The Best Laid Plans

By Seniya

Korra wasn't exactly known for her subtly, insecurities or excess of female modesty. In fact, the only thing (besides being the Avatar) she was renown for was doing exactly what she wanted to, exactly when she wanted to. Some others would pretty it up, and call her stubborn or headstrong but those closest to her knew the truth, Korra was a pain in the ass.

This was especially true when she got an idea in her head. You see, as far as Korra was concerned she was hardly ever wrong, and despite being only seventeen (closer to eighteen) and having spent most of her life cloistered away in an ice fortress – she knew she always knew what was best. And even if she had (on an off day) made a small mistake, it always worked out. Always.

She was the Avatar, after all.

This was the kind of thinking that had gotten her to Republic City, into pro-bending, and had pretty much stalled her air-bending training (she'd have to work on that) regardless, doing whatever she wanted had worked out for her so far – why would it stop now?

Korra also carried this warped mentality into her personal life, much to the dismay of everyone, except maybe Bolin (who just did what he wanted as well – as long as his brother didn't notice). Her mental blinders were a cause of many a migraine for poor Tenzin, who'd never known the true meaning of patience until he'd let Korra into his home.

Mako, well, strange enough, Mako had a kind of a love-hate relationship with Korra's fatal flaw. Sometimes, like when he was trying to teach her a strategy for a match and she unilaterally decided on an "improvement" in the middle of the game – that was the hate part. Other times, like when she practically threw him off of his feet by pressing her lips against his minutes before she was due back home – yeah, he kinda liked that part.

Still, I really couldn't tell you how Mako would feel about Korra's newest plan, and true to form, Korra (with a fresh idea in her head) hadn't stopped to consider the consequences either.

It had all started on a Sunday, a few hours after a successful match the night before and blessed down time in the Fire Ferret camp. Tenzin had even let her off the hook that day with the airbending training- well actually, with a new baby in the household, Korra had let herself off diaper duty.

Naturally, she'd sauntered off to visit her team mates cum drinking buddies (usually buddy) cum partner(s) in crime, and was on her way upstairs to their attic apartment when she was stopped by a pink faced girl scampering down the stairs, in the opposite direction, as fast as she could move in her too tight evening dress.

Wait – evening dress – it was well after nine o'clock in the morning. Korra clicked her tongue as she watched the girl's dishevelled form make two wrong turns before finding the elevator. Looked like Bolin had struck again.

True to form, her friend had his typical Sunday morning post-coital smirk slapped on his handsome face as he made his morning tea. He was shirtless and casual, walking around the tiny apartment as though he were the bearded-cat's meow. "I thought Mako told you to stop bringing your groupies up here," Korra said in lieu of a proper greeting.

In response, Bolin held up his hands in mock surrender, "My bad, I thought she wouldda been outta here by now, but I outdid myself." He wiggled his thick eyebrows at Korra even as she made a face and pretended to gag.

"Where's your brother anyway?" The place was filled with dirty laundry and dishes – Mako was clearly missing in action.

At this, Bolin had the decency to look discomfited. "Well, in the heat of things last night – I might have – you know, locked him out."

Korra laughed, moved some rank looking tunics and sat down on the sofa, "I'll bet he's thrilled."

"He's down in the gym, I heard him going over some drills." Bolin tilted his head towards the door. "Well, if it helps, if he was gonna kill you, he probably would have burned down the door and done it last night." Korra smirked but wasn't really convinced that Mako didn't have some other form of revenge planned out.

"You think you can go downstairs and sweeten him up for me?" Bolin's wide green eyes looked so optimistic in the early morning light that it seemed like a shame to Korra for her to ruin the moment by snorting out a laugh. "Oh please Bolin," Her face was heating up by now and she was entirely grateful for her brown complexion. "Did you forget the effect I have on Mako? You know silent glares and whispered threats, when he isn't ignoring me." Actually, this conversation had taken a depressing turn.

"I thought you two made out!" Bolin seemed shocked.

"Just a … couple times … and we … haven't really talked about it … hey, can I can have some tea?" Without waiting for an answer, Korra dashed off towards the compact kitchenette across from the living room.

Bolin followed, "Korra, do you mean to tell me that you two haven't gone past first base."

Korra's eyes darted quickly towards the door, ensuring that Mako was still downstairs before she mumbled, "We haven't even gone up to bat."

Bolin hissed as though in pain. "But that doesn't make any sense! I mean, look at you!"

"I know!" Never humble, Korra was glad to finally have these niggling thoughts out in the open.

"You're the Avatar!"

"I know!" Sipping her tea, Korra shook her head from side to side. "He doesn't even try to be a little sneaky. When we're kissing, he won't even try to grab my boob."

Bolin stared open mouthed for what seemed like minutes. "That doesn't make any sense. I would have grabbed your boobs at least a hundred times by now."

She sighed, "I was wondering … 'cause you know …" Korra gestured with her hands, "I haven't really done it with anyone else."

