Zeke and Luther: Again?

By: Heamic08

AN: Hey y'all. Hope this story is good. This is based off after Zeke's Last Ride. It's a couple of years after.

SUMMARY: Zeke's leg starts messing with him again. He's scared he'll never be able to skateboard again. Will he? Summary sucks, I know. I thought of this sleeping lol.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Zeke and Luther! BLAH!

"Zeke! That was an awesome trick!" Luther Waffles yelled to his best friend Zeke Falcone.

"Thanks Luth. Listen, my leg's really hurting me. I might just go home." Zeke said while sitting down to massage his right leg.

"Ok Z. Should you maybe go get it checked out?" Luther asked, a little hesitant.

"Maybe. I'll go get it checked out if it's still hurting me in the morning." He said. When he got home, his mom was already home.

"Hey sweetie. How was your day?" Linda asked. (AN: Mrs. Falcone's name will be Linda for right now.)

"Uh… Good. How was yours, mom?" Zeke said, sitting at the dinner table.

"Good. Listen, sweetie, I noticed you were limping on your leg when you came in. What happened?" She asked, putting a hand on Zeke's right leg.

"Umm… Well I don't really know what happened. Can you take me to the doctor in the morning?" Zeke asked.

"Sure sweetie. Why don't you go lay down for a little bit and I'll bring you your dinner." She said, patting his leg and getting up.

"Ok. Thanks mom." He said and limped towards his garage-room.

When he got into his room, he fell asleep right when he hit the pillow. Later that evening, his mom came to give him his dinner, she saw him asleep on his bed. She didn't have the heart to wake him up, so she just let him sleep.

The next day, Zeke's mom came into his room and woke him up. He got ready and ate breakfast real quick and was in the car.

"Hey mom, thanks for taking me to the doctor." Zeke said.

"No problem sweetie. How does your leg feel this morning?" She asked.

"It feels ok. It hurts though." He said. Finally, after what seemed like centuries, they got to the doctor's office. She signed him in. Then, all they had to do was wait. Finally, the doctor called them back.

"Zeke Falcone?" The nurse asked.

"Yes. We're here." Linda said. First, they checked Zeke's weight, height, and temperature.

"Ok. Well, here is Zeke's room. The doctor will be in shortly." She said. Right after that, the doctor walked in.

"Hello Zeke. Haven't seen you here in a while." Doctor Anderson said.

"Hey." Zeke said.

"Ok. So what seems to be the problem?" He asked, sitting on his stool.

"Well, remember my bad skateboarding accident? Well, my right leg, the leg that got hurt, is hurting me really bad." Zeke explained to the doctor.

"Well, let me look at your leg." Doctor Anderson said. He took Zeke's leg and looked at it. He pressed on where it hurt and heard Zeke wince in pain.

"Well, Zeke, it doesn't look broken. Let's go take some x-rays of your leg." Doctor Anderson said. He went and got a wheelchair and helped Zeke get into the wheelchair. Once the x-rays were done, he took him back to his room.

"Well, Zeke, here is what happened…"

AN: How is it so far? Spent a lot of time on it! R&R please!