Here it is my new fic, and first Snarry fic. Now don't get mad if I'm rusty on the love and all in this chapter, but I love slash and this is only my third. And before I go further Dumbledore is alive in this one along with Fred, Remus and Tonks.

Normally I'd give the full summary here, but I think this time I'll just skip that part, but here are the warnings:

AU after the final battle.


Some violence


Sexy scenes

Dumbledore, Weasley and possible Hermione bashing.

I don't own Harry Potter.


Hogwarts, dinner:

It was over, the war was finally over and the entire Wizard World could rest at ease especially the Golden Trio. Harry and his friends decided to come back to Hogwarts for their final year along with many other students, including the one Draco Malfoy and his two friends Goyle and Blaise.

"Can't believe they let the Ferret back in." Ron groaned next to Hermione.

"Well his family did switch at the last minute so they got a free pass from Azkaban." Hermione and Ron started dating after the war, and Harry actually couldn't feel happier for them…at all.

"So what? Doesn't mean that they aren't evil, plus Harry's the one who had to stand at their trial and tell everyone."

"It was the right thing to do." Harry said sipping his juice.

"So was saving Snape but he doesn't look any better." Harry had to smile a bit, as it turned out Snape's body had been immune to Nagini's poison; after the battle ended Harry found Snape alive in the Shrieking Shack since he felt it best to at least move the body.

That wasn't the end of it though.


Harry was walking up the stairs in the Shrieking Shack when he heard a loud groan from the room and some creaking on the floorboards. He pulled out his wand and walked slowly to the door, slowly opened it and pointed his wand at…a live Professor Snape.

"Sir?" Harry walked closely to him and put his wand away.

"P-Potter…?" Snape looked up at him weakly. "You're alive?"

"Yeah, I know I should be dead but I'm not." He sat down next to his teacher. "How?"

"W-What?" his voice was weak, Harry pulled his wand back out.

"Here, drink this." He conjured a cup from a brick and muttered 'Aguamenti' filling it with water. He put the cup to Snape's lips and the man slowly drank. "Now…can you explain to me how the Hell you're alive?"

"Language brat…" Snape took a deep breath.

"Hold on let me help you up." He helped Snape sit up against the wall and noticed that the bite marks on his neck were mere scars now. "What the…how did…ok please explain."

"Really Potter how can I if you keep interrupting me? Anti-Venom."

"Anti-Venom?" Snape nodded.

"I've been taking it since the end of sixth year, ever since the…you know." Snape looked away and Harry touched his shoulder.

"Sir, I know why you did all those things. I'm sorry for the way I acted over the years if I had known I would have been more grateful. I owe you a lot…"

"Don't think on it Potter." Some footsteps were heard running up the stairs and both men turned to see Ginny Weasley at the door.

"Harry there you are…Professor?" Ginny ran over next to Harry. "You're alive?"

"Indeed so Ms. Weasley." He turned to look at Harry. "Potter, I don't know how you survived but there's something you need to know…" Harry leaned in.

"What is it? Is it something else you did…" Snape glanced over at Ginny, and from the look on her face she knew what he was going to say.

"Harry…" she looked down and folded her hands in her lap. "Dumbledore…"

"Is dead isn't he?" both of them shook their heads. "What…?"

"He's alive Potter, very much but you shouldn't be." Harry looked stunned. "Dumbledore never meant for you to live through this war." Harry's green eyes widened.

"It's true." Ginny. "Harry I know it's hard to believe but….Dumbledore isn't as good as you think."

"Ok hold on, first off how is Dumbledore alive I saw you kill him?" he looked at Snape.

"It was planned remember? Dumbledore knew how to evade the spell and perform wandless magic, he had to fake being dead long enough until the war was over."

"But what about his portrait, it talks so his spirit has to be inside?"

"Because it wasn't an actual portrait, it was from a hidden area where he stayed while the rest of us were out fighting for our lives. Potter, he hadn't intended on you surviving because….he's been stealing from you."

"Stealing from me?"

"Your family's money and he's the second one in line for your father's fortune. He signed it the day he gave you to your aunt."

"But how, he shouldn't have rights he's not related to me."

