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Chapter 18: The Decision

Night at Sawada Household.

As the everyday occurrence, Reborn was tutoring Tsuna in his house. The two were currently in their usual argument about Tsuna's nickname. The small brunet groaned upon hearing the nickname from the man in fedora.

"Hey, Mama-Tsuna." Reborn smirked. He couldn't just stop teasing the small boy, it was amusing just watching his expression.

The boy groaned. "Stop calling me that."

"Then, it's Dame-Tsuna." the tutor's smirk grew wider.

"Reborn!" Tsuna cried futilely.

"Oh, well… what's so wrong with calling you by those titles? I think they suited you." the home tutor grinned, tilting his fedora down, shadowing his eyes. Leon shifted slightly to the back of the fedora to avoid falling down.

"No, it's not and if you ever give me a title, I want it to be Daddy-Tsuna rather than Mama Tsuna!" the brunet however chided with all he got, which proved to be futile against Reborn.

Reborn just shrugged his shoulders indifferently. However, his eyes were glinting in pure amusement. "No. You're too soft and girly to be a daddy."

"Don't call me that!" Tsuna cried helplessly and was ignored completely by the home tutor.

"So, do you understand this problem?" Reborn asked, changing the topic swiftly.

Tsuna just groaned in frustration and shook his head. "No! I don't understand anything and please stop ignoring me!"

A flick on his forehead.

"It hurt!" the short boy cried, holding his forehead. His eyes were watering from the strength. Although, Reborn didn't use his usual strength to hit the boy or he would have been down on the floor.

"Shut up and do your homework, Dame-Tsuna." Reborn said nonchalantly. Well, annoyed the boy always stopped his boredom. He smirked, leaning against his palm while looking at the infuriated small brunet.

"Grr…" Tsuna grunted in annoyance and grabbed the pencil with much force than he intended while working on his math problem. He frowned when – again – he was troubled by the question. Growling in frustration, he ruffled his hair in irritation. "I don't have any idea what this question is talking about!"

As soon as the complaint escaped his mouth, Tsuna was presented with a flying pillow to his face. It wasn't hard, but it wasn't light either. Looked like Reborn had considered the boy's condition. Well, his tortures this night were lighter than any nights before he was found to be pregnant.

"Ow! Reborn, what's that for?!" Tsuna rubbed his face, eyes narrowing at the older man.

However, Reborn just shrugged off his question and leaned forward. "Which question you don't understand?" the dark haired man asked. Maybe…just maybe, tonight he would be lenient with the Dame-student of him.

Tsuna blinked his eyes before he pointed at the 'bully' that was currently mocking him. "Question no. 27."

"This?" Reborn snickered. "This is a basic question of algebra and you don't understand? How much Dame could you get, Dame-Tsuna?"

"You know I'm never good in math…" Tsuna mumbled, feeling a bit stupid. Well, he was known as Dame-Tsuna for a reason.

The tutor smirked. "Or maybe in everything except crying and wailing," he said, smirking even wider. "Or maybe in being a mother to an unborn child."

"I don't cry," Tsuna replied, looking down. This conversation was getting off and far from his algebra problem. "And I don't have a choice of being the single male parent that carries a baby."

Mentally, the Italian teacher grimaced.

He had touched that sensitive issue. He should be watching out his words and because of his usual zest, the boy that he loved was feeling down. Cursing in silence, Reborn let a smirk out of his lips. "Heh, it's not that bad having a baby, and I can be the child's father," he said, musing. "That reminds me, Tsuna. Why haven't you answered my question about being your child's father?"

The unexpected question from the home tutor made the boy flinch. "I…I…uh…I don't think it's appropriate…" he blushed, looking away to hide his face with a bit guilt painted on his naïve visage.

Reborn smirked.

He had that thought, but ceased it out since his boss, Nono, asked him to take care of his grandson and never try to court him. He was intrigued to disobey his boss's order – since he loved the boy – but decided against his thoughts. Sawada Timoteo was his boss and he would never ever protest the old man's order.

'Too bad.' Reborn thought, gritting his teeth.

"Re-Reborn…" Tsuna called, seeing the tutor was quiet. "A-Are you okay…?"

However, the fedora wearer just flicked the boy's forehead and smiled smugly. "Who do you think you're talking to?" he said, amused as the boy rubbed his forehead to sooth the pain.

