Best Laid Plans

By Seniya

Part 5


It had been probably inevitable, but in the midst of the highs and lows and the expansive emotional valleys in between, it had just gotten delayed. Of course Korra wasn't going to stay in Republic City. As she revelled in pointing out: she was the Avatar. The rolling stone metaphor came with the job description.

Mako had been foolish not to remember it, not to push it to the forefront of his mind as a barricade to these other feelings that now scratched at the surface of his nonchalance. Of course she was leaving, of course.

"It's only for a couple of months." She was sitting cross legged on their floor, tugging with the strings that had escaped their threadbare rug. Korra hadn't met his eyes since she'd sauntered in, told the brothers that she had an announcement, and thrown their entire world in upheaval.

Which made sense, Mako thought, because she'd pretty much barged into their lives with the same effect.

"I'll be back before you can even miss me." She tried to offer up a quick smile. It died on the alter of feigned joy in an instant. Her summer-sky blue eyes flickered towards him quickly, and then dropped to the floor.

A snort followed. Bolin was genuinely holding back tears. The drama king's lips trembled, his nose reddened and he sighed loudly. "B-But you can't leave Korra!" For all the rough and tough masculinity he tried to portray, at the end of the day Bolin was truly a softhearted lug – who was losing his best friend. "Who's gonna … who's gonna go race to the top of Cabbage Corp Tower with me? Who's gonna be my second in the noodle eating contest … who's ..."

"Bolin!" Korra actually laughed, "I said that I'm coming back."

The earthbender, who in all honesty was used to people abandoning him, snorted. "You say so now. But then you'll go find some less attractive and charismatic replacement Bolin, who, by the way, would be a complete downgrade!"

"Bolin seriously?" Mako groaned, and to his surprise, saw that there were now tears glinting at the corners of his brother's eyes.

"W-When are you going?" He managed.


"Tomorrow! And you just spring this on me now?"

Clearly, Bolin was the victim here. "Well, we've gotta do something tonight!"

"Sure Bo, whatever you wanna do."

What Bolin wanted to do ended up being everything. Like a man possessed he was absolutely determined to force as many of his and Korra's favourite things into the few hours they had left together. Mako, who would have liked the hours with Korra to himself, grudgingly tagged along for the first few hours – until the suggestion came that they enter a spicy dumpling eating contest.

"Just one round," He'd begged and Korra had relented.

And it was in that moment that Mako realised he wasn't likely to get any alone time with Korra if his brother had anything to do with it. He wasn't a romantic guy and to be honest, it helped that Korra wasn't a romantic girl. The whole concept of gifts and sweets was more than a little lost on him – and he doubted that she'd appreciate it either. Mako was frustrated trying to figure out something nice to do for her. Already, he knew that she'd appreciate anything he gave her – because it was him giving it to her – and he was immensely challenged by the fact.

Not to mention that he was more than a little upset that his girlfriend would be leaving the city for an undisclosed period of time. He wasn't as emotionally translucent as his brother, but damn, things hurt him too. Burned and gnawed and swelled up inside his chest, itching to get out.

They were three rounds into the contest when Mako finally decided to put an end to the excursion. Not to mention that this little noddle shop looked like it was on the wrong side of the health laws.

"We're leaving now." He grabbed Korra by the arm and his brother by the collar and pulled the two protesting teenagers away from their pile of dumplings.

The night was warm, and bright, more due to the new gas lamps implemented through the city than the full moon. The city was not a safe place to be at night, and as a result, most people were either hustling home or hustling to catch those going home.

"Are you kidding me?" Bolin groaned, "I was this close to the championship!"

"It's late and Korra has to leave tomorrow." Mako deadpanned, Bolin scowled but didn't reply. Korra just frowned, she hated being told what to do. "You're so bossy, you're even controlling my travel arrangements?" She was initially upset because he hadn't bothered to shed a tear for her, or hug her or (most importantly) pull her into an alley for a kiss, but now she was upset because she had been having a damn good time in the dumpling contest.

"I'm not controlling anything Korra. It is a fact that if you don't get some sleep soon you'll be miserable tomorrow."

"I'm miserable right now!" She snapped.

"Hey … guys, let's not fight on Korra's last night here."

"No, let's fight. All we do is fight, after all."

"I don't want to have this conversation with you in the middle of the street." Mako was more than aware of the dozens of eyes on them.

"Well, good, because I don't want to speak to you, at all!"

And with that, she stomped away, gas lamps flickering dangerously in her wake.

"Can't you be nice to Korra on her last night?" Bolin asked.

"Are you serious? She's the one who –"

"Look, buy the girl some flowers, tell her she's pretty ... and I'll … come home a little late, eh?"

Mako's face heated at the suggestion, "I don't need you to come home a little ..."

"Bro, yes you do. And, you're welcome."

