wall.

"I'll go first. My name is Kakashi Hatake. My likes are none of your concern, I don't dislike anything. Dreams, nothing and any goals… haven't really thought about it. Your turn." Kakashi eye smiled while Sakura sweat dropped.

"My name is Sakura Haruno. I like… My dreams… My goal… I dislike Naruto!" Sakura glared hoping it would affect Naruto since she was so beautiful. But it had no affect as Naruto continued to gaze past Kakashi, as if in thought.

"Okay. Your turn broody." Kakashi pointed to the Uchiha heir.

"My Name is Sasuke Uchiha, I don't like anything. I dislike a lot of things. I have no dream because it will become a reality. Kill Itachi Uchiha." Sasuke said darkly.

Naruto rolled his eyes before speaking. "Naruto Uzumaki. I like certain women in my life. I dislike lots of people, to many to count; also people who waste my time. My goal is to free someone from her cage so we can be together." Naruto stated.

Sasuke and Sakura glared at Naruto since they caught the glance he threw their way, while Kakashi was interested.

'So I have an Ex-anbu captain, a broody emo, and a pink howler fan girl. I'll need to find out why Naruto is here. Maybe he could help train them…Nah.' Kakashi thought, shaking his head.

"Alright then. Tomorrow at 6 come to training ground 7. For your real genin test." Kakashi said.

"Hunh? Real? But we just passed as being Genin!" Sakura stated with a surprised look on her face.

"That was to see if you can get out of the academy. This is to see if you have what it takes to be a team." Kakashi shrugged.

"Fine. Hatake if you are even a minute late you will have to deal with me understood?" Naruto glared.

"Yes Naruto." Kakashi nodded nervously. Naruto nodded before glancing at his two teammates.

"Troublesome." He muttered before jumping off the roof.

"He is gonna be a pain. Right Sasuke-kun?" Sakrua asked with a smile, hoping to get some attention.

"Hn. I don't care what he says he can't beat me." Sasuke muttered before walking off. Sakura started following him leaving Kakashi alone.

'You have no idea what he is capable of Sasuke. I must talk to Hokage-sama.' Kakashi thought before using his shushin.

Naruto was walking around the streets minding his business, coming from a clothing shop, till he stopped. "Can I help you?" Naruto asked turning around to see Sasuke glaring at him.

"You're gonna tell me everything you know about Itachi." Sasuke stated with a growl.

"And if I don't?" Naruto asked raising his eyebrow. "Oh you will tell me alright. I'm just gonna have to beat you till you do." Sasuke smirked. Naruto stared at him before he blurred out of Sasuke's sight.

"I'm gonna let this pass Uchiha, but next time your head will be on a platter understand?" Naruto whispered coldly behind him. Sasuke gritted his teeth in anger.

"Go home." Naruto ordered walking away. Sasuke spun around and blew a fireball at Naruto who stopped to see the fire coming towards him. In seconds the fire was nothing not even a spark.

"What the hell?" Sasuke gasped, wondering what happened to the fireball.

"I warned you Uchiha. Looks like I'm gonna have to teach you a little lesson." Naruto smirked. Sasuke glared at him even harder. "Shinra tensei." Naruto whispered before Sasuke was sent flying back by an unknown force.

Naruto watched as the boy crashed against stuff while flying. "Bansho tenin." Naruto muttered before Sasuke was being pulled towards him. Naruto held out his hand catching Sasuke by the neck.

The Uchiha was in immense pain. He didn't know what was going on but it hurt like hell. He started choking as Naruto squeezed his neck harder, looking at him with his impassive face.

"Don't underestimate me Teme. I will kill you in a heart beat do you understand me?" Naruto growled. His response was a gurgle. Naruto let him go before socking his stomach effectively sending him flying again.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Naruto muttered before he walked off. The villagers saw what was going on, but knew that if they stepped in, Naruto would probably hurt them as well in the crossfire. So they did their best in helping Sasuke up no matter how bruised and beaten he was.

When Naruto walked into his house he saw Anko's boots by the mat. Raising a brow, he slipped of his shoes and walked in the kitchen to find Anko eating Dango.

"Hey Whisker-chan!" Anko grinned. "Dango-chan." Naruto returned before sitting next to her, setting his stuff to the side.

"So how was your day genin?" Anko smirked. Naruto rolled his eyes before leaning back.

"It was troublesome. I have to deal with Itachi's foolish little brother and the pink Banshee who by the way is a fan girl of the Teme. Kakashi was 45 minutes late of arriving. After introductions, I was wandering around buying some new clothes before Sasuke found me and wanted me to tell him about Itachi." Naruto explained.

"Did you?" Anko asked finishing her last bite.

"Hell no. I beat his ass. That'll teach the teme to mess with Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto grinned.

"Well my day was just peachy. Ibiki brought in some new guy who I had to train and crap. Ugh" Anko grumbled, earning a chuckle from Naruto.

"So, you mind telling me what you're doing back here?" Naruto wondered. Anko shrugged as she tossed the stick into the trash.

"Well, I was bored after work so I figured I would come over here to chill. And thank you for your recommendation towards the Hokage." Anko smirked.

Naruto just shrugged as he closed his eyes for a little bit. "Like I said, that's what friend are for Anko. I see no reason why you shouldn't be promoted now. There is nothing the council can hold against you since the mark is gone." Naruto explained.

"Well then you do means that I have to repay back the favor twice as much right?" Anko smirked. If his eyes were open, he would roll his eyes. He leaned forward and opened his eyes to speak.

"Listen Anko I don't want you too…" However his speech was cut off when Anko suddenly crushed her lips against his own, surprising him. The blonde's eyes widened as he stared at Anko who was trying to deepen the kiss. Naruto closed his eyes and just gave in. But before things could get a little more heated, she pulled away. Naruto blinked, as he saw a grin on her face.