"But he was your magical guardian, and that's how he weaseled his way in. That's not all." Snape looked at Ginny. "Ms. Weasley do you wish to tell him?" she nodded.


"Harry, my parents have a part in this as well. They've been given money to Dumbledore to keep you 'happy' until they got their hands on the fortune. I overheard them one night in my third year, and I wanted to tell you but then I realized if I did then you would be in great trouble. So I told Ron, and he…he laughed at me." Harry started to understand.

"He knew?" she nodded.

"Hermione too." Harry's fists clenched in anger, the people he thought cared about him and were like family to him had been lying all these years, stealing his family's money and pretending to like him? "Harry, I know that only Mum, Dad, Percy, Ron, and Hermione were involved, Bill and Charlie and the twins, no. They didn't agree with it and wanted no part in it, didn't you ever wonder why they gave you sorry looks?" Harry thought for a minute.

"Did you take part?" Ginny shook her head.

"She didn't want to, because she asked me about it." Snape answered sitting up a little more. "I admit that I had an idea that Dumbledore was stealing from your parents, but not until Ms. Weasley here told me what she knew."

"You both knew and didn't tell me?" he growled at them.

"Harry we wanted to, but then Professor Snape pointed out that if we tried to confront Dumbledore on it he could frame us and send us to Azkaban."

"He can't do that you're a minor still!"

"He could if he had the right direction Potter, did you forget what he did to Fudge during your fifth year? He could do a lot worse, more than he's done already."

"Let me guess, he knew you knew?" Snape gave a small smirk and shook his head.

"I'm a far better liar than he ever could be. Ms. Weasley kept me up to date on her family, and I offered to help her if she needed it." Harry turned to Ginny.

"Ginny, you mentioned your parents getting their hands on the fortune. How would they do that?" she looked at him with a tear falling from her eye.

"One of two ways, from your death or…marriage."

"MARRIAGE?" Harry about fell out off his feet.

"The Weasleys made a deal with Dumbledore, if you somehow survived the war they would try and marry you to their daughter. That way everything of yours becomes hers."

"But you said Dumbledore didn't intend on me living?"

"But he had a backup plan in case you did. Potter the minute you turned seventeen is when you've been freed of a magical guardian, but Dumbledore would eventually find a way to marry you both off."

"But…" Ginny spoke up.

"Ginny, I do like you but…I don't see us as a married couple." Ginny smiled sweetly at him.

"I know, you're gay that's why." Harry looked surprised at her, but relaxed realizing she and Snape had saved him by telling him this. "And besides…I'm in love with someone else."

"Who?" she winked.

"Can't tell just yet, but now you know the truth. Harry I want to be your friend, your true friend not a fake one like Ron and Hermione." He hugged her.

"Thank you Gin." He turned to Snape. "Thank you too sir."

"At least now that's out of the way, I have a feeling Dumbledore will be returning soon."

"Well let's get you to the hospital wing shall we?" he and Ginny helped the man stand and led him out of the shack. Though…on the entire way back, Harry couldn't help but notice how much sexier Snape looked than before.

End Flashback.

All that happened about seven months ago, and now things had gotten better but Harry had to put on a straight face every time he was around Ron and Hermione; at least until his plans went underway.

"Look at the git, smooching up to Dumbledore." Ron pointed up to the teacher's table seeing Snape and Dumbledore talking, or arguing more like it.

"So what they always talk?" Harry finished his food quickly.

"It's more than usual, they fight more than they talk." Hermione.

"And look at Malfoy, he keeps staring over here." Malfoy had been giving Harry weird looks all afternoon, but it wasn't anything new to him; they were civil to each other now.

"So he's just looking big deal." Harry was getting tired of day and day out of Ron's complaining, it was almost annoying.

"Hey Harry…" Ginny came over and grabbed his arm. "Come on we have the…you know…" she smiled batting her eyelashes.

"Hey Ginny, what's got you all happy?" Hermione asked and Ron nudged her.

"Like we don't know." He smirked. "Have fun guys." Harry smirked inwardly.

"Oh we will." Harry was glad that Ginny came, he was close to puking just being near the sneaky bastards. Ginny pulled him out of the Great Hall and into a corridor just away from the Room of Requirement.

