Rated: M (For the first chapter only then it will be T)

Genre: Romance/Angst

Pairing: 1827, Adult!R27, slight All27

Summary: During one night at the camp, Tsuna was raped by an unknown man. Ashamed, he decided to hide the fact by acting like the usual Dame-Tsuna. But, one day he collapsed and found out that he was pregnant. His boyfriend, Hibari told him to abort the baby but Tsuna declined. Hurting, he ran from Hibari and found comfort at another man's arms. OOC, MPREG. AU

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Warning: Maybe some OOCness. Rape.

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Tsuna was walking in the forest, since he felt the need to… oh, well it was the usual thing you do when you need to use the toilet. He glanced around him in fear. He had tried to wake up several of his friends like Gokudera and Yamamoto but the two boys were just heavy sleepers that it was impossible to wake them up. He even tried to wake up his boyfriend, Hibari, but the prefect just growled and threatened to bite him to death if he disturbed him.

Yes, the two of them were a couple after realizing that they both had a feeling for each other. But, still Tsuna's shyness towards the skylark made the boy quite irritated and he was frustrated when Tsuna does not even want to spend time with him but does with his herbivore friends. Sometimes, Hibari wondered if the petite boy really loves him. Also, with Tsuna's cute face, Hibari also felt a little insecure that there will be another man who would snatch his Tsunayoshi.

But, of course Tsuna loved the man. It's just that he didn't know how to show his feelings and he was a shy person to begin with. So, whenever the skylark wanted to be physical with him – though, it was only a chaste kiss – the tuna would be embarrassed enough that he pushed the older boy from him – though he was bitten to dead after that. Still, Tsuna didn't really tell the boy his real feelings.

At the present time, Tsuna grimaced when he looked at the dark surroundings. The forest looked scary and even the trees looked like ghouls or living
things. He shivered at his own thought. Shaking his head to remove the unnecessary feelings and thoughts, Tsuna went to a secluded place where he was sure that no one would see him.

Unzipping his pants, Tsuna did his little business near the tree – in the darkest place. His honey-colored eyes were glancing from left to right as he
tried his best to be brave despite his fear. Finished with his business, Tsuna zipped back his pants and walked to where the camp was.

It was then, at the moment, that a small creak was heard from behind him. Startled, Tsuna jumped and was about to run for his dear life when a hand grabbed him from behind. He tried to struggle with all his might but the person was stronger than he was. Losing the struggling battle, Tsuna decided to shout for help.

But, when he was about to open his mouth, a cloth with chloroform was pressed to his nose and mouth, silencing him from alerting the other campers. Slowly, the boy's eyelids dropped and he was better as dead.

The perpetrator smirked in accomplishment when his victim fell asleep or better unconscious. He hauled the smaller body to his shoulder and carried the boy in the deep forest without anyone realizing the lost boy. That's it until morning.

Settling in the secluded area where the man was sure that no one sees what he would do, he placed the boy on the grass carefully. He stood there, admiring the petite brunet. The said brunet was out cold and he was breathing softly. His chest raised and lowered slowly with his breathing. The icy eyes darted towards the boy's lips. He licked his lips when he watched that soft, kissable lips that stayed there, begging to be ravaged.

Then, his eyes moved to the body. Bending over, the perpetrator began unbuttoning Tsuna's shirt slowly, one by one. Finished with his ministration, the man grinned and reached out to caress the soft skin. It was soft, like in his imagination. Taking his time watching and enjoying the delicious-looking prey, he then moved down to the boy's pants.

A small sound of a zip being opened was heard, as the man's hand calmly did his business. He smiled at the sight of the boxer. It has a pink heart with white background. Chuckling, he slowly pulled the pants away while placing small kisses on Tsuna's soft slender thighs – sometimes, giving kiss bites. Finished with the pants, the man moved above and began kissing the unconscious boy on his lips. Savoring the other's taste, he sighed in wonder. The boy's mouth tasted so sweet. It tasted like strawberry.

Hungry for the taste, he started to nibble his way down to the boy's delectable neck. Just like his mouth, it tasted sweet like honey and vanilla. He licked his lips hungrily. His eyes then darted below, at the boy's chest. He smiled smugly and his ministration started again. Licking and sucking here and there, the person moaned in satisfaction. He moved his way down to the boy's stomach and stopped at his belly button. Giving his attention in that area, he then – again – moved downward until he stopped at the waistband of Tsuna's boxers.

He grinned – showing his white teeth that shone from moonlight.

Standing from his victim, the man began unbuttoning his shirt and pants, all the while eyeing his prey. He smirked when he watched the boy's peaceful face. Oh, how he wanted to see those beautiful eyes open when he did his deed. But, he couldn't risk that since the boy is most likely to scream off if he was waken up – since he already knew the boy's nature. It was better being safe than sorry.

A sound of pants hitting the ground was hard, and again the man lowered down until he loomed over the brunet. Smiling to himself he began to remove the last piece of cloth on his victim's body. He smirked at the sight presented to him. He was beautiful, as he envisioned the boy before; he imagined his prey had a beautiful body and it was true – the boy was worth all of this. The body made him growl low in his throat while he was licking his lips.

Then slowly, he moved down, down and down…

At the same time, Reborn was in his house. It was rare for him not to follow his student around. He was reading some of the documents, when he felt a bad feeling, a very bad feeling indeed. Blinking his black eyes, the tutor eyed his surroundings and was satisfied that there was nothing wrong. But, still the foreboding feeling wouldn't go and it made him uneasy though he paid no attention to it.

Shrugging it off as a nuisance, the man continued reading the paper, occasionally, stopping to glance the whole room. 'Tsuna.' His student's name went into his mind and it made him frown.

At the forest near the camp, the man sighed in contentment as he finished his deed. He eyed his prey down; there with satisfaction on his face. Dressing the boy back in his clothes, he gave a last deep kiss to the still unconscious brunet. Pulling away his lips, he smirked.

"Thanks, Tsunayoshi."