Mako finally found Korra seated on the steps of the Arena. She had her head in her palms and was staring, unseeing at her distorted reflection in the marble steps. She looked up when she heard the footsteps, but frowned when she saw that it was him. "Where's Bolin? I wanted to say goodbye to him."

"He's ..." Mako started and then sighed, "why are you so mad with me? I feel like you get pissed about every little thing I do."

"I'm not upset." Korra said coolly, and then, by way of stifling his height advantage, she scrambled to her feet. "Just like you're not."

And then it clicked, "You're mad because I didn't bawl like a child because you're leaving us?"

Now, she was offended. "Of course not. I mean … if you don't care, why should I?"

"Of course I care!" She wasn't the only one who could get upset. The stifling feelings he'd been trying to ignore all day climbed along his gullet, struggling for air, desperate for light – "You don't know how I feel about you leaving. I'm scared half out of my mind that you're probably never coming back. Or that you'll go and do something stupid and get yourself killed and I won't be there to help ..."

He was silenced by her lips, the desperate, heated pressure of too hot flesh pushed sloppily against his own mouth. She tasted like dumplings, like flour and salt and Korra. His Korra, whose presence was like a drug, pounding through his blood, rushing through his heart and clouding every one of his senses.

This was the first time they'd ever kissed in public, and somewhere behind them in the cloak of darkness, Mako heard a catcall of appreciation. "You wanna go upstairs?"

Korra nodded before wrapping her hands in his and tugging him along through the entrance. She was in a hurry, as usual, and it struck him (as she pressed him against a wall once or twice on their way to the attic) that this is it. There was no hypothetical later date after this. She'll be gone tomorrow.

They both fumbled with the lock on the door, well actually, Mako fumbled more than Korra, since she seemed to think it was funny that she was sucking on his neck and distracting him from getting them inside. Eventually, he succeeded and then they were covered up by the darkness, pressed up against the door with her legs wrapped around him and his shirt on the floor.

"Bedroom," he groaned and she nodded, and then fastened her mouth against the column of his neck, sliding her tongue against the heated skin, now slippery with sweat. He just about lost his mind when he felt the first nip of her teeth.

It was the least graceful thing he had ever managed, to carry a woman while as hard as a rock as she did everything in her power to make him drop her, into his bedroom and place them both onto the bed. He crouched over her, kissing every inch of her exposed skin. He peppered kisses along her forehead, her temples, her eyelids and her lips.

She was hot and malleable and eager, and as she sucked his tongue into her mouth, Mako thought that he wouldn't be able to imagine a world without his Korra in it. A selfish thought, he knew, but remedied the feeling by believing that maybe he deserved to be selfish every once in a while.

"I don't want you to stop." He felt those vulnerable words and knew that quite simply, she'd given herself to him. "Do you understand Mako, don't stop."

Her eyes were brighter in the darkness than he had ever seen them. He could see a lot more than he wanted to in her blue eyes– a fact that thrilled him with the same efficiency that it frightened him.

"We don't have to," His cock was hard, his heart was pumping and his head could only think of one thing, but he was raised to be a gentleman.

"Shut up Mako, I already told you what I want." And she showed him by pulling his face towards hers and twining her fingers in his short, course hair. He eased into the space between her legs and pressed the eager bulge straining against his pants into the crease. He didn't want to scare her.

"Is this what you want?" He whispered into her ear and she laughed, "maybe." She bit her full bottom lip, "kiss me some more."

He gladly obliged.

Korra was the one who removed her shirt, although there was a bit of a struggle for the breast bindings. Then, his hands were on her exposed breasts, teasing the dusky tips to attention. Her fingers sought purchase on the lean, coiled muscles of his back – he was so close that she could almost taste him. All soap and sweat and man.

By the time he rolled his tongue against the first nipple, she was practically howling. His lips eased into a smirk (so damn arrogant) but she has found that she didn't care.

He retrieved his scarf from somewhere on the floor, and then without missing a beat, he grabbed her wrists and tugged them up to the headboard. "W-What … are you -" But he had already looped the cloth through the metal frame, tying it securely before he captured her lips in a brief kiss.

"You know I could just burn this off, right?"

"Yeah, but you won't."

His mouth was back on her nipples, nipping at the already over-eager points until Korra was certain that she might implode. She writhed on the bed, trapped by her bindings, but more concerned about the thrill of pulsing heat that had settled between her legs. She pressed her legs together, desperate for some type of reprieve, but there was no such luck.

Mako was dotting kisses along her ribs now, she could feel the feather light brush of his hair against her exposed stomach, and then his moist tongue as it snaked along her navel. "Mako ..." This was going too slow, taking much too long, especially since all of her body was on fire, ""

Finally, his fingers slipped into the waistband of her wool pants and yanked them off with one sure motion, he took his time, running his palms along the exposed dark skin of her legs, then her calves, before he tossed the pants aside. She realised that she was practically naked, just in her utilitarian style panties, soaking wet and writhing. Korra arched in anticipation but was surprised to find Mako's hand pressed against her stomach.

