Chapter 1: Prologue

UPDATED 4/21: This is from my previous story, Underworld Awakening, a retelling of the movie from Selene's POV. It will serve to start this new one!

Update 1/25/13: The story is being edited, plot won't change but small details might.


A sudden popping sound in his right ear disturbed the man's deep slumber. Memories flitted through his eyes, a young blonde woman, a car crash, and a subway station. His memories became progressively darker as a tall brunette clad in leather appeared in almost every image afterwards.

Lying with her under a bridge, him waking up to her brilliant smile. He remembered pain that was associated with the full moon. There was something more too. Fire burned through his veins as soft lips tentatively brushed against his neck before pricking the skin. Whatever that was had pulled him from the grasp of death.

This cold woman continued to haunt his dreams, until finally, he found himself in a pier. As the image slipped from his mind he registered only one more thing, a distinctively female voice that yelled, "Michael!"

The man woke to find himself encased in ice. He panicked, struggling until the glass gave way and broke, depositing his body on the floor.

"Omph" he groaned, knowing on instinct that he should rub his hands together to regain body heat.

Soon his body thawed enough that he could dress his naked body. Encased in a glass case lay a pack of clothes labeled Michael Corvin. He shattered the case and took them as his own.

The room was semi-dark, a broken light flickering on and off provided mild illumination. But he could make various medical instruments on top of a surgical counter. Perhaps he was in a medical facility? Unnerved by the silence and absence of humans, he located a door in the corner. Completely dazed and disorientated, he felt that the best thing would be to escape his confinement. Then he would find out who did this to him and seek revenge.

That last thought felt wrong, he didn't think waking up in ice merited such a strong conviction.

The door was unlocked, so he ran. He did not stop to question the high tech facility with its stainless steel or why there were men sprawled on the floor. He just hoped they weren't dead.

Instead some innate instinct led him to the roof, where the fresh air helped him recollect his thoughts. The adrenaline rush died and he beheld the city, truly aware of his actions for the first time.

He did not recognize the city. The man observed his hands, a midnight blue slowly spreading upwards like an infectious disease. Black knives protracted from his nails. He yelped and the claws retracted, his skin returning to its original color.

Who am I? The man wondered. Thinking about it, he didn't even know his name. Perhaps it was Michael. The few memories he had before waking up to this nightmare were fading away. He tried to chase them but the sudden roar of helicopter wings wiped his mind clean.

Only a name remained, but the intensity with which he recalled it could only mean that she was responsible for his situation.

Very well then, I will find you and get the answers I deserve, Selene.