"Like I said, I have no problem repaying you Naru-kun." Anko flirtatiously stated. Naruto gave her the same blank look from earlier before shaking his head. "How about, I take you on a date. I'll pay." Anko smiled.

Naruto continued to gaze at her, though his eyes narrowed. "Why?" He asked. Anko rolled her eyes, though her smile was still in place.

"Because I want to. Now go get dressed, I'll be back in twenty or so." Anko stated. Naruto gave a sigh before he nodded, there was nothing else to do; besides she seemed real adamant on repaying back the favor.

Anko smiled before getting up and stretching. 'I told you that it wasn't over. This should be fun.' The woman smirked before leaving to get ready herself.

Naruto walked down the road to training ground 7 wiping the sleep from his eyes. In his mind he was cursing Anko. She kept him up all night with all the flirting and kissing she tried to do. He told her multiple times that he needed to sleep so he could kick Kakashi's ass to pass and move on; but she didn't listen.

A small smile came across his face though when remembered her fall asleep on his lap with a smile on her face. That always made him happy. Right now Kyuubi was pumping him with chakra to keep him awake for a few hours but he needed sleep.

Probably the best thing about being a genin. He doesn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn for work. He may act grown but he is still a kid.

Focusing on his surroundings he saw Sakura sitting next to Sasuke who had bandages on his arms and legs. She kept hounding him about getting a date and asking what happened. His only response was that annoying grunt noise.

"Yo." A voice said. Naruto looked up to see Kakashi crouched on a branch with that eye smile of his. "Am I late?" He asked nervously. Naruto shook his head which made Kakashi sigh in relief.

"Alright then huddle together." He said but no one moved making him sweat drop. "Uh, group up?" Still no one moved.

'Wow tough kids. Sakura seems glued to Sasuke while the Emo boy is eyeing Naruto in fear.' Kakashi thought observing the kids.

Naruto scoffed before he said, "Come on with the bell test Kakashi. Uchiha, Haruno, get ready." Naruto ordered, crossing his arms as he gazed at Kakashi.

Sakura was about to retort when Sasuke stood up with a minor grunt of pain and walked towards Naruto, but stayed away from him much to Naruto's joy.

'I must've really installed fear into him. Good, he needs attitude control.' Naruto thought smugly.

"Alright then, your job is to get these two bells from me by Noon. If you don't then you fail." Kakashi said simply with an eye smile.

"But sensei there is only two bells and three of us." Sakura pointed out, confused.

"Yes I know this." Kakashi nodded with a small sigh. He could count, could she? Damn miss obvious. "Okay ready? Start!"

Two of the genin jumped to hide while Naruto stood there looking around with his eyes. He immediately spotted the two genin but said nothing. Even though he was sure Kakashi knew their positions as well, he didn't want to let it out.

"I hope you know what your doing Kakashi." Naruto muttered.

"Mind if we have a little spar. Its been what? Two years since he have?" Kakashi asked. Naruto smirked before he ordered Kakashi to start.

The man nodded before he charged at Naruto who dodged every punch. Kakashi tried kicking Naruto but grabbed the kick with a smirk. "You've gotten soft, Hatake." Naruto said before he brought his knee up smashing Kakashi's leg.

The man grunted in pain before Naruto sent him back with a force palm. Kakashi skidded away and gripped his leg. 'His strength has improved over the years.' Kakashi thought.

"You tired?" Naruto smirked but it turned to a frown when he saw Shuriken zoom in on Kakashi.

Kakashi was pinned against the tree before he turned to a puff of smoke and was replaced with a log. Naruto glanced at Sasuke's already moving position. 'At least he knows not to sit still.' Naruto thought to himself.

"Kakashi." Naruto called, as if warning the man. The sliver haired jonin appeared from behind a tree his book in hand. "I know, I know." Kakashi sighed before closing his book. Naruto nodded before he left in a blur an appeared right behind Sakura.

"Sakura." Naruto called. Sakura was about to scream when Naruto covered her mouth with his hand. "Shh! I know what we need to do. It's teamwork. That is the only way we will pass. We need to have Sasuke join us to get the bells." Naruto informed.

Sakura gave a slight nod before she said "But how? We need to distract Sensei." Sakura reminded.

"I'll handle Kakashi. You find Sasuke." Naruto said. Sakura nodded before she left to find her crush.

Sighing Naruto stood and dusted himself off. His ears twitched and he moved out of the way dodging the Kunai that was thrown. It hit the tree with a thunk and started to sizzle. Naruto's eyes narrowed before he started hand signs.

Kakashi smirked from a nearby tree branch. He knew Naruto would just run off from the first bomb but he set the whole area with paper bombs. And Sakura was just a henged clone. He knew Naruto doesn't pay close attention to his teammates. If he noticed Sakura was too agreeing when she could have denied his help and told him he was wrong.

There was a boom in the forest and Kakashi smirked once again before his eyes widened. In fact the genin eyes widened too. In the middle of the forest where Naruto was, was a giant tree made out of orange crystal.

"How the hell did he do that?" Kakashi wondered. Standing on the branch of the crystal tree was Naruto his rinnegan active instead of the Genjutsu around his eyes. He looked impassively at Kakashi before he broke into a smirk.

Kakashi started to sweat at his expression and was about to jump away when he was stuck. Looking down he saw his foot was trapped by a root that was quickly growing and wrapping around his leg.

"What is this? Wood style?" Kakashi asked. Before the root started to wrap around his waist he cast a fire ball on the tree burning it and was now free.

Naruto frowned before he sighed. He was mad he fell for the trap Kakashi laid. Sakura and the Kunai. If he wasn't fast enough he would have resorted to Hiraishin. Luckily he got a good grip on his Crystal style a few months ago.

Sakura and Sasuke were shocked at what they were witnessing. This at least proved to them that Naruto was at Chunin level, maybe even higher. Gritting his teeth in anger Sasuke turned around to see Kakashi leaning against a tree with his book.