"Nope, this is all his fault."

Korra nodded, "Yeah." She slumped over the counter top and placed her chin in her palms, "still doesn't help me though."

Bolin looked thoughtful, "you probably just need to give him a little nudge."

"What do you mean?" Korra asked.

So it was basically Bolin who put the idea into Korra's head. The rest, which in this case related to her sneaking downstairs to wait for Mako in the standing baths, was completely her. After her more than awkward morning chat with the Earthbender, Korra decided to take the bull by the horns, so to speak. She was convinced this would work. Convinced.

Although that didn't stop her heart from jumping around in her chest as she peeled off her tunic and boots and scampered naked into Mako's preferred shower (the cleanest one, furthest away from the windows). She was contemplating whether or not she should take a chance to grab a towel to make her big reveal more dramatic when the shower curtain was pulled away.

"S-Surpri …" She didn't get to finish because Mako (himself less than appropriately clad in a towel) took one look at her, blanched and then covered his face with his hands. "Korra! What are …" It was obvious that he'd closed his eyes as well as he stumbled blindly across the tiled floors, almost slipping more than once before colliding with the lockers with a heavy clang. "I-I'm so sorry, I had no idea you were in here."

Well this wasn't going well. "Um, it's ok …" Now she just felt stupid standing in the shower with her potential love interest cowering in the corner from her nakedness.

Sensing defeat, she walked out and grabbed a spare towel from the extra ones on the side. When she was moderately appropriate, she told Mako he could look, which he did, hesitantly.

She'd never seen a human being so red.

"I really am sorry." He said again, ensuring he made eye contact.

"Mako, its fine … I mean we do kinda … you know," She wasn't used to this awkward nervousness and stumbling for words. Korra felt herself blushing. Damn.

He watched her strangely for a moment, boring into her sky blue eyes with his deep, amber ones. "Were … Were you waiting down here for me?"

It was then that Korra realised that this may have been one of those things that made sense in theory, but failed tremendously in practice. It wasn't too late to deny it however. "What? I would never … " The lies failed before they left her lips. "All right, fine! I was waiting for you. But it's all your fault!"

"My fault?"

"Why won't you touch me?"

"Is … is this an Avatar thing?"

"What Avatar thing? I just mean … We kissed right?" She ignored her burning cheeks and racing heart, and now her stomach was clenching up – nervousness and something else – something that came from being half naked with a half naked man.

"Korra you were there, last time I checked."

"I just want … I want you to want me." Korra cringed at how desperate it sounded, and almost curled into herself when she realised it was true. Insecurity was not something she understood and as the mortification swirled in her gut, she knew it was not something she liked either.

It was a long time before he finally spoke. She'd dropped her gaze to the floor, making out patterns in the lines that flowed across the tiles.

"You think I don't want you?" Mako pressed two fingers against her chin and forced her gaze up to his. "I think I want you too damn much."

Her stomach fluttered and her heart thumped once, suddenly and harsh against her ribs. "Well … then why … why won't …"

"Why won't I have sex with you in the locker room shower?" When he said it like that, he'd drained all the sweetly intended seduction right out of it. He dropped his hands to her arms and started pressing small circles into the flesh there. "All right," Korra sighed, "I see where you're going with this." If she stayed here any longer she might die of shame. "I'll … uh … see you upstairs."

He held her back, "wait." And then his lips were against hers, tugging against the sensitive skin, begging for entrance, which was readily given. She moaned suddenly, parting her lips and letting him in before pressing her body closing to his and wrapping her arms around his neck. He was suckling on her lower lip now, using his teeth to barter for more sounds. He got them. She gave him everything he asked for, easily, willingly. Mako's tongue slipped inside her mouth and slowly began to thrust an irreverent rhythm that successfully enflamed her very soul.

When he was done, her breath came in hard, rapid pants that stung her already bruised lips. She hung limply against him, grateful for the fact that he was so strong, so solid – so steady, in every way.

"Yeah," she breathed, "I think I can wait."

Author: Hello, my name is Seniya and I write smut. This was supposed to be smut but I did actually say Mako's line out loud, "should they have sex in the locker room shower." Poor taste y'all. Mako's better than that. I might do a chapter 2 since I kinda feel like I need to write sex. In a bed.

I am no stranger to the Avatar universe, I do have some terribly sinful Zutara fics involving tables, rain and silk concubine robes floating around here and now I've set my sights on Makorra since it reminds me of the sweet Zutara porn I was denied before. Weep.

I ran through prompts, other stories, actual porn, trying to find a way to make this story a bit less cliché. I didn't want to do another drunk!Korra fic, fun as they are. I ended up going with my original story idea, which is lot less, "lemme jump you" and a lot more, "you're pretty, I love you".

I was a bit reluctant to do this couple before I saw more episodes and got a better grasp of the characters but what the hell, its fanfiction, we don't write for Nobel prizes. All that being said, please review, all writers do love feedback.