Author's Note: I got an idea one day and wondered about how Jiro would have reacted when he found out he was a Black Blood or vampire if you don't get the Red Blood Black Blood thingy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Black Blood Brothers. If I did then there would be alot more moments of Jiro's past seen by the viewers.

Jiro awoke with a start as he felt his heart beat rapidly in his chest. He put his hand over his heart to calm himself down, but when he did so his skin felt cold to the touch. He withdrew his hand and noticed his fingernails had become slightly longer. Jiro spotted a mirror close to the bed he laid in and got out of bed sleepily. Jiro jumped at his reflection in the mirror. His hair grew so long it reached past his shoulder blades and his skin was as pale as a porceline doll's skin. Jiro felt an ache in his mouth and opened it slightly to see a pair of fangs in his mouth. Jiro screamed then covered his mouth to find that his voice had become deeper.

'What's going on? Why do I look and sound this way? Am I in the future or maybe I'm dreaming? Yes I must be dreaming so all I have to do is wake myself up,' Jiro thought as he paced the room with his hand still over his mouth. He spotted a bucket of water near his bed, took it and dumped it on himself. Jiro knew that was a mistake because he felt a burning sensation when the water kissed his bare skin. He turned and fainted at the sight of a skeleton in the mirror.

"Jiro, Jiro. Come on Jiro wake up," warm voice cooed as Jiro struggled to open his heavy eyelids. When he did Jiro noticed that Alice had his hed resting in her lap.

"Alice? Whats going on? Why do I feel so different?" Jiro asked in a way that sounded like a frightened child. Alice smiled and ruffled his bangs.

"Don't worry Jiro you'll see soon enough, but for now you must rest. Its the only way for you to regain your strength," Alice said warmly as she helped Jiro into bed. Alice kissed Jiro's forehead before she turned to leave. Jiro felt a surge of loneliness and wrapped his arms around Alice's thin waist.

"Please don't go! I don't want you to leave me here by myself!" Jiro cried before bursting into tears. Alice turned and cradled the man so many years her junior closely. She ran her hand up and down his back to try and calm him down enough so he'll rest. Alice sighed as she knew why she didn't want to turn anyone in the first place. She knew that Jiro was now no better off than a mere child.

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