"Is everything ready for tonight?" she whispered happily.

"It is, we have to meet in the dungeons after everyone goes to sleep." Tonight was a special night for them both, and things were going to get crazy afterwards both of them knew it.

"Oh Harry I'm so excited! I can't believe it's happening already!"

"Well no one can tell us what to do anymore, we're both legal age and we're almost out of here."

"Mum and Dad will flip once they find out." She smirked evilly.

"They'll live, and we can do what we want once we leave this place." The two hugged briefly and Harry looked at the other corner seeing multiple lines of students walking out of the Great Hall. "Let's go." They ran to the room of requirement, which had been repaired after the battle and it turned into something of a dressing room.

"Oh!" Ginny ran over to a trunk and pulled out a long white dress. "It's beautiful!"

"I'm glad you like it, I helped pick it out." He smiled and she giggled.

"You're a peach you know that Harry?" she kissed his cheek. "I'm going to get ready, you'd best hurry too." She moved behind a changing curtain and Harry pulled out his black and red tux, given to him by Remus and Tonks. He quickly changed out of his school robes and adjusted every inch of the suit, tonight was going to be perfect and nothing could ruin it.

'She thinks she's excited, well I'm bloody nervous.' He looked in a mirror, noticing how his hair continued to stick up regardless of how he combed it out. He pulled out a comb and fixed it to the point of where it looked manageable. 'Fixed it.' "Ginny are you ready?" she came out dressed in her long white dress, with her hair up in a low ponytail of soft, loose red curls, her veil covering her head with sparkling jewels and all.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"Beautiful." He kissed her cheek. "Me?"

"Handsome." She kissed his cheek. "What time is it?" Harry glanced at a clock on the table in the middle of the room.

"A little after eight, shall we?" she nodded grabbing her bouquet of white roses.

"You have the cloak right?" he pulled it out.

"Get under." She did so and walked out of the room with him, by now everyone had gone to their dorms and all they needed to do was avoid old Filch. They walked down a few corridors quickly until they reached the dungeons, more importantly Professor Snape's office. Harry quickly tapped the door with his wand and it opened to reveal Tonks and Remus.

"You made it!" Tonks kissed them both. "Oh Ginny you look great!"

"Thank you Tonks, is everyone there?"

"They're waiting on you two." Remus took Ginny's arm and Tonks took Harry's. Tonks had on a long lavender gown matching her purple hair and Remus had on a plain black and white tux. They quickly flooed to a small chapel outside Hogsmeade away from any wandering eyes, and Tonks cleaned the powder off them.

"Oh…here we go." The doors opened as the music started playing. The four marched down the aisle up to the altar to their two grooms. Among the guests were Fred, George, Bill, Fleur, Andromeda, Teddy, Professor McGonagall, and the Malfoys.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join these men and this woman in holy matrimony. If anyone has any objections to why these four shall not wed speak now or forever hold your peace." Kingsley was the Minster marrying the four, after he and Minerva found out the truth they vowed to help Harry as much as they could. "Do you Severus Snape take Harry Potter as your lawfully wedded husband and bondmate?" the Potions Master turned to Harry and smiled.

"I do."

"Do you Harry Potter take Severus Snape to be your lawfully wedded husband and bondmate?"

"I do." Harry smiled at his professor now to be husband.

"Do you Ginevra Weasley take Draco Malfoy as your lawfully wedded husband and bondmate?"

"I do." She giggled a little and Draco smiled.

"Do you Draco Malfoy take Ginevra Weasley as your lawfully wedded husband and bondmate?"

"I do." Draco held Ginny's hand and she blushed.

"Do you all vow to love and cherish your bondmates as you move on through the years?"

"We do." All of them answered.

"Do you vow to protect them from all possible dangers that may befall them?"

"We do."

"Do you vow to honor and indulge your bondmates with all you have and vow to never leave them for as long you shall live?"

"We do."

"Please exchange the rings." Draco pulled out a gold ring with a five karat diamond in the middle and slipped it on Ginny's hand. Ginny slipped a plain gold band on Draco's hand and Harry and Sev exchanged silver rings on each other. "One last thing, do you vow to uphold the truth among your bondmates?"

"We do."

