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Six years later, Christmas Day:

"Daddy! Papa!" a six year old Sirius was calling his parents downstairs after running into the living room on an early Christmas morning. "Daddy Papa wake up it's Christmas!" he kept bouncing up and down on the stairs, but when he received no response the little ball of energy ran straight up to his parents' bedroom and bounced on their bed.

"Oh! Sirius…" his father, Harry sat up putting on his glasses and yawning. "What time is it?" he turned seeing the clock read exactly seven o'clock.

"Daddy it's Christmas!" Harry laughed but put a finger to his lips.

"Let's not wake Papa, he's still sleeping." His papa took sleeping potions after having some rough nights from stressing over work.

"But daddy…" Harry laughed lowly, slipped on his bathrobe and picked up his little son.

"Don't worry he should wake soon, what's say we go check on your brother and sister first?" the little boy nodded and his daddy carried him from the bedroom. They snuck into the nursery, and inside were a sleeping three year old girl in her bed and a seven month old boy in his crib. They crept over slowly to the girl's bed and Harry picked her up in his free arm.

"Lily, honey wake up." He gently shook her and she stirred.

"Mmm, Daddy…?" she rubbed her tired green eyes.

"It's Christmas baby, do you want to open your presents?" she nodded. "Well we have to wait until Papa wakes, so how about some breakfast first?" both the kids nodded.

"Jacob…" Lily pointed to the crib.

"He'll wake when he wants, now who wants pancakes?" the kids nodded happily and Harry set them down, leading them downstairs into the kitchen. Life had gotten so much better for Harry after the trials of the Weasleys and Dumbledore had gone through. Not even a year after Sirius was born did Harry and Severus own their own house, just near Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire on the country side. The house was perfect, big enough for a large family which Harry had every intention of having even after three children.

Harry was now twenty-four, and Severus was forty-four but despite their ages both men were in great shape and perfectly healthy. They had three beautiful children, two whom Harry conceived since Severus couldn't any longer, and they agreed they could have more but not for a few more years so by then Sirius would be in Hogwarts.

"Daddy." Harry set Lily in the high chair and Sirius sat at the table. The pan and ingredients for the pancakes flew out with a flick of Harry's wand and the cooking began.

"Eat up good kids, don't forget we're going to see your grandma today." The way they did the holidays, were to spend early Christmas morning on their own, lunch at the Burrow or the Manor with the Malfoys and Weasleys, and at night they would go spend up until New Year's at Prince Manor.

"Yay!" they clapped, these kids loved their dear grandmother and all their aunts and uncles.

"What's all this?" they turned seeing Severus walk in carrying Jacob. He was wearing his long dark bathrobe and Jacob was wrapped in a green blanket.

"Sit down love, breakfast will be ready soon." Severus at but looked at the table oddly.

"You haven't opened presents yet?"

"Daddy said to wait on you." Sirius smiled and Severus bent down kissing his head.

"Pancakes and juice for breakfast, sound good?"

"Yeah!" the kids cheered.

"Alright, where's Jacob's bottle?"

"In the fridge I think." Severus got up, took a baby bottle from the fridge, warmed it, tested it, then fed it to little Jacob. The little boy gulped it down easily, he was always a hungry baby. "Alright, how many does everyone want?"

"I want three!" Sirius.

"Two!" Lily, when it came to food she could count alright.

"Just two for me." Severus rocked Jacob while he fed. Despite the fact that Harry had given birth to Lily and Jacob, Severus was more the motherly parent than fatherly since he did give birth to Sirius.

"Coming right up." Soon enough the chocolate chip pancakes were finished, a special breakfast for all the holidays and the only one that the kids would actually eat all together without leaving food on their plates. "Alright here we are."

"Thank you daddy!" Sirius poured syrup all over his and munched down fast. Lily's were cut up in little pieces and she started eating as well.

"Here Sev let me take Jacob, you need to eat." Severus passed the baby to Harry and poured himself a cup of coffee. "Hurry and eat kids, the sooner we open presents the faster we can go to see Aunt Ginny and Uncle Draco."

"Yay!" the kids cheered and ate fast.