"Looks like I found you." The jounin said, flipping a page in his book.

"No I found you." Sasuke smirked. Kakashi nodded his head and noticed Sasuke get into a fighting stance. "I'm different from the others. I am an elite Uchiha. So I demand you give me those bells!" Sasuke glared.

"You are different. But different isn't always good." Kakashi said before Sasuke charged at him. Using one arm, Kakashi blocked Sasuke's punch but was pushed back by a kick.

"Looks like I won't be able to finish my book." Kakashi muttered pocketing his book. Sasuke smirked before he charged once more. Kakashi kept blocking Sasuke's punches and flipped him over.

The boy kicked his side and touched the bells. Kakashi eyes widened and threw the Uchiha away. Sasuke cursed under his breath and started getting hand signs ready.

'What? But he is only a genin! Can he really be this talented to know a jutsu like that? How can he have that much chakra?' Kakashi thought in surprise.

"Fire style: Fireball jutsu!" Sasuke roared. The ball of fire engulfed Kakashi and died 30 seconds after.

Raising an eye brow Sasuke saw no sign of Kakashi. 'Where did he go?' He thought before his ankle was grabbed. "Hunh? AAHH!" The boy screamed when he was pulled under.

Kakashi eye smiled at the boy who was only a head. "Earth style: Head hunter jutsu." Kakashi informed.

"Get me out of here dammit!" Sasuke yelled wiggling his head, trying to get free.

"Hmmm. No. See ya." Kakashi waved walking away leaving Sasuke who only roared in frustration.

Naruto heard a scream and figured it was Sakura. 'She was probably caught in a genjutsu. Pitiful.' Naruto thought. He was currently at the top of his crystal tree looking over the scenes before him. The blonde was slightly impressed by Sasuke's use of Chakra. But nothing else.

Looking up to the sky he could tell there was only 15 minutes till noon. 'Great no bells.' The boy thought. Once again he heard another scream come from Sakura. Looking down he saw Sakura faint from seeing a bodiless Sasuke. Both boys sweat dropped and thought 'Pitiful.'

Minutes later Sasuke woke up Sakura after digging himself out. The bell rang when Sasuke was giving his speech. About what? Naruto had no clue. 'Probably about something emoish.' Naruto chuckled before he leapt off his tree that shattered.

He was standing next to Kakashi while Sasuke and Sakura were sitting by the tree stumps. "Looks like you guys couldn't get a bell. Too bad. Seems you will be going back to the academy." Kakashi said nonchalantly as if it wasn't his problem…which it wasn't.

Apparently it pissed Sasuke off and he sprung himself at Kakashi but Naruto intervened and was on top of Sasuke in a minute. Sakura screamed, "What are you doing? Get off Sasuke-kun!"

Naruto glared at her. "Shut up. Your both pitiful you know that?" Naruto stated, with a glare. He looked towards Kakashi with a look. "Kakashi, teach your genin." The blonde ordered before he put more pressure on Sasuke's arm who tried busting free.

Kakashi nodded with a sigh, closing his book. His eye hardened as he glared at Sakura.

"Sakura! All you care about is 'Sasuke-kun'. Maybe if you trained your body he would take some interest but I doubt it! All you did was watch Naruto and Sasuke fight. You couldn't even dispel a simple genjutsu and fainted cause 'Sasuke-kun' Was in trouble. And when he was the real thing you fainted again!" The man scolded.

Sakura frowned and looked dejected. "And you! You saw me fighting Naruto. Granted you did try and kill me but you could have done it sooner. He left openings for both of you to jump in but you stayed put! Then you go all lone wolf and get your ass handed to you. Apparently you two don't have the brains to understand what being on a three man team is." Kakashi stated coldly.

Both looked at him as he pulled out a kunai and walked over to Naruto, holding it against his throat. He threw another to Sakura glaring at her. "Sakura kill yourself with that Kunai or both Naruto and Sasuke die." Kakashi ordered. Sakura and Saske paled, looking at each other while Naruto remained calm.

After a few minutes of tense silence, Kakashi removed the Kunai from Naruto's throat and walked away.

"You have to be ready to come up with a plan on the spot to save your comrades. The whole point of this was, Teamwork!" Kakashi stressed. Naruto stood up and grabbed Sasuke by the collar and threw him over to a stump.

"Naruto tie him up. Sasuke doesn't get any food. And Sakura if you feed him I will kill you understand?" Kakashi glared. Sakura nodded sadly while Naruto tied Sasuke up to the log.

"You have 30 minutes till we start again." Kakashi warned before he left. Sakura sighed and opened her bento and started eating while Sasuke's stomach started growling. Naruto glanced at him before looking back forward, his own stomach growling, causing him to sweat drop. Though his was more quieter than Sasuke's.

Sakura looked up at him and stopped eating. Sasuke noticed her stop eating from the corner of his eye and said, "What are you doing? You need to eat." Sasuke stated. Sakura shook her head before saying,

"You're the strongest Sasuke-kun. I already ate half. And I bet Naruto will be fine. Besides there isn't anyone around. If you eat the rest we can do better against Kakashi sensei." Sakura smiled.

Sasuke sighed before he nodded. Sakura blushed lightly and started to feed Sasuke when fire erupted every where the wind was howling thunder and lighting started and it was raining due to the sky turning black. Last the earth was shaking. Both genin got scared when Kakashi appeared.

"YOU!" He yelled before he eye smiled. "Pass." He said gently. "Hunh?" Sakura asked. "You pass." Kakashi repeated. "You showed teamwork and that's all we could ask for. So you pass. From now on you three are official genin and part of team 7! Congrats." Kakashi said with the nice guy pose. Naruto sweat dropped while Sasuke smirked and Sakura smiled.

"Good job team. Our first mission starts tomorrow."

