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We are here to discover the truth about the Case of Tori Vega. When exactly did it happen? Who did it? Why did they do it? Well, that's what we are here to find out...

Officer Winset's POV

It is February 29, 2012 and just two days ago, Tori Vega was murdered. We still have no lead or idea of who could've done this horrifying crime. We do have some information though. Tori Vega was found dead in her bedroom on February 27, 2012. Turns out that her parents were away on vacation and her sister, Trina Vega was out. Trina Vega returned home around 10:00 p.m. and found her sister's limp body in her bedroom around 10:15 p.m. Trina Vega is going to be here in 10 minutes to tell me anything and everything that she knows.

Trina's POV

I can't believe that my baby sister is dead. She was going to be famous. She had talent, she was pretty, and she was smart. How could someone just kill her? Just like that. It wasn't until I was done thinking about Tori that I noticed I had pulled up to the police station. I walked in told them my name, who I had to see, and they showed me where to go. I then walked into a room which was basically a small office and there was Officer Winset sitting at his desk. He told me to sit down and I did so.

"Hello, Trina. You probably know why you are here." "Yea, to tell you about Tori. Right?" "Yea. I just need you to answer some simple questions that can possibly help me to find out who murdered your sister." I flinched when he said that, I still can't believe it. "Okay." "Okay, so did Tori speak about anyone coming over when you were with her on February 27?" "No, she just said that she was probably gonna hang out around the house and watch some movies." I replied sadly. "Okay, and who was Tori friends with or closest to?" "Well her group of friends consisted of Cat Valentine, Andre Harris, Beck Oliver, Jade West, and Robbie Shapiro." "Okay, I am probably going to have them come in also and was there anyone that she didn't like?" "Well, there's Sinjin Vancleef but he's super creepy and nerdy and nobody likes him." "Okay, and do you think that anyone had a motive to commit this crime?" "Honestly, no. I mean Tori was talented, pretty, smart, she was perfect. She was nice to almost everyone and was the model student." "Seems like she was very well liked." He replied. "You have no idea." I responded. He then said that I could leave so I said goodbye and was on my way home to that house where I saw my sister's body covered in blood, just two days ago.


It was late, around 10pm when I got home. I walked in and yelled "TORI!", but no response so I yelled "TORI! WHERE ARE YOU!" again. Still no response, so I decided to go upstairs to her room and see what she was doing. When I got to her room I saw Tori's body drenched in blood. There were marks around her neck like someone had strangled her, duct tape on her mouth, and a knife in her chest. That was when I realized why my sister didn't respond and when I was drenched in my own tears.

Flashback End