"Christmas, you gotta love it." Harry laughed pouring his own cup of coffee. Soon enough the kids were done and thundered straight into the living room under the tree. The married couple walked in with the baby, and sat on the couch.

"Can we open them now daddy can we can we?" Sirius was bouncing in his spot just eyeing the presents.

"Yeah go ahead but pass me Jacob's presents." They did so and dug straight into the colored packages. Some of the presents were from the Malfoys, and a couple were from Hermione and Viktor. After the trial Hermione had moved to Bulgaria with her parents and sometime later she and Krum hit it off; he had kept up his rep as a professional Quidditch player, but Hermione had become part of International Wizard affairs in their own Ministry. They dated a while, and then later on Krum retired from Quidditch to marry Hermione. They had two children, twin boys who were four years old, Anton and Caellen; Krum had taken over as the high master of Durmstrang thanks to his status from the Tri-Wizard Tournament, his prestige in Bulgaria society, and his excellent grades thanks to Hermione's tutoring.

Harry forgave Hermione a year after the trial, but he rarely saw her since she resided in Bulgaria. They talked through owl, and sent Christmas cards but of course Hermione was hoping her boys would attend Hogwarts instead of Durmstrang, although she hadn't quite discussed it with her husband just yet.

"Yay!" Lily pulled out several toys, including a little Porcelain doll with long red hair dressed like a queen. That was probably from Ginny, since her own daughter loved collecting porcelain dolls.

Ginny and Draco traveled the world for two years before they finally settled down in Malfoy Manor. Ginny had become pregnant and gave birth to a little girl they named Sapphire Nebula since she inherited her mother and grandmother's sparkling blue eyes. She was four, and spoiled rotten just like her father was but she was tough like her mother; she had several accidents as a baby, when she first crawled, and started walking she fell a good few times but never cried or complained. Sapphire also had a little brother, they named him Altair Scorpius, or Al for short and he was two. No doubt Ginny would have the four children she wanted, and the Malfoy name would grow.

The Weasleys however were another story. The twins had both married and had a child each, Bill and Fleur had a daughter and a son, Charlie had married a colleague from work and gave birth to a daughter two years ago with a son on the way, but Ron and Percy would never have children. Molly and Arthur had been released on good behavior a year after being sent to Azkaban, they had been true to their word when they promised to make things up to their children and Harry. Ginny forgave them eventually, but not until after her daughter was born did she go to see them with Draco. Molly had at first been hesitant around Draco, but she could see he was a good husband and father.

Molly and Arthur loved their grandchildren, and promised to all the parents they wouldn't do anything to jeopardize their family every again.

"Daddy look!" Sirius pulled out a toy broomstick, from the Lupins. Harry was always happy to visit Remus and his family, especially since little Teddy loved playing with his god brother and sister. They visited as often as they could, but this year the Lupins decided to spend Christmas with Andromeda who had been sent to St. Mungo's after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

"No doubt he'll be flying soon." Severus smirked, no doubt thinking of how Sirius wanted to play Quidditch when he went to Hogwarts.

Soon enough all the presents but their own were unwrapped, both kids received toys, brooms, some clothes, and of course some candy no doubt from the Weasley twins. Jacob on the other hand received a rocker, some clothes and toys, and a little muggle musical swing for indoors.

"Now you open yours Papa!" Sirius passed three boxes to Severus, who took and opened the first. It was a handmade silk green scarf and the tag read from France. Oh well a lot of things came from France and China, it always did. The gift was from Fleur and Bill, and no doubt was expensive but they were considered family.

"That's nice." Harry smiled and passed the next present, from Remus and Tonks. It was revealed as a black leather journal, with a silver fountain pen wrapped with a gold phoenix; inside it included a note.

I know how you love to copy your notes and thoughts into your works Severus, so this journal will never run out of paper and only you can choose who can read it.

I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Christmas

Remus and Dora.

"That's really sweet of them, you did say you could use a private journal."

"Yes." Severus smiled and placed the gifts back inside the box. The last one, was from his husband Harry and it was larger than the others.

"Go ahead, open it up."

"Open it Papa!" Sirius.