Naruto kicked open his front door and groaned. "If I have to do another D-rank mission I am gonna kill Sasuke just to get the mission over with." Naruto grumbled. Taking of his shoes he walked into his room and flopped on the bed.

It's been a month since Team 7 became well, Team 7. And he hated it. The only thing good that came out of this was he was getting paid and Kakashi wasn't late. Still read the smut but wasn't late.

He understood the importance of every mission to benefit the mission but still. Doing someone else's chores was not something he liked to call fun.

His female teammate had no skills what so ever. He and Sasuke had to save her at least twice each mission. After the third time of saving her Naruto gave up and just ignored her. Sasuke ignored her after the 1st time. He didn't have time to be saving weaklings. His exact words.

In truth Naruto felt the same way. So she ended up being sore because she kept falling off ladders when painting someone's house or being crushed under tools for grabbing the wrong one. Idiot.

Kakashi wasn't teaching them anything. He just stayed in the background giggling like a fool while reading his porno. Idiot.

Sasuke was getting better at the attitude. Still arrogant but better. He stayed a couple feet away from Naruto now and then. Sometimes he would even agree with him. Wimp.

Sighing he sat up and looked around. He was bored. And when he was bored he would destroy stuff. And when he destroyed stuff it would be expensive and he would have to pay for it.

He wanted to see what was up with Anko but she was on a mission since she was promoted to Tokubetsu jounin a few weeks ago. Kyuubi was out of the question. For some reason she's been sleeping a lot. So he just left her alone. If there was anything wrong she would tell him.

Shaking his head he put back on his shoes and left the house. Walking through the street without a purpose was really making him mad. If he was Anbu then he would have tons of things to do and never complain about it.

That's why the Anbu respected him and Itachi. They both never tried to get out of work. Make it easier for them yeah. But get out of it, no. He would check on Yugao but she was on a mission too.

Sighing for the thousandth time today he was about to head for Ichiraku's when he was called.

"Hey Boss!" Naruto raised an eye brow and turned around to see Konohamaru with two other kids.

Naruto knew who they were. Moegi Utatane and Udon Mitokado. He had saved them both when he was younger and just became Anbu. Moegi was kidnapped by Kiri ninja for her strange large chakra reserves. Udon was basically the same case but because he was the grandson of Homura, one of Konoha elders, and a big influence to villages safety.

They didn't remember what happened but they did remember the Person who saved them. And it seemed Moegi recognized him instantly because she shouted,

"Naruto-niichan!" She tackled his legs and hugged him. Udon eyes widened before he also hugged Naruto's legs.

"Hey guys." Naruto smiled sheepishly.

Kono looked in wonder. "Guys how do you know the boss?" he asked.

"Naruto-niichan saved me a while ago." Moegi said and Udon nodded in agreement. Turning back to the blonde teen, she pouted. "Nii-chan how come you didn't visit us?" Moegi asked.

"I'm sorry Mo-chan. I was really busy. But now I have lots a free time." Naruto grinned. Moegi and Udon grinned at him while Kono coughed to get his attention.

"Boss have I passed my test? I became friends with these two the day after we met and were the best of pals now." Konohamaru grinned. Naruto raised a brow before looking at them.

'Well I do have nothing to do. And I refuse to train the emo and banshee. What the hell?' Naruto shrugged. "Alright guys I'll train you. But I must warn you this training will be tough understand? I don't want to hear any whining or complaining unless it's for more training. Got it?" Naruto demanded with a raised eye brow

"Yes sir!" They all saluted. Naruto smiled before he told them to follow him. As they walked Naruto decided to ask a few questions.

"How old are you guys?" he asked first.

"We're 9!" They answered together. Naruto nodded.

"So I take it your in the academy then. Teacher?" Naruto wondered.

"Iruka-sensei." Moegi answered. Naruto smiled at hearing that.

"I see. So I'm guessing that you Mo-chan have great grades while Udon has mid par and Kono has the worst, correct?" Naruto smirked getting nods from the three.

"Alright then." Naruto said before they stopped at the academy.

"Uh Nii-chan why are we here?" Moegi asked, a confused look on her face.

"Yeah what's the big idea boss? We just got out of school." Kono grumbled.

"Because I need to see Iruka-sensei. He should be grading papers right now." Naruto smirked before they walked inside. It was quiet and the three academy students were wondering why they were here.

Not even knocking Naruto barged in with a kick to the door, scaring Iruka that papers went flying everywhere making Konohamaru laugh and Naruto snickered.

"Damn it Naruto now I have to sort through these." Iruka grumbled.

"Not my fault you're not used to me barging in Sensei." Naruto said with a smirk.

"Well I would be used to it if it were years ago. What do you want?" He asked with an annoyed grunt.

"Oh, I wanted to know how these 3 are doing in your class." Naruto gestured to the kids. Iruka looked at them then replied,

"Well Moegi is fine. She is smart but needs help with the physical things. Like sparring and throwing shuriken. Udon is the same but excels in shuriken. Konohamaru has the lowest grade in the class." Iruka deadpanned making Kono sweat drop.

Naruto glanced at them making them sweat before he looked back his old teacher. "I see. Thanks sensei. But I'll be taking over their school work from now on." Naruto said. Iruka and the kids eyes widened.

"Hunh? But Naruto aren't you…"

"Don't remind me. I can skip a few missions now and then. But they will still be attending to get some extra help when I'm busy. So if they are not in your class room for two weeks and appear for about 3 days don't worry about it. Their getting special training from the great Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto smirked.

Iruka smiled before nodding. "Have you spoken to the Hokage yet?" he asked.

"Nope. I was on my way there. Well see ya sensei." Naruto waved before he left his students right on his tail.

Iruka smiled before going back to his paperwork…Which was scattered all over the floor. Gaining a tick mark he started picking them up while grumbling.

Naruto opened the door to the Hokage's office to see he was reading that smut. Gaining a tick mark when he started giggling. His three students walked in and saw what was going on.

