After school, Rizumu had seen Hibiki at the front gates. He was waiting for her. Since they didn't want to interrupt despite Rizumu denying it, Aira and Mion ran home

together. Rizumu and Hibiki were nervous with each other and Rizumu ended up inviting Hibiki into her room. Because she was trying to not sound so awkward, Rizumu

started to do homework. Hibiki ended up having to teach her how to actually do her homework. When they finished Rizumu was so happy and unintentionally jumped

on Hibiki. They were both on her bed. Rizumu realized what she had done when it was too late. Hibiki smirked and pulls Rizumu down and gets on top (0/0). Hibiki tells

Rizumu that he loves her and kisses her!

The next series of incidents happened to Aira, Rizumu and Mion at their school. They had collapsed and stayed at the nurse until school was finished. However Aira,

Rizumu and Mion all had fans especially boys after them that took that chance to try to do something to them while they're sleeping. Luckily Callings, one by one saves

them. I'm going to start off with Aira. Aira couldn't understand the lesson because she felt out of it. She feels like resting but is pushing herself. Aira collapses and is

taken to the nurse's office by one of the boys in her class. I don't know his name. He stays there with her. He may be innocent but since he saw Aira sleeping soundly,

he suddenly just wanted to kiss her. He leaned in while Shou was at the gates talking to Rizumu and Mion about where Aira was. He dashed to the nurse's office not

knowing where it was. He finally made it but the boy was very close to Aira. Shou yelled for him not to touch his girl and scared the poor boy. He ran away leaving the sleeping Aira and Shou.

"I'm glad you're okay Aira." He touched her face and smiled. Aira woke up soon to see her boyfriend's face.

"Shou san?! What happened to me?"

"Aira come here for a second." She went over and Shou got her to sit in his lap.

"Shou san?! What are you doing?"

"Aira close your eyes." She did. Shou leaned in and bumped his forehead with hers. Aira opened her eyes and blushed. Then Shou became relieved that Aira was okay and rested his head on her shoulder.

"Thanks for coming to see me, Shou san." She hugged him. They were in that position for a while. Now onto Rizumu and Hibiki.

Rizumu had collapsed from overwork and was taken to the nurse's office by another boy. I don't know his name either. He was also pretty innocent but couldn't resist

Rizumu's sleeping face and leaned in. Hibiki dashed to where she was. He got there just in time and yelled Rizumu's name. Rizumu got up and rubbed her eyes. The

boy ran away while Hibiki ran up to Rizumu and shook her.

"Are you okay?"

"Hibiki?! Why are you here?" He bent down and hugged Rizumu.

"Sorry Rizumu. Can we stay like this for a while?" Rizumu hugged him back, not knowing what happened before.

Now for Mion and Wataru. Mion wasn't as overworked as Aira and Rizumu and was already at the nurse's office. An injured soccer player came in (I don't know his

name) and found Mion there alone. The nurse was out. The boy was a big fan of Mion and wanted to at least hold her hand. Mion was sleeping soundly so she didn't

know that this was going on. Wataru dashed to the nurse's office to get Mion. Meanwhile Mion woke up to see a boy she didn't know and jumped. The boy was going

to take this chance to kiss her and grabbed her wrists and leaned in. Mion couldn't move and without knowing it, yelled for Wataru. He heard her voice and slammed

the nurse's office door open to see Mion struggling and crying. The boy thought this was bad and ran. Wataru ran toward Mion.

"Are you okay Mion?"

"I'm fine." Wataru saw her trembling and sniffing.

"Mou, Mion you should be honest with your feelings." He smiled weakly and sat down next to her and held her hand. Mion looked up and saw Wataru staring at her.

She immediately covered her face. Wataru tried to get her to stop hiding her face. "Mion let me see your face!"

"No, it's embarrassing!" He finally pried open her hands to see her crying face. He pushed Mion down and moved his face down toward hers.

"You're so cute Mion." They kissed. The next day, something surprised Aira, Rizumu and Mion. The school had a giant poster hanging with the 3 girls and Callings in the

nurse's office! When did they take such pictures? Matter of fact, who took the pictures? Anyway, Aira, Rizumu and Mion spent the entire day denying what they really did to everyone they passed by in the school.