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Kendall walked swiftly through the halls of the school. Not making direct eye contact with anyone. He didn't want to bother anyone with his presence. He had been like this for the past four years of his life. No one really noticed him unless he was brought into the spotlight. Something he hated. He never wanted to be in the spotlight.

Never wanting people to look at him, waiting for something from him. He was always told that he would never amount to anything so why should he try to make something out of himself if there was no support?

He had a plan the day after graduation. It didn't envolve any type of schooling or talent really. It just invovled him, a rope, and gravity to get the job done. He didn't have any friends that would miss him. His family wouldn't care.

If they did he would just soon become a distant memory in their heads. The fact that he wasn't blood related to any of them was a major factor.

He was adopted a few months after the incident happened. It worked out fairly well since his adoptive parents had the same hair color as him. They looked nothing like him but not many people could tell that.

Kendall remembered what his mother looked like. He could never forget her face or the face of his baby sister. But he couldn't remember their names.

He wasn't always like this though.

At first he was like any growing twelve year old, loving life and action figures as well as comic books and the occasional video game.

But after everything happened it left him broken. That's what he had been for the past few years.

Recently he had came out to his adoptive parents, thinking it would be the best decision and possibly make him feel loved. He wish he had never made that mistake. When he told them they through a fit. His adoptive father even hit him, a second later claiming that it was an accident and he would never do it again. He spent that summer in what they called a straight camp. It didn't do anything but suck the life out of him, well what was left of his life.

When he finally convinced everyone that he was 'straight' enough they let him go. That was one thing Kendall knew that he was good at. It was acting.

Acting like nothing was wrong.

Acting like he was straight.

Acting like he was going to go places.

Acting like he wasn't going to kill himself at the end of the school year.

Everyone seemed to buy it and the second he closed his bedroom door and bid a goodnight to everyone he took of the mask. He shed his tears he held all day. He looked at his materials he kept in a box in the back of his closet that would be a part of his end of the year plan.

He slowly pushed the box further into the back of the closet before heading to the bathroom. He would do this every night. He didn't have the guts to do things like cut himself. He wouldn't be able to deal with going to another camp or facility.

He would give himself a fake smile, the fakest he could come up with, as he wiped his tears.

Everynight before bed he would count the days on his calendar. He chose that specific day because if anyone would come across his calendar he would have an excuse to add to his fake smile.

To the average, heartless, person he seemed like a good, well-rounded boy. Only one person saw through his act and it was a homeless guy who occasionally hung outside the 7-Eleven. But he to became an average person when he took the money he earned one day and bought a lottery ticket.

The greatest thing he ever did.

When he won that's when Kendall realized how alone he was in the world which only made him look more forward to that day.

Kendall was currently sitting in the lunch room with his head down and his body tucked away in the corner. He watched as the cafeteria had their own little party, celebrating their school's victory in winning the hockey championship.

Kendall was happy too.

He was happy that this meant that the hockey season was over and it was turning to spring. He was literally months away from the day he looked so forward to since, well, ever.

He watched as they cheered exceptionally loud when someone entered the cafeteria. Kendall didn't know who it was until a group of guys raised the person on their shoulders.

It was Carlos Garcia of course.

How could Kendall forget about him?

He is the most popular guy ever since he took this school to the championships every year since he's been here.

Kendall would never admit it but he had a crush on said boy. But he never allowed himself the hope that this guy could be the one.


Because Carlos was the straightest person ever. You won't ever see him touch a guy below the waist. Kendall told himself that if some how, some way that he could get Carlos he would rethink this whole suicide thing.

Of course he would pick a challenge like that and not even attempt to talk to the guy. It was the perfect thing to keep him on his plan.

It was simple.

Kendall was a ticking time bomb and the only person that could stop it didn't even know it was ticking.

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