Princess Daisy and Amy Rose left the Speed Highway and headed right into City Escape, looking at the road from the top of the hill. The two flatulent females looked at each other as they wondered how they were gonna go down.

"So, uh... I think we should slide down this big street on our bellies," Daisy suggested as she placed her hands on her hips, letting out a loud, trombone like fart. "And we can use our gas to make us go faster!"

Amy shook her head as she folded her arms. "No way, Dumbsy! Who do you think we are, penguins?" She farted as her lips began to tremble. "Just because both of us are full of hot air doesn't mean we should use it like this..."

Suddenly, Daisy got an idea, pointing at Amy. Amy farted in confusion as she tilted her head to the right, before turning around, gasping as she farted in shock, seeing a store that sold snowboards. Daisy and Amy both ran in, buying the snowboards as they got back to their place on the hill.

"Ready?" Daisy asked Amy as she stood on her yellow snowboard, bending over as her trombone like poot got deeper pitched like a tuba.

Amy farted in response as she giggled, being on a red snowboard. "Finally, we'll be able to be true to the title of this fanfic!" And like that, both females farted loudly, using their farts to propel them in the air, allowing them to go forward as they started to speed downhill the street, rolling around at the speed of sound.