She was about to ask what he was doing when she felt the first timid brush of his lips against her underwear. Korra's legs turned to putty as she clamped down on her lips to keep herself from screaming. He was clearly spurred on by her reaction, because in the next second, fingers pulled the flimsy fabric away and there was nothing but his warm, wet tongue caressing her folds, circling the tender button at the top before delving into her dripping entrance.

She wasn't used to such attention and it took only a few more of those wet caresses to send her entire psyche careening off into ecstasy.

"You're so beautiful." Mako whispered and Korra offered him a weak smile, after all, her world had just come tumbling down onto the mattress. She did manage a throaty laugh, "You're supposed to say that."

He moved to his feet and removed his pants with less grace than he would have preferred, but she didn't seem to notice. "What else am I supposed to say?" Mako asked while he tugged away at her pseudo-bindings. "That I'm special and amazing." The smile can't hide the seriousness behind the words, "that you love me, maybe as much as I love you."

That stopped him. Her hands were free now and she ran her fingers through his hair, slowly, reverently, caressing his jaw and cheeks – his nose. "Mako, I don't want to leave you." His heart burns, his entire chest actually, and he knows what it is now, those riotous emotions constantly knocking at his lips. "Do you remember when we first met," he swallowed. Korra, absolutely transfixed by his handsome face and pretty mouth, just nodded. He kissed her collarbone before he continued, "and you told me you were the Avatar and I said –"

She was aware of the way his body shifted. There was a heaviness that had settled around her hips, and a seeking heat that was poised at her entrance. "You said that if I'm the Avatar then you're an idiot."

He smiled at her, even as he pushed into her tight, slippery heat. Her body moved to accommodate him, it helped that he was so patient with her. She gasped at the sensation – the superimposition of pain and pleasure – not altogether unpleasant but not altogether good either.

He eased back out, giving her body a chance to readjust, "I think I realised right then." In and out again, and while she focused on his words, the inkling of hope they offered, "what did you realise?"

"That you're special," In, then out and he kissed her, "and amazing," the pain was sudden and sharp, but it didn't last too long. She gasped when she felt it, gritted her teeth and squirmed, "and that I love you, probably more than you can ever understand." "Mako," He was all in now. She could feel the steady throb of his pulse. The foreign sensation of his dick buried inside of her cunt as her body moved rapidly to hold him. "Make love to me."

He took her lips with his, imprisoning the sensitive buds while he suckled and nibbled away. He moved slowly at first, mindful of the way she flinched with each shallow thrust. For his part, she felt amazing. That, combined with the months of delayed anticipation made this the single most fantastic experience of his life. She had started to whimper again, sweet, sexy sounds that hummed in the back of her throat.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes," She whimpered, "don't stop."

It didn't take him long to find a rhythm. Her shuddering walls were more than enough incentive for him to keep moving. It was a wonderful feeling being buried balls deep inside of her. Her body was a pleasant refuge, those satin soft walls felt as though they'd been made for him. He nearly lost it when Korra wrapped her legs around his waist, slowly, she eased her hips to meet his, increasing the friction tenfold.

"There ..." her head tossed from side to side on her pillow. She was so fucking gorgeous. "...right there Mako."

He moved against the spot again and she arched her back so that her breasts collided with his chest. Agni. The sounds of slapping skin increased, that, coupled with the soprano of Korra's moans, broke down every attempt at patience that Mako could manage. He slipped his hand between their bodies, remembering somewhere that this was for her as well, and pressed his thumb against her clit until she stilled and gave one final cry, grabbing onto his shoulders for support as she climaxed.

Three short thrusts later and he had joined her. His toes curled as his body came apart and the proof of his passion poured freely into her.

"Stay with me." He didn't like sounding weak. And begging her to stay wasn't something that he'd planned on doing. This was inevitable after all, he'd known it all along.

"I wish I could." Korra snuggled deeper into his embrace, enjoying the sensation of having his bare legs pressed up against hers. She was sticky, sweaty – and happy. "But you know that I can't."

"Korra ..."

"It's just three months, Hot Shot. And I'll come right back." She grinned, "especially after you showed me what you can do with your tongue."

He let that slide. "A lot can happen in three months."

"What, you plan on finding another Avatar?"

"That's not what I meant."

She turned to look at him, half buried in the darkness, coated with the eerie glow of the fading summer moon. "Mako, I meant what I said. I love you. I care about you and Bolin so much … you're my family. I'd never leave you."

Mako knew that she believed that and he wanted, more than anything, to believe it too. It was harder for him, knowing the risk involved. However, looking into those stunning blue eyes, the same ones that had captured him from day one – he can't help but to trust her.


"Never." He figured he'd just have to live with that.


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