"Hokage-sama, what are you reading?" Moegi asked making the Hokage pale and put his book down to see an Irritated Naruto and curious eight year olds.

"Uh Naruto how can I help you?" He asked while sweating. Naruto's anger for Perverts was legendary ever since he met his godfather. Sometimes The Hokage would be reading it and it would just burn to a crisp to reveal Naruto glaring at him.

"Put the book away old man. I need to talk to you." Naruto said seriously his tick mark gone. Hiruzen nodded before putting his precious book away.

"So what can I do for you?" He asked.

"I'm going to train these three. So I won't be able to do the D-ranks with team 7. They need the experience not me. If they are going on a C-ranks I will join them. But other than that, no. Instead I'll be working with them." Naruto said gesturing to the three kids.

Sarutobi looked them over before shaking his head with a sigh. He asked for the kids to wait outside while he spoke to Naruto. The blonde raised a brow, wondering what the problem was.

"Naruto, you do understand that I can't just let you train these three and become a jounin sensei right? It defeats the whole purpose of the mission I assigned you. I'm okay with you training them during your free time but you are going to have to attend each and every mission Sasuke goes on until he reaches Chunin. That was the agreement." Hiruzen explained taking a puff of his pipe.

Naruto gave a small scowl, as he thought about this. In his boredom and slight excitement of teaching the three, the thought of his cover being blown didn't occur to him. He understood what the Sandaime was saying though.

"I understand Hokage-sama." Naruto bowed before he left the room. Hiruzen nodded as he got back to his book, only for it to burn into a crisp.

"Get to work old man!" Naruto called back. The Sandaime sighed as he started to grumble about annoying blonde Anbu captains and stupid paperwork.

Later that afternoon Naruto and his students were sitting on the ground at Training ground 7.

"Okay here is the deal. I'm going to continue to do my best in training you three like I promised. But I still have my duties as well that can not be shrugged off, as much as I would like too." Naruto grumbled. After giving a small sigh he spoke.

"But that doesn't mean I won't train you. Now while training it will either be Naruto-sensei, or Boss; understood?" The blonde asked earning nods from the three kids.

"Good. Now first I have to see what you know on Chakra control. Kono! Tell me." Naruto ordered. The boy nodded before coming up with some half assed answer. Naruto sighed before Moegi answered perfectly, making him smile.

"Good. Now have you guys gone through the leaf exercise?" he wondered. They all nodded as a response. "Alright then. How long can each of you hold it?" Naruto asked.

"Well I can hold it for 20 minutes." Moegi smiled. Naruto grinned. For someone with large chakra reserves that was pretty impressive. Usually females have smaller reserves than males with near perfect chakra control.

"I can hold it for 15." Udon answered. Naruto nodded before turning to Kono who seemed nervous.

"Um I can only hold it for 4 minutes." He answered in a sad tone. Naruto raised an eye brow. Now this didn't make any sense. The Sarutobi clan was known for having large reserves and great chakra control Asuma is a perfect example. So why is it Konohamaru doesn't?

"Kono come here." Naruto ordered. Kono walked over to him and sat down next to him. Naruto released the Genjutsu around his eyes to reveal his Rinnegan. He stared at Kono for a long time.

His Chakra was sealed off. But why? It couldn't be his grandfather could it? Then he saw the seal. Narrowing his eyes Naruto sighed to stay calm.

"Kono I want you to stand up for me and lift up your shirt." Naruto said. The boy did as he was told. "Now channel some chakra." He ordered. Nodding Kono concentrated before a seal appeared on his stomach.

"I thought so. Now this is gonna hurt a little bit okay?" Naruto said. Kono nodded while Naruto stood. Making some hand signs Naruto's fingers on his right hand had a blue flame.

"Five pronged seal: Release!" Naruto roared while thrusting his hand against the Young Sarutobi's stomach. Kono gasped in pain while his friends grew worried.

"Konohamaru!" They called. Naruto watched as he fell to the ground holding his stomach.

"Ow! What the hell!" Kono yelled, gasping for air.

"Calm down Kono. Now I want you to channel chakra." Naruto ordered.

The boy glared before doing as told this time he felt better and not so weighed down. "Whoa! What did you do?" He asked.

"I unsealed your chakra. Now it's time to unlock each of your potentials. Guru style." Naruto grinned.

"Hunh?" They uttered in confusion.

"Dragonball z reference." Naruto muttered before he put his hand on Konohamaru's head. "Now use your full potential Goha- I mean Kono." Naruto smiled sheepishly before Kono felt way stronger than before.

"WOW! This is so cool!" Kono grinned. Naruto nodded before doing the same for his other two students. They were all grinning happily while Naruto smiled.

"Alright calm down you three and sit back down." Naruto ordered. They did as they were told and sat down.

"Okay. To make your training faster I'm gonna teach you three a jutsu I learned from my sensei. Before if you tried this you would have died. But now you can at least make 4. As you grow older and more stronger the more you can make. Now this jutsu is called Shadow clone jutsu." Naruto explained.

They all nodded, paying full attention. Naruto cast the hand sign and 3 Naruto's were made. "Whoa." They gasped.

"Cool hunh? Now I want you guys to make the same hand sign and summon some chakra." Naruto ordered. They nodded once more before putting their hands in the same position.

"Shadow clone jutsu!" They called before puffs of smoke were made. Next to them were tired looking doubles of the kids. They all sweat dropped at the sight.

"Well at least you got it. Mine was pale white and dead. Now for the next hour I want you three to practice this jutsu understand?" Naruto asked. They nodded before getting to work.

Sighing he closed his eyes and waited for the hour to pass.

The hour passed quickly and in front of him were 6 kids. 2 of each his students. The originals were tired while the clones looked healthy. Naruto smiled at them.

"Good. Now I want you three to dispel them and go home. Rest up because I want you here at 8 o'clock a.m. Starting tomorrow your real training will begin. Dismissed." Naruto smiled before he used a shushin.

