The Farting Contest

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, this really should have been done earlier, but I figured, after all the stuff I did today, what the hell. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Both of these gassy gals and everything else belong to Nintendo and SEGA.

Princess Daisy and Amy Rose were the best of friends ever, having become good friends ever since the Olympics began. From Beijing in 2008, to Vancouver in 2010, and finally at London in 2012, these two girls have managed to become great partners for each other. They were currently at Seaside Hill, doing several exercises for the next match. Both were in their London outfits for the summer games.

"It sure was a great idea to exercise here!" Amy exclaimed as she bent down, stretching her legs out.

Daisy giggled in agreement as she stretched her arms. "Man, you said it, Amy! It's so gorgeous in Seaside Hill, I could practically live here!"

Amy stood back up, her hands behind her back as she approached Daisy. "Speaking of which, I'm surprised to learn that Waluigi has a Taco Stand here!" She rubbed her stomach. "I could sure go for some tacos right now!"

Daisy's stomach growled loudly, prompting Daisy to agree with Amy, placing both of her hands on her stomach. "Golly, you said, it Amy! But first..." Daisy closed her eyes as she bent forward.

Amy gasped as Daisy farted loudly, her butt letting out a tuba like sound that blew several bushes into the air. Daisy stood back up, giggling as she shrugged the powerful stench that followed.

Amy covered her mouth with both of her hands. "Oh man, Daisy! That stench you let out sure is a knocker!" She waved the gas away with her right hand. "I thought loud farts were harmless, while the silent ones were deadly?"

Daisy laughed as she placed both of her hands on her hips, letting out another raunchy fart that lasted eleven seconds. "My farts are loud and proud, just like me! I couldn't care less whether they stink or not!"

Amy then got an idea, clapping her hands together. "Loud and proud... I like that!" She raised her right leg, belting out a wet fart that lasted seven seconds. "In fact, I'm all in for a fart contest!"

Daisy grabbed Amy's hands together, her eyes sparkling. "You mean, you want to have a farting contest to see who was the loudest, deadliest farts?"

Amy farted in a wet, then raunchy tone, winking with her right eye as she giggled. "You bet it, sister! They don't call me Gassy Rosey for nothing!"

Daisy chuckled, lowering her eyes. "Gassy Rosey... that's a good one!" She shook hands with Amy. "All right, it's on. Whoever can fart the best wins!"

Amy and Daisy then proceeded to hug each other, then aimed their butts at each other, letting out loud raunchy farts at the same time for twenty two seconds. Silver and Vector caught glimpse of this, glancing at each other and backing away to the east.