"Yeah!" Lily cheered with her brother; Severus unwrapped and opened the package, to reveal a pair of books both with the names Sirius James and Lily Jane. Inside the books were baby pictures, with and without the parents, and several with the babies together.

"Baby books, I've been working on them for weeks with Ginny's help. Took me forever to get all the pictures arranged just right, and I added a little something in the back of Sirius' book." Severus flipped to the back and right away the back played a soft tune, from the old mobile that put Sirius to sleep every night during the first year.

"Oh…it's wonderful." Severus closed the book and pulled Harry to him giving a peck on the cheek.

"I'm glad you like it, but Lily's still has a bit to go."

"Even so, this is really nice."

"Well I never had many baby pictures and Eileen said most of yours were ruined by your dad so I put these together so the books can't be damaged by anything." Harry stroked his husband's cheek.

"Here daddy!" Sirius passed Harry three presents and he opened the first from the Weasleys. An entire set of his old things from Hogwarts, his old Quidditch uniforms, some photos from the years, a dragon skin bracelet, even a pair of leather black gloves but those were new.

"They know me so well." Harry put the box down and opened the next from Remus and Tonks. It was a broom cleaning kit, and the best one available so it wasn't cheap. Remus had gotten a good salary raise years ago, and Tonks had gotten more shifts in her position as an Auror so they made better money than before.

"Next present." This one was from Severus, and it felt light. Harry carefully opened it, and what lay inside made Harry's eyes water. It was a portrait of him and his parents, probably from when he was only a few months old and it was in pristine shape. "I asked Remus if he had any old photos of your parents from your early baby months, and he found that one in his home in an old box. Took me a while to get it right but I finally managed." Harry pulled Severus closer and kissed his lips.

"Thanks love, this means a lot to me." the other two kids went up to the couch and sat between their parents. "Alright guys, let's get dressed for the Malfoys."

"Ok!" Sirius ran upstairs, Harry took Lily and Jacob while Severus moved all the gifts up to their rooms. Harry helped Lily dress into her little blue outfit she picked out, then went to help Sirius put on his Christmas jumper just as Severus came in to change Jacob.

"There we go, now you kids play for a bit while Papa and Daddy get dressed ok?" they nodded and the couple left with the baby to their room. "You go take a shower first Sev, I'll watch the baby." Severus took some clothes and wandered into the bathroom. Harry played with Jacob, just thinking about how all of this wouldn't have been possible if Severus and Ginny hadn't told him of Dumbledore's plot.

He was thankful, he finally had the family he'd always wanted and more. The Malfoys were family, Regulus was freed, the Weasleys were freed, Voldemort was gone, and Dumbledore would rot in Azkaban with his servants for the rest of his miserable life.

Speaking of Regulus, he and Nigel had finally tied the knot just six months after Sirius was born. Regulus moved back into Grimmauld Place after Eileen offered to help him fix it up, and they managed to silence Walburga's portrait to the point of where she would go silent whenever she would yell. Kreacher stayed there and had grown too old to work, but Regulus let him live since he was still considered family. The poor elf didn't have many years left, but he was content with the new Black family.

Nigel had taken Regulus' name since the Black clan was small now, and his family completely agreed since the Prince family was extended through Joan, whom had married a man named Michael Gargoyles who worked for the Ministry in the Department of Mysteries and had two sons named Jarvis and Gilligan, after seeing a fertility specialist on a vacation in China. Thanks to the miraculous treatments and counseling, six months later Joan got pregnant finally had children of her own and she was happier than ever. Nigel and Regulus had a son as well, and they made Ginny and Draco his godparents along with another on the way. The son's name was Archibald, or Archie and he was extremely clever despite him being only three.

Ah, what a wonderful life they had altogether. Harry had three nephews, he was godfather to Ginny and Draco's children and Teddy, and he had extended family through the Weasleys thanks to the connection of the Potter, Black, and Weasley clans through Dorea Black and Septimus Weasley.

"You can take it now." He hadn't even noticed his husband walk towards the bed as he watched Jacob looking all around in the large room. "Harry?"

"Sorry Sev, just thinking."

"About?" Harry smiled at him.

"Everything, our family, our new family, my parents, how my life might've turned out if you and Ginny didn't warn me about Dumbledore…it's just so…unbelievable."