The kids grinned before going home. They were happy that Naruto would take the time to teach them. They wouldn't let him down at all. And neither would Naruto.

Hiruzen looked up from his paperwork to see Naruto was standing in front of him again, though he bore a serious expression than his usual blank one. Leaning back in his chair he gestured for the blonde to speak.

"After I left here earlier, I took the three kids to a training ground to at least get them on the right track. They told me they were doing the leaf exercise and how long they could do it for. When Konohamaru told me, I was confused. He could hold it for four minutes," Naruto started. Sarutobi furrowed his eye brows in confusion.

"I realized that the Sarutobi clan has large reserves naturally, and decent chakra control. So I scanned over Konohamaru with my Rinnegan to find out, his chakra was sealed off." Naruto revealed. Hiruzen then glared at Naruto with a look of anger.

"Excuse me?" The Hokage asked. Naruto nodded to confirm what he just said.

"His chakra was sealed off due to a five prong seal. But not any five prong seal, a custom made seal. The only guess I could come up with would be Danzo, but why he would seal Konohamaru's chakra off is beyond me. And when he would have the time to do it in the first place. Has Konohamaru come in contact with Danzo before?" Naruto asked with raised brow.

"No not at all. It's surprising that is the case. I thank you for informing me of this Naruto, I will look deeper into this matter. Dismissed." Hiruzen nodded. Naruto bowed before he left, via Hiraishin.

2 weeks later

Two weeks passed since Konohamaru and his friends started their training with Naruto. And they finally were able to move on to a different subject, other than chakra control.

Now most of you would think what happened to Ebisu well lets just say Naruto kicked his ass and declared he would be training Konohamaru. And for the past two weeks Naruto has have them doing nothing but chakra control exercises after the academy. And since Naruto felt their control was decent enough he would move on.

"Alright guys. Since I feel your control is somewhat decent, we'll start with physical exercise. I'll be teaching you three basic Taijutsu before we advance." Naruto explained.

"Aw, come on boss! When are we finally going to get some Ninjutsu training done?" Konohamaru whined. Naruto sent him a blank look before speaking.

"Konohamaru, being a shinobi isn't all about knowing Ninjutsu or not. There are actually shinobi out there who aren't very good at using Ninjutsu or can't EVER use it. That might be the case for you. You claim you want to learn Ninjutsu, but then what if you can't? And since that can be a possibility, I'll be teaching you three the most universal art that anyone can use unless they are crippled; and that is Taijutsu." Naruto stated, going back to what he was saying before.

Konohamaru remained silent, a small frown on his face. Though he and his friends paid close attention to what Naruto was saying.

"Now, I'm sure Iruka is helping you three with your Taijutsu; but I know what the circular for the academy is and it is worthless in battle, but helpful to know just in case you need to solve a riddle or something," Naruto muttered, remembering the times Itachi gave him riddles. If he got it wrong, that was three laps around the village. He sure wished he paid more attention to that stuff.

"Anyway, for now I'm going to drill the academy Taijutsu style into your little heads, until you have it perfected. You have five minutes to stretch before we get started." Naruto informed.

The kids nodded doing their stretches.

As he was watching his students do their stretches he noticed they were being watched.

"Stop for now and come here." Naruto ordered. They halted and gave confused looks before walking over to him.

"Whats the matter sensei?" Udon asked, he and his friends sporting confused looks.

"Does something feel, odd to you?" Naruto asked.

They raised eye brows before closing their eyes, sending out pulses of chakra. It was the first sensor technique Naruto taught them. It also helped with their training in chakra control. Kono opened his eyes first.

"Were being watched." He answered. Naruto nodded.

"To the left, in those trees." Moegi pointed. Naruto smirked.

"And it's a male." Udon added, making Naruto's smirk wider.

These past two weeks he turned them from sniveling snot nosed brats to decent sensing students.

"They already found you so come on out." Naruto ordered. There were a few rustles before someone jumped out of the trees. Kono looked at the person with no emotion.

"What do you want Ebisu-baka?" He asked. Ebisu huffed before he said,

"Honorable grandson, please stop this foolishness and allow me to train you. This has gone on long enough; I can help you and your friends more than this…boy can." He said putting emphasis on boy.

"Please. Like I would want to learn from you. Thanks to boss, my friends and I have become way better in a faster pace if we trained under you! Now go away your messing with my training. Besides didn't Naruto-sensei already beat you?" He asked with a snort.

Ebisu blushed red before yelling, "What he did was not a battle! It was trickery and if he thinks he can beat me with that again he's a fool." Ebisu growled.

Naruto snickered remembering how he beat him. "Well I wanted to see if you really were a pervert. It worked on Pervy sage. Why not you?" Naruto asked.

"I don't think using a Harem jutsu is befitting for an Anbu captain. Or are you just a genin?" Ebisu sneered. Naruto's nonchalant look turned to a glare which made Ebisu sweat inwardly.

"Don't test me Pervert. Now leave before I really kick your ass." Naruto ordered with a growl. Ebisu smirked before pushing up his glasses.

"Just try it brat. You may have been Anbu captain but I was an Elite Jonin way before you became a chunin." Ebisu smirked. Naruto looked impassively as Ebisu got into a fighting stance.

"I see. Well then, I'm just gonna have to show you that the new Generation always comes out on top. Kids stay back and watch what your sensei can do." Naruto smirked.

The three kids got stars in their eyes and stepped back but close enough to see the action. Naruto smirked before waving Ebisu to start.

The man sneered before charging. Naruto without hand signs leaned his head back and blew out a huge fireball much to the kids awe and Ebisu's ire.

"He didn't even make hand signs!" Kono said. Naruto ducked under the fist that would have hit his face. He countered with a knee to the solar plexus.

Ebisu gasped in pain before he was slammed against a tree, due to Naruto kicking his head. The man tried getting back up but could only stand on wobbly legs.