"Then by the power vested in me, by the laws of the Wizard World and the Muggle World I hereby pronounce you Harry James Potter and Severus Tobias Snape as husband and husband. I hereby pronounce you Draco Lucius Malfoy and Ginevra Muriel Weasley as husband and wife, you may now kiss your bride and groom." The couples turned to their bondmates and kissed getting applause from the rest of the guests.

"Now let me." Minerva took out a quill and ink, then conjured up two marriage/bonding certificates both legal in the wizard and muggle worlds. "You four just sign here and your marriages are official." They all took the quill and signed at the bottom lines.

"There." Kingsley smiled. "Now all we have to do is make copies and put it in the Ministry files."

"Congratulations sis, Harry." Fred and George hugged their baby sister and Harry both, followed by everyone including the Malfoys who hugged their new daughter-in-law.

"You four are matches in heaven." Andromeda said holding little Teddy.

"Dah!" Teddy reached for Harry and Harry took him.

"Sweet kid." He hugged the little boy to him tightly.

"It's too bad." Bill.

"What is?"

"You four can't exactly have a real honeymoon for five more months." The four smirked at each other.

"No, but we can try." Everyone else laughed.

"Well we'd best get back, before someone gets suspicious." Minerva handed the files to Kingsley and after exchanging more hugs and kisses she and the new married couples headed back through the floo into the dungeons again. "Now, I'll arrange for your things to be moved to your new quarters tomorrow morning. Good night." She let them leave, while Ginny and Draco left to some private rooms near the Slytherin dorms Severus and Harry headed back to the Room of Requirement.

"You look amazing Harry." Severus sealed off the room for safety reasons and then turned to his new husband. He kissed him quickly and lifted him off the floor onto the bed; their kisses began to get seriously heated and up to where Sev about yanked Harry's clothes off did Harry flip their positions.

"Hey…Sev…" they stopped to the point of where their pants were still on.

"What?" he sounded impatient.

"I was thinking…maybe I could top this time?" Harry had let Sev top him multiple times, but this time he wanted to do it himself. Severus smiled at him, almost as if he was expecting that question.

"Sure." Harry smiled and kissed the soft, thin lips of the man he loved. After all the hardships they'd gone through no one would expect this from either of them. Harry's mouth trailed up to Sev's ear and back down to his neck, then down his chest and stopped at the dark nipples.

'So cute.' Harry's fingers took one in his hand and rolled it before letting his mouth suck on the nub.

"Ah…aha uh…Harry…" Harry paid attention to the other and then his hand went down to cup Sev's heated flesh. He started stroking and it grew harder each time, Sev's moans were louder, and Harry's erection grew longer.

"God Sev…" Harry moved down and took Sev in his mouth sucking gently. He hummed as the smooth flesh throbbed, and looked up at Sev covering his own mouth to stifle his loud moans and whimpers.

"Mmm…" Harry felt Sev was already close to releasing, and let him slide out kissing the tip. He quickly wet two fingers with his saliva and slipped one into Sev's opening. "AH! Oh…Harry please…"

"Easy Sev, just relax…" Sev clenched around his finger and Harry made sure to prepare him carefully before inserting the other finger. He scissored them inside and Sev clenched again with a whimper, then when Harry touched his sweet spot he yelped in pleasure.

"Oh..oh…oh Harry please…" Severus was begging so much it was making Harry's cock crazy. He removed his fingers and went up to kiss Sev's lips.

"Ready love?" Sev couldn't speak and instead nodded. Harry positioned himself at his entrance and slowly pushed in; Sev mewled and his hands clenched the sheets under him.


"It's ok Sev." Harry slowly moved in and out of Sev's hot body, his forehead all sweaty and Sev's dripping with heat. He stroked Sev's cock with each thrust and felt his own release coming close.

"I…Harry I'm coming…!" Sev moaned wrapping his legs around Harry's waist.

"I know…I know…" Harry picked up the pace and thrusted hard one last time before he came inside Sev, Sev came with him after and Harry collapsed beside his husband. Their bond was now complete, with no possible chance of breaking no matter what anyone did.

"I love you Harry." Harry reached up and kissed Sev's lips again.

"I love you too Severus."

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