Tori Vega.

Tori fucking Vega.

Everybody just loves her and her cheeky smile, her bright eyes and her never-ending niceness.

Her existence is the mere thing that can crawl under my skin and consume my insides. It clouds my mind and makes me want to do bad things. Very bad things.

See, everyone thinks I hate her for no reason.


I have all the reason. So, diary. Since no one else will listen, I got you.

Here we go.

I guess I should say "Dear Diary," right? Would that make you feel more human? Fine.

Dear Diary,

Today was fucking terrible.

I am the alpha female in my school. Though I may not be blonde, preppy and happy, I am the alpha female. People cower at the sight of me.

I hate school. I only go to see people suffer.

Today was different. When I got to school, the first thing I hear is, "Omg there's a new student!"

A new student. Someone new to add to my suffering list. I quickly scan the halls to find the new vict - er, student.

Then I see her. I nearly dropped my books when I saw her. Why is she here?

That smile. It hasn't changed a bit.

I wonder if she remembers me?

I wonder if she remembers the problems and pain she has caused?

No. She wouldn't remember. I was just another pawn in her game, another piece to her puzzle.

I glared at her from across the hall, hoping to catch her eye. Then she looked at me, and I stared back. She smiled at me.

A smile.

To any one else, it seemed like a friendly smile. A genuine smile.

But I knew better.

It was a conniving smile.

A knowing smile.

She remembered.

That's enough for the day, Diary. I'm beginning to get emotional.

~ Jade.

A/N: I've been watching a lot of Victorious lately, and I really LOVE the Jori pairing so I decided to write a fan fiction about it. I know this is short, I really couldn't think of anything else to write. This is gonna be in Jade's POV, since it's her writing in her diary. Hope you enjoyed!