"Hn. Pathetic." Naruto scoffed before he appeared behind Ebisu and knocked him out. The man fell to the ground with a thud. Naruto grunted before he ordered clone to dump the idiot off.

"Wow sensei that was so cool!" Udon grinned.

"Yeah! How did you use a fire jutsu with no hand signs?" Moegi asked, practically bouncing.

"Oh but I did." Naruto smiled.

"Hunh?" They chorused together.

"I used hand signs but they were too fast for your eyes to keep up. Itachi-sensei was very fond of doing that. And one day I'll teach you three." Naruto grinned.

"YOSH!" They cheered.

"Now with that over, lets get to work."

Naruto stood to the side as he watched his students go over the academy kata's repeatingly. Stretching a bit, Naruto felt something wrap around his neck and and gave a small smile once he recognized the scent.

"Why hello Whisker-chan, miss me?" Anko asked with a smile. Naruto shook his head.

"How could I when I saw you two hours ago. Anyway how as your lunch with Kurenai?" The blonde asked, his gaze still on his students. He gave up a few weeks ago on saying something about Anko's advances. Now he really didn't care, though he wasn't sure what their relationship was. Eh, it didn't matter to him at the moment.

"It was fine but I like going on dates with you better." She smiled coyly before nibbling on his ear. The teen shuddered in mild pleasure. This was another thing he wasn't exactly sure of. It was usually Anko who instigated the kisses and such, and Naruto just followed along. But he wasn't sure if this is what made them a couple.

Naruto chuckled before saying, "Well if you like it that much how about we go on one tonight after I'm done training these three?" Naruto asked. But he would need to figure out his answer soon enough.

"That's perfect. I get off work at 8. Ibiki needs help interrogating some stubborn nut job. I just came to say hello to my favorite whisker-chan." Anko grinned while kissing his cheek, directly on his whiskers.

Naruto shivered in delight once more. His attention though was given to Anko as she grabbed his chin and turned his face so he was facing her. With that done she pressed her lips against his, trying to deepen the kiss. Naruto mentally shook his head before giving in. However, the two heard a cough. Breaking apart and looking around Naruto saw a grinning Kono and a blushing Moegi and Udon.

"Way to go boss! Put the moves on Anko-sensei!" Kono grinned. Naruto rolled his eyes while Moegi's blush deepened.

"We're done with our kata's Nii-chan." Moegi said timidly.

Naruto eyed Moegi wondering what was making her so flustered. She has seen Anko kiss him a bunch of times. But it seemed when it lasted longer than a minute she became like this.

Anko also noticed the change in her favorite 9 year old. "Oh does Moegi-chan have a crush on Naruto-kun?" She asked making Moegi blush harder while shaking her head furiously.

"N-no th-that's n-not it a-at all." She stuttered. Naruto shrugged before standing up.

"Alright, I want Udon and Konohamaru to have a spar. Moegi you stand by me and watch them closely." Naruto ordered the girl who nodded, standing at his side. Konohamaru and Udon squared against each other ready for Naruto signal.

Before he could give it though, Anko kissed his cheek, earning his attention. "I'll leave you all to continue training. See you later, Whisker-kun." Anko teased before she walked off. Naruto rolled his eyes, a small smile on his face though.

For the next two weeks Naruto trained his students non stop, not that they complained about it. They loved spending time with their undercover sensei. He continued to stress the Kata's until the got it perfectly.

After he started teaching them a group style that would fit them perfectly when they became Genin in the next couple of years or so.

Team Kakashi just came in to the mission house. Sakura was holding the target of the mission. The Daiymo's wife's cat, Tora. Sasuke had scratches on his face with a while Naruto was unharmed.

Naruto tried not to laugh at the Uchiha. That cat was a demon but yet was purring while Sakura was petting it. Sakura gave the cat back to it's owner, who was elated to have her precious Tora back. Though Tora didn't seem so happy as it was screeching in total pain.

Sasuke had a small insane grin on his face, enjoying the pain the cat was going through.

"Mission complete Hokage-sama." Kakashi informed, earning a nod from the Sandaime.

"Ah thank you Kakashi. So would you and your team like another misson? Lets see, you can walk the Inuzuka dogs. Or babysit…"

"NO!" Sasuke interrupted.

The hokage raised an eyebrow while Iruka looked ready to lecture. "I'm tired of these boring missions! Give me something that is worth my time! I'm an Uchiha, sitting in this village doing someone else's chores is not befitting of an Uchiha of my stature!" Sasuke ranted.

Naruto simply gave the Hokage a blank stare. He couldn't argue with half of that. The Uchiha part he could care less about, but Sasuke did have a point. But he wasn't going to say that.

Kakashi sighed as he flicked Sasuke on the back of the neck and began arguing with the Uchiha heir. Sakura apparently felt the need to defend her crush and joined the argument as well. Naruto however just looked at the three people he considered idiots.

And while this was going on, The Hokage was telling them about ranks and what not. But quickly realized that no one was listening to a word he was saying, except for maybe Naruto. But that bored look on his face made him think otherwise.

"Hey are you listening?" He yelled gaining everyone's attention.

"Oh sorry Hokage-sama." Kakashi said sheepishly.

"Ugh, since none of you were listening to me anyway what do you have to say about this Kakashi? Do you think they are ready?" Hiruzen asked, taking a puff of his pipe.

"We have done enough D-ranks. I think it is time for us to move on." Sasuke added, only for Naruto to roll his eyes.

Kakashi sighed before he asked the Hokage, "Do you have a C-rank for us Hokage-sama?"

Hiruzen gave a nod as he had Iruka look through the files. Although the man was reluctant he did so anyway. After a few moments, he handed the Hokage a scroll.