Tsuna shook his head. "Ah…no. I was just asking." He frowned upon receiving the little punishment.

All of the sudden, the man with black suit changed to being serious. His face was grim and there was no smile on his handsome, chiselled face. This made the high school boy lean backwards from his sitting place. Seriously, this man was scaring him – as if he wasn't scary to start with.

"Re-Reborn…? Why are you…?"

Reborn shook his head. "Tsuna, I want to talk with you about the Vongola."

At first, the brunet looked unsure, but nonetheless, he answered with an uncertainty. "…Okay."

"Let me get this straight," Reborn said, eyes sharpening. "What's your true decision about being Vongola the Decimo?"


"It's about you, Tsuna," Reborn asked. "Truthfully, my coming here is to become your home tutor so that I would teach you to be a person befitting the title of Decimo. I'm not just Iemitsu's friend. For I am a trusted man of Vongola Nono, Sawada Timoteo," he paused as his dark eyes gleamed with light. "Your grandfather."

"We've finished and go to sleep. Tomorrow you'll be seeing the doctor."

Tsuna nodded his head, fidgeting on his place. Occasionally, he would look up at the tutor's face. He opened his mouth unsurely, only to close it back in defeat.

Reborn watched all of the boy's acts, raising his eyebrow. "What is it? You can tell me."

"Um…R-Reborn, could you p-please go with me to the h-hospital?" The petite boy asked, eyes looking away shyly.

"Why?" Reborn asked, feigning cluelessness. Behind that façade was a knowing smirk.

Tsuna blushed and stuttered. "W-Well, w-whenever I-I'm with y-you…" He paused.

"Whenever you're with me?" Reborn smirked. This time he didn't feel the need to hide his smirk.

"I-I feel safe," Tsuna said softly, a blush adorned his smooth cheeks. "Ah! B-But… it's just that! Yeah, I feel safe!" he laughed nervously, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"Thank you." Reborn smiled softly. Hearing those words from his dear person made the stone heart of the spiky-haired young man melt. It was nice to hear it from time to time.

Awestruck, Tsuna stared at Reborn's smiling face. 'Oh my god…I never knew that Reborn could smile like this. He always wears that smirk or grin on his face, but this…' he slowly leaned forward as if captivated by the smile.

Slowly, as if the time was stopped and hell was frozen; Tsuna closed his eyes and pressed his lips to the unsuspecting ones.

Reborn blinked his eyes in surprise when he felt a soft pair of lips pressed against his own in a very careful, but also frightened manner.

When he realized it, the warmth was already gone and the person who responsible for the act had jumped away from him and buried himself in the blanket, covering his beet red face.

Slowly, his hand reached out to touch his lips.

The man in fedora smirked. Oho!

Carefully, he stood from his spot and walked to the bed. A predatory smile etched on his handsome and sharp features. Leisurely, he sat on the edge of the bed and placed his hands on each side of Tsuna's blanket-covered body.

Momentarily, he'd forgotten about his boss's order to not touch the boy.

"Hey, Dame-Tsuna," he called. His husky voice laced with desire. Entrapping the boy in his own bed, the home tutor leaned in, stopping just above the brunet's head.

The boy had his face buried in his pillow and his whole body – head to toe – covered by his blanket. Tsuna gulped. He could feel the bed dipped and those long arms trapping him, also that low voice whispering just above his sensitive ear.

'Oh my god! W-Why did I do that?' Tsuna thought in panic, heart beating loudly and rapidly. 'W-What should I do? Please, someone come and save me! Mom! Please hear my voice!'

As a cue, there was a knock on the door.

Tsuna heaved a silent sigh. 'Thank you, god! Thanks Mom!'

Reborn sighed in frustration and moved away from the brunet. Adjusting his sitting place, he decided to sit on the bed's edge.

Just in time, the door opened and Nana entered the room, bringing a tray filled with cookies and two mugs of hot chocolate. Her brown eyes scanned the whole room and found the two were in the bed. Well, her son was covered in blanket and Reborn-sensei was sitting there 'innocently'.

"Ara? Reborn-sensei, how long have Tsuna been sleeping?"

The home tutor smiled. "Well, about five minutes ago. He said he was tired and wanted to sleep. So, I just let him."