"You and I both have the life we've wanted, granted I didn't ever think I could have a life like this. Married to you with our children, my godson and your best friend married with our godchildren, my sister and brother married with their own children at last, and so much more I didn't think was possible."

"Might not've been if you didn't survive Nagini's bite."

"No…this may have never been possible if I hadn't put myself in danger every day."

"For me." Harry kissed his husband's cheek and heard Jacob cooing. "And for our kids." They shared another kiss.

"Go shower, I'll watch the kids." Harry nodded, got up and took his clothes into the bathroom. "But don't take too long we need to be at the Manor soon."

"I know I know!" Harry quickly warmed up the water and jumped inside. Severus was indeed the mother in the family, cuz he was bossy like one.

Three hours later:

Soon enough the entire family was dressed and ready with gifts and toys in hand.

"Alright kids grab Papa's hands." They did so, Harry had Jacob in his arm and the magic bag containing the presents in the other. "Step through, and here we go….Malfoy Manor!" in a flash of green the Snape-Potter clan was in the large living room of Malfoy Manor.

"Uncle Harry Uncle Sev!" little Sapphire ran to greet them wrapping her arms around Sev's legs.

"Hey Sapphy happy Christmas." Sapphire's big blue eyes shined with delight, matching her pretty light blue dress. Her long strawberry blonde hair was tied up in pigtails with satin blue ribbons. She had been dressed up by Narcissa no doubt, and Ginny without a doubt agreed as long as it was kept clean through the day.

"Happy Christmas." She kissed both their cheeks and hugged her godbrother and sister.

"There you are, we were beginning to worry." Ginny walked into the room with her hair tied back and a long red and green dress dawned her appearance, carrying a sleepy Altair.

"Hey Ginny, where's the family?"

"Draco is helping Narcissa set the dining room and Lucius went to Eileen's to help them come over."

"What now?"

"Oh we decided to do things a little different this year, the Malfoys, Snape-Potters, Eileen, and the Blacks are going to spend Christmas lunch together. And this evening the Malfoys and Snape Potters are going to spend dinner with my parents."

"Joan's not coming?"

"Oh she and Michael are staying at his parents' but they sent their gifts over last night." Joan loved her new family, so at least now the Prince line would continue on through blood.

"Oh, then it sounds fine to me, Sev?"

"Works for me, she's happy so I'm happy."

"Yay more presents!" Sirius and Lily cheered.

"Alright kids move on into the room and we'll wait on the others." The kids followed Sapphire to the dining hall and Harry could hear the sounds of laughter and scuffling feet. The floo went off again and Lucius stepped through with the rest of the family.

"Hawwy!" Little Archie ran and hugged everybody, and the others all exchanged hugs and kisses before they filed into the dining room. Everyone took a seat at the beautifully decorated table, lined with green tinsel, poinsettias, gold and silver ornaments, and the top was covered in amazing dishes of food. They usually ate early but they had snacks all around until they would leave for the Burrow.

"Alright everyone, now this is without a doubt one of the biggest Christmases we've ever had. All of us gathered together, as one big happy family. I for one am thankful for all I have, my wife, my son, my daughter, and my grandchildren. I don't think any of us could ask for more." Lucius raised his glass.

"Amen to that." Regulus lifted his glass of wine. "I don't know what I would've done if you and the rest of my family had realized I was being held against my will. I am thankful you rescued me, and I'm grateful for all I have."

"So am I." Severus raised his glass. "I can't imagine a life without my husband and children."

"Aw Sev you flatter me." everyone toasted and said grace, then ate together as one big happy family.

Harry couldn't ask for anything more, and neither could Severus.

Their life was perfect, no more no less.

In case you got a little confused on the main new family members, here are some notes to help.

Harry and Severus: Sirius James age 6, Lily Jane age 3, Jacob Theodore age 7 months.

Ginny and Draco: Sapphire Nebula age 4, Altair Scorpius age 2.

Nigel and Regulus: Archibald Orion age 3.

Joan and Michael: Gilligan and Jarvis age 2.

Hermione and Krum: twin boys age 4.

I hope this helps. Godparents should be somewhere in here.

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