"Whats the mission?" Naruto wondered. "Well this mission is at least a C-rank. Tazuna of the land of waves and a famous bridge builder needs an escort and protection for his bridge." Sarutobi explained. The team nodded in response. Sarutobi then had the client brought in.

The sight they were greeted too was a man in his mid 50's wearing fisherman clothing and a sake bottle in his hand.

"What the hell is this?! I paid for a full grown guard of strong shinobi, not a bunch of snot nosed brats!." Tazuna scowled.

"Yes that may be true, but I'm pretty strong for a snot nosed kid. And you also have a fully capable jounin guarding you as well. You are in safe hands Tazuna." Naruto informed in a sure voice.

Tazuna nodded with a small smile on his face, replacing the scowl from a few moments ago. The warm aura emitting from this kid was comforting. So he decided he would put his trust in him. Those other kids? Not a chance.

"So when do we leave Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked.

"Tomorrow morning, pack up for what you need and meet at the gate at 8. Dismissed." Kakashi stated. The three nodded before leaving. Before Naruto left though, he gave Kakashi a glare. The other two stopped wondering what going on.

"Kakashi, if your late I will tell Kurenai-chan that you were peeking with Jiraiya when she was at the hot springs." Naruto smirked. Kakashi immediately went pale, everyone who was a male knew of Kurenai's extreme dislike for perverts.

"What? But I wasn't! And Jiraiya-sama has been gone for two years!" Kakashi replied.

"Yeah, but she doesn't know that. See ya. Oh and Sasuke stop glaring like that or your face will be stuck like that." Naruto said before walking out.

Sasuke immediately stopped his glare because he knew it was true. His mother told him to stop making a face before his face ended up like that. He didn't listen and it happened. For the whole week he wore a scowl when he didn't mean to.

After that was said, they went their separate ways to get ready.

The next morning Naruto woke up with something heavy on his chest. Looking down he could see Anko nuzzling her head deeper into her pillow. He was happy to know he wasn't naked like the last time he woke up with Anko in his bed.

Nothing happened but Anko decided to play a prank on him. She took off all their clothes and went to sleep with him on top of her. He's a heavy sleeper when he wants to be, so he didn't wake up.

The next morning he was blushing furiously while Anko laughed her ass off.

"I still haven't paid her back for that. I'll have to come up with something." He muttered quietly before getting out of bed. The blonde took his shower and decided to change his clothes for this event.

So he wore his usual black Anbu pants along with a unzipped top half of an Orange and black jumpsuit, similar to the one he wore when he was in the academy. the Uzumaki swirl on the back. Under the jacket was a chainmail tanktop, sealed into his wrist was Zexal.

He finished sealing the rest of his clothes and materials before going back to his room. There he saw Anko wiping her eyes from sleep with a cute yawn on her face.

"Morning Anko." Naruto greeted.

"Morning Naruto-kun. What time is it?" She asked, for once using his name. Though Naruto didn't say anything.

"Its 7:47. I have to get to the gate in a few minutes for my team mission. So I'll be gone for probably two weeks." Naruto informed.

Anko nodded before Naruto nodded to her. "I'll see you later Anko." The blonde informed, about to walk out. But before he could, she called him back. Naruto gave a small sigh before turning around and walking towards her.

"Yes?" He asked with a blank look. Anko gazed into his eyes before she spoke. "How long will it be till you finally accept my advances. For the past month and a half it's been me instigating all the intimate acts. Am I not attractive enough for you?" She asked with a raised brow.

Naruto shook his head. "That's not it at all. It's just I'm not sure if this is what you really want. I mean think about it Anko, your getting with someone almost you're your age. Do you really want people to look at you like that?" He asked. Anko scoffed in response.

"Naruto, what the villagers think of me no longer matter. They have been calling me out of my name for years now. Do you really think them saying more is going to make me feel bad about myself? It's my life, not theirs, so I'm allowed to live it and do what I want." Anko stated firmly.

Naruto gazed into her eyes for what seemed like hours to Anko, though it was only moments. After those long moments passed, a smile graced his face. He kissed her forehead, but was surprised when Anko pulled him down and crushed her lips against his. Kissing him hungrily. Naruto didn't try to break away, instead he started to kiss her back, which surprised Anko.

The kiss was actually started to get so deep that she nearly let out a moan of pleasure. But before she could Naruto ended the kiss, a smirk on his face.

"I don't deal with women who aren't strong enough to ignore others opinons and not worry about their own. I'm glad that you didn't give up on me Anko when it seemed as if I didn't want you. As much as I would like to reward you right now," Naruto glanced to the clock to see he had five minutes left. "I have to go. There should be blood clones stored into that scroll for Konohamaru and the other two, make sure they get them. See you later, Hebi-hime." Naruto gave her one more kiss before he broke it and left.

After a few moments, Anko broke from her daze and touched her lips with a smile. But her eye twitched when she realized something.

"Damn that Whisker-chan! Now he has me all hot and bothered." The woman groaned before she started to get ready for the day.

Naruto appeared in near the gates in a flash, though no one noticed him appear out of nowhere. The sight he was introduced to was Sasuke leaning against a wall brooding while Sakura pestered him for a date afterward. He sighed, they were so useless.

Tazuna walked up to Naruto and greeted him to which he greeted back kindly. Kakashi showed up 5 minutes later, directly at 8 o'clock.

"Alright team lets go. Naruto, Sasuke, I want you two to flank Tazuna. Sakura stand in the back." Kakashi instructed. They all did as they were told, though Naruto crossed his fingers and summoned about ten clones that instantly took the trees. They all looked at him with a curious expression though he just gave a shrug as his answer.

"Wouldn't hurt to be too prepared." Naruto muttered, earning a nod from Kakashi in understanding, both glancing at Tazuna who didn't notice.

Once signing out, Team 7 and their client began their journey. Kakashi walked right behind Sakura, reading his book. He sighed as he gazed at his team. This would mostly test their ability to work together, and their own skill sets.

Their mission started now.

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