"Hmm…" the mother feigned innocent while smiling secretly. Well, looked like her wish to see her son with the tutor would be coming true. "Then, please help yourself. It's only a hot chocolate with some cookies. This afternoon, I baked some pineapple tart cookies."

"Pineapple." A frown on Reborn's face. This cookie reminded him of a certain pineapple-haired male.

"Why, Reborn-sensei? You don't like pineapple?"

Reborn shook his head. "No. I love your cookies, but I dislike a certain pineapple."


"It's nothing."

The three arrived in front of the Namimori Hospital first thing in the morning. Reborn stopped his car just before the hospital gate. Turning around, he smiled at the boy at the back. "I'm sorry, Tsuna," he said. "I can only be with you until here. I've something to do."

Tsuna smiled at the tutor and nodded his head in understanding. "It's okay. Thanks for sending me and Mom."

Nana, seating in the front seat, smiled. "Thank you, Reborn-sensei."

The fedora bearer turned towards the brunette and smiled. "It's okay, Nana. When you're finished with Tsuna's check-up, just give me a call. I'll fetch you two."

"Ara! You're so nice, Reborn-sensei! I'll call you!" she said happily and opened the door, escaping from the car. "Come, Tsu-kun! We don't want to make Dr. Amakusa wait for you."

The small boy opened the door and walked out. He then closed the door and watched as his home tutor smirked at him. He raised his eyebrow in confusion. "What Reborn?"

From the inside, Reborn's smirk widened. "I never knew that you were that bold, Tsunayoshi."

A memory of last night kiss made its way to Tsuna's head and instantly, he flushed red from head to toe. "T-That w-was ac-accident! I-I ne-never meant it!" he stammered in embarrassment.

A moment of hurt painted the teacher's face but soon replaced by a familiar smirk. "Hmm…but I don't think of it as an accident. Well—"

"Mom! We're getting late!" Tsuna cried desperately and walked to his mother that was waiting near the gate, leaving Reborn in his car. Oh…how he hoped his mother hadn't heard that. He would never hear the end of squealing from the over-excited woman.

Soon, he arrived at his mother's place, he heard the booming sound of Reborn's car engine sped away from there. He sighed in relief. He never meant that and that kiss just happened in a spur of a moment. What triggered it…Tsuna himself wasn't sure. But, he knew that sometimes, the way Reborn looked at him made his heartbeat quicken.

Maybe… he shouldn't let his emotion waver.

Shaking his head, he smiled at his clueless mother. "Mom, today, I want to see the doctor alone."

"But I want to accompany you." the woman chided softly. Her honey eyes shone with determination.

Tsuna shook his head. "No, Mom. I don't want you with me."

"Tsu-kun doesn't want me?" Nana asked, sad.

The small boy quickly changed his words. "Ah! No! I didn't mean that!" he said hurriedly. "What I meant is I just want to see and hear what Dr. Amakusa says alone. You don't have to worry about me, Mom," he smiled. "I'll be fine by myself."

"Are you sure?" Nana asked again. She just wanted to provide moral support to her only son. After all this time, her son had been so strong and accepted his fate willingly. She could never be more thankful for that.

"Yes, please." Tsuna nodded his head.

"If you said so, Tsu-kun," Nana smiled back. "But, I want you tell me afterwards what the doctor says."

A nod.

"Thank you, Mom. I'll tell you everything."

The sound of Namimori High School anthem resonated at the empty road. A certain prefect groaned and took his cellphone from his pocket. His eyes instantly became alerted when he saw the caller ID.

"Hello, director."

There was a pause.

Hibari nodded his head. "Hn."

Silently, he listened to the phone and he would occasionally nod his head.

"I understand. I'm coming now."

"Hmm…" the doctor paused from reading his report, glancing up to see Tsuna. "Is something troubling you, Tsunayoshi-kun?"

The boy flinched visibly, but nonetheless shook his head, smiling weakly. "Ah, no. there's no problem."

"It's that so?" the doctor said, not believing. "But from your health report it stated that your body has been undergoing stress and your blood pressure is quite high."


"It's not good for the baby. If you've a problem, you should tell your family. Maybe they can help you with it."

Tsuna slowly nodded his head and looked up to see the doctor's face. "Um…"

"Yes? What's it, Tsunayoshi-kun?" Doctor Amakusa smiled reassuringly.

"Is my baby okay? It's not getting any implications, is it?" The brunet asked softly. Fear could be heard from his voice.

