Celestial Warrior Moon:

Disclaimer: I do not own any Sailor Moon related properties. Sailor Moon is the property of Toei Animation and Naoko Takeuchi. This is a fan work created to celebrate the work. It is not intended to infringe on any copyrights.

Author's Note: First things first. Celestial Warrior Moon as a fan-based work is going to be very, very different from both the manga and anime. As much as I love both, I've decided to recreate Sailor Moon going at it from a completely different angle. My story includes several OCs (though they are all members of the supporting cast), I've changed how transformations and powers work, I will be introducing Sensei out of order, the monsters they face will be very different, some backstories will be different, and the violence will be much more intense.

Journal Entry 4,092, Apr 3rd, 1992 AD

They call us The Keepers. We are an alliance that has guided humanity through its many advances for a thousand years…and protected it from the things that lurk in the dark corners of the earth. But I am getting ahead of myself! I must start at the beginning, one thousand years ago. I am Myddin, former Chief Advisor to Her Majesty Queen Serenity of the Silver Millennium: The Moon Kingdom.

This is not my story, nor hers'. Nor even the story of the Moon Kingdom or the members of its court. This is a chronicle for all. Humanity has been on the edge of annihilation for millennia. Man, woman, and child go about their daily business happily, only because they are unaware of so much happening beneath the mundane existence that they know. They know not know how dependent they are on the few that dare to venture down into the deepest depths where dark things stir.

We are The Keepers. We are the last of a once great race of beings, The Lunarians of the Silver Millennium. We were a peaceful people of long lives and great knowledge. One day, we observed a new life upon the earth's surface: humanity. Short in lifespan, but with great potential. We took it upon ourselves to educate them and be their guardians. We did so for thousands of years, making ourselves less and less known to them as they became more capable of surviving on their own. We would be content to watch their progress from a distance one day.

However…it was not meant to be. Something dark entered our galaxy. What It was, is still unclear. Its intentions, however, could not be less ambiguous. It was a harbinger of chaos and destruction, reaping death wherever it went. My people were quick to intercept Its path, and It did not take kindly to us. I accompanied them to serve as witness to the event. I could never properly describe the beast before us. Envision viewing something through the extremities of your peripheral vision. It appeared as blurred, soft, and weak. No hard angles or sharp edges. Its true form remained hidden to me, a shapeless form concealed under a cloak of hollowness. In a word: imprecise. Henceforth, It was a dubbed The Entity.

We were quick to begin our assault. Just as that thing was beyond my ability to portray, so was the true form of Its attack. We never discovered what became of those poor men, but The Entity left me alone for reasons I never fathomed. The only thing that stopped it was the power of the sacred power of our Queen. We sealed in the North of earth's two poles, due to lack of knowledge and ability to destroy it. We dared not store in our home or anywhere close to living creatures. We had hoped to see the last of it. As time went on, our scholars studied It while we continued our mission.

Right under our noses The Entity spread Its influence through the earth, making way for distrust and hatred of the Silver Millennium. A Dark Kingdom rose to power in Europe at the height of its Dark Age. It was led by The Entities' followers. We first discovered them during one of their Masses, speaking hymns to it. They waged war on the rest of the world and on us. They took hold as a nameless power over the peoples, using dark creatures that had long haunted man's nights as their army.

Upon further observation we found energy was flowing forth from It, but we could not stop It. We could only limit its power as we had and maintain Its prison. It needs additional power to escape the shell Her Majesty incased it in. We intended not to let it obtain any.

On the eve of our princess's wedding, they came. They sundered our home. Alas, our dear Queen fell, but by her graces, was Chaos and its legions stopped, but not permanently. A few of us survived to reach earth to dwell among mortal humans. Even fewer remain now, but we must endure. We were sent here for a reason. We must continue our original mission, and await the awakening of the Celestial Warriors. Our task to is to ready them for what is it to come. All our hopes rest with their coming. I only pray that their arrival will be in time, and Heaven help us if they cannot contend.

The Entity stirs. It's time once again near. Its attention turns to finishing what It began so long ago. I can feel it in the air. It gathers Its forces once more. Whispers of dark dealings in this world's underground speak of the return of the Dark Kingdom. Where are the Celestial Warriors? Are they truly coming?