The young doctor shook his head and smiled. "No. The baby is healthy, but as I've said before, if you've problems you should tell your family or maybe someone."

"Someone?" Tsuna said unsurely, eyes darting away. "It's hard and I can't just trouble anyone with my problems." He spoke quietly.

Using his index finger to adjust his glasses, Doctor Amakusa thought deeply. He then smiled. "If you're uncomfortable talking out your problems with someone else," he paused. "You can rely on me. I wouldn't mind listening to your problems."

"Dr. Amakusa's willing?"


A long pause between the doctor and patient.

After a few minutes, the petite boy slowly nodded his head. "Um…is it okay, if you listen to my problems? It is not troubling you?" fingers interlaced together in anxiety.

The handsome young man smiled. "It is my duty as a doctor to help my patient and I'll be glad if I could provide help to anyone that needs aid," he said and added shortly, "Whether it is a physical or emotional problem."

Tsuna sighed in relief. Talking with Dr. Amakusa helped lifted the problems a bit from his shoulders. They felt lighter now, though the troubles weren't exactly solved. Staring into those glasses covered eyes, the brunet smiled. "Thank you, Dr. Amakusa. I'm really glad I talked to you today."

A blush crept onto the young man's cheeks. That smile was so sweet that his heart skipped a beat. The young doctor reminded himself that this young teen in front of him was his patient and he shouldn't let his emotion take control of his post as the professional doctor. Taking a deep breath, Amakusa smiled professionally.

"Well, I'm also glad that I could provide help to you." He smiled and wrote something onto the papers.

Tsuna just watched as the doctor writing something in small piece of papers. A few seconds of waiting and the young doctor finished his writings. Smiling, the young man showed the papers to Tsuna.

The boy watched the papers in question before he looked up to see Dr. Amakusa's face. "What are those notes?" He tilted his head cutely to one side.

Coughing, Dr. Amakusa cleared his throat. Really, sometimes, he wondered if the female hormones inside the boy's body were attracting him.

"Um... are you okay, Dr. Amakusa?" Tsuna asked worriedly.

"Ah, yes. I'm fine," the young man adjusted his glasses. "Well, this one is medicine prescriptions and this one is my phone number."

"Thank you, but why your phone number?"

"In case you want to talk with me about your problems," the young doctor smiled. "It's okay to call or message me. I would spare my time to answer your calls or messages."

Nodding his head unsurely, Tsuna stood up. "Thank you, Dr. Amakusa. I really appreciate this," he smiled. "Is there anything you want to say?"

The young bespectacled man shook his head, smiling ever softly. "No. That is all for today, and don't forget to get your medicine from the pharmacy. It's just some vitamins to help with your nutrition and nothing like heavy drugs. I can't give you strong drugs because it's not good for the baby's health."

"Um…again, thank you," Tsuna smiled and bowed. "I'll be going." He lifted his head and walked out of the white room.

Amakusa Kei sighed tiredly. Slumping against his chair, the young man pulled out his glasses and placed it on the table. Nimble fingers started massaging the bridge of his nose. "What is wrong with me?" he asked to no one. "Why is my heart beating uncontrollably?"

He stared at his white-covered chest for a while and shook his head. "I'm going crazy."

A sudden knock on his door, alerting Amakusa and he quickly adjusted his white coat and sat straight in his chair.

"Come in!"

The door opened and moment later a man with black shaggy hair and white coat entered the room.

"Yo, Amakusa!" The man grinned.

Amakusa smiled at his friend. "Shamal, what brought you here today? Did your post as the high school doctor tired you?"

Shamal grinned and sat on the chair across from Amakusa. He tsk'ed and shook his head. "It's never tiring when I get to flirt with those beautiful high school ladies," he grinned. "Well, I just wanted to see you. How are you doing nowadays?"

Grabbing his glasses, Amakusa placed it back to its original place. He smiled. "It's just like you to flirt with the girls. You'd never change," he shook his head. "There's nothing special about my job. It's just like any other day, checking on patients and giving them advices."

The Italian gave him a doubtful stare. "You're not talking the truth," his eyes stared right into his friend's. "Is there something wrong with one of your patients?"

Amakusa averted his eyes away. "Nothing is wrong and even if there's something wrong…it's my patient's personal record and you know that I am not going to tell you about it."

A loud sigh echoed around the small room. Shamal raised his hands in line with his shoulders and shook his head. "Well, if you say so," he said. "But, if there's a problem, you can just talk with me."

"Thank you, Shamal." He smiled and soon chuckled.

"What?" Shamal raised his eyebrow in confusion. "Does the problem finally got into your head?"

"Nothing. It's just you'd never worried about people," Amakusa smiled. "The Shamal that I know from the university is never worried, except if that person is a woman."

He sighed.

"Anyway, thank you for your concern. I appreciate it."

The shaggy-haired man just shrugged his shoulders and waved his hand before he disappeared behind the door. The doctor smiled and turned his attention at the file in front of him.

"Hmm…after this, I'd an appointment with the doctor from Tsunayoshi-kun's former hospital in Tokyo district…" Amakusa trailed off. "…Dr. Irie Shouichi."

The pregnant boy strolled down the long white hallways, heading to where his mother was. Nana had promised to wait for him in front of the pharmacy. He sighed. Dr. Amakusa had been so gentle and kind to him. He rummaged through his pocket and brought out the note; the number was still there and there was also the doctor's name written nicely on it.

He was lucky that he had been appointing to a nice and kind doctor. Dr. Amakusa never once prejudiced towards him even though he was a boy, an IS, rape victim and was now expecting a baby. It was rare to find such a kind person like that nowadays; even some of the doctors were not kind enough towards their patients.

Tsuna smiled.

Folding the paper neatly, he stuffed it back into his pocket and pulled out another piece. The medicine prescriptions.

He smiled and headed to the benches at the awaiting hall. There, his mother was sitting while chatting with the person next to her. Raising his eyebrow, Tsuna strutted to where his mother was.

"Um…Mom." Tsuna called softly, worried if he was being rude for interrupting the older people's talk.

"Ara, is that you, Tsu-kun?" Nana smiled, turning at her son. "Have you finished your check-up?"

"Ah…I've finished meeting with Dr. Amakusa," Tsuna said, tilting his head to look at the other person. "Mom, who were you talking with?"

"I forgot!" Nana smiled brightly and stepped sideway, showing a man with shaggy hairstyle. "This man is Dr. Shamal, he's apparently a doctor in Namimori High School."

"Dr. Shamal?" Tsuna said in surprise. His eyes widened in realization. "He's the useless doctor from my school!"

"Is that so? My…I forgot that you're attending Namimori High School." Nana mused. Hands on her chin, looking slightly up to the ceiling to remember.

"Oh…it's just you, Tsunayoshi-kun," Shamal sighed in disappointment.

"Wah! What's with that sigh?!" the small boy groaned in annoyance. This perverted doctor never stopped from annoyed him.

"When this beautiful lady here said that she had a beautiful and adorable child, I thought that would be a girl, but…" Shamal sighed again, slumping against the chair. "It's just you. I don't care about men at all. Everything is about girls and beautiful girls only."

"Don't call my mom a beautiful lady, your perverted doctor. And what are you doing here?!" Tsuna groaned, shielding his mother from the lady killer. He wasn't going to let his mother fall into Dr. Shamal's trap.

The school doctor only rubbed the back of his head lazily. Standing up from his chair, he waved a goodbye to the family. "See you later, Sawada-san. It was nice meeting you."

Nana bowed at the doctor. "Ah! Thank you for taking care of my Tsu-kun!"

"It's not a big deal." Shamal said before he vanished into the crowd of people that coming for medical check-up or just visiting their sick relatives.

Meanwhile, Tsuna just groaned. It wasn't like Dr. Shamal had treated him before. If anything, he had to cover up his own injuries. He sighed, relieved that that person was nowhere near him. He didn't want another person to know about his condition. He wasn't sure if Dr. Shamal could accept him, being the IS, rape victim and pregnant.

It was just too much.

Even he himself felt the burden was too heavy, combining with the inheritance ceremony, being Vongola Decimo just may be his last straw. And where was his dad when he needed him? Where were the people responsible for this problem? He didn't even know his father or grandfather's phone number.


Maybe, if he went to Italy…


Italy… it wasn't a bad idea, but he couldn't just go there…


What he would tell his mother?


Jolting from his place, Tsuna whipped his head at his mother who was looking at him worriedly. "Mom, what is it?"

"Tsu-kun, you were spacing out." Nana said in concern. "Are you sure you're fine? Did Dr. Amakusa really say that you're healthy enough?"

Slowly, Tsuna nodded his head, smiling faintly. "I'm really fine, Mom. Dr. Amakusa gave me this and told me to get the medicines. I'm going to the pharmacy to get the prescriptions." He said and walked away in the direction of the medicine room.

Nana watched as his son walked from her. She knew the boy was in trouble, but she just kept quiet about it. Tsuna had so many problems and she didn't want to trouble her son more with her worries. Silently, the brunette sighed, indeed she looked cheerful from people's view, but a mother was still a mother.

No mother would be happy if her child was suffered.

And Nana was one of those mother figures. Still in her melancholy side, she didn't realize when a young teen with inky locks and steel gray eyes approached her.

"Sawada-san," a cold voice called.

Immediately she smiled, covering her real emotions. But, soon her smile flattened when she saw who that voice's owner was. It was none other than Hibari Kyouya, her son's ex-boyfriend. The one that broke the relationship between the two teens. Though she wanted to scold the boy, she couldn't bring her voice to say so.

Instead, Nana smiled cheerfully. "Ara…Kyouya-kun, what are you doing here?" she tilted her head to one side. Her familiar gesture.

Hibari watched the middle-aged woman in front of him silently. For a moment before she smiled, he could see anger flickered inside those honey eyes that resembled Tsunayoshi's. But when she smiled, the trace was gone. He couldn't blame it on her, after all, he was the one that caused the cheerful woman to ever frown at anyone.

"I'm here to see and talk with Tsunayoshi." Hibari said. His intention and purpose for coming to this hospital was clear. He wanted to have a talk with the herbivore alone without the disturbance of those two bomber and baseball herbivores; counted the pineapple herbivore and that carnivore…it would be four people.

Nana was silent for a moment as she contemplated whether she should leave her son alone with this man. In spite of everything, Kyouya was the man responsible for a fraction of her Tsu-kun's troubles and stress.

"Mom, I've the medicines and now we can go home." Tsuna said, smiling at his mother, but halted his movement when he saw the person next to her. Eyes widening in surprise, he stuttered out, "Hi-Hibari-san…?"

"Tsunayoshi," Hibari's voice was monotonous and cold. Slowly, he walked to the brunet.

And Tsuna stepped backward. "Stop, don't move," he ordered, as he looked in panic at his mother. "Mom, let's go back!"

Nana just smiled and shook her head. "No, Tsu-kun."

"But, Mom…!"

"You've to talk your heart out with Kyouya-kun," Nana smiled faintly. "Try to clear everything that troubled you. I'll wait for you near the entrance." With that said, Nana strutted out from where the two young men were.

Tsuna turned his glance back at the man in front of him, who was just staring at him. Taking a step back, Tsuna asked cautiously, "What are you doing here, Hibari-senpai?"

Hibari kept quiet as he advanced a few steps towards the boy. He stopped when Tsuna was trapped against the wall. Ignoring the crowd around them, he grabbed the small wrist, ignoring the protests, dragged him further from the annoying crowd and went to a secluded place, which was at the end corner of the hallway.

"Let me go!" Tsuna cried, trying to shake the strong grip from his wrist. "Hibari-senpai, let go of me!"

The attempt was proved futile when Hibari just tightened his grip on the petite wrist. His steel gray eyes bored into Tsuna's honey orbs before the boy looked away, hiding his face from the scrutinizing eyes.

"Tsunayoshi…" Hibari said, after a few seconds of silence. "I need to talk with you."

"About what? There's nothing between us anymore," Tsuna countered, though his heart was beating faster without his control. Again, he tried to pry the hand away, though this time weaker than before. "I don't need to hear anything from you, senpai."

Hibari gritted his teeth. He didn't like when the herbivore called him 'senpai'. Even before this, the brunet called him Hibari-san, not Kyouya, and now, he was calling him senpai. That made him feeling distant from the adorable brunet.

"Stop calling me that," Hibari loosened the grip, but not releasing it yet. "Call me just like before."

"I don't understand," Tsuna replied, still looking away. Even though he understood the meaning of it, he didn't want to entertain the prefect by calling him by his name. "Let me go, senpai. You shouldn't treat a patient like this. Besides, I'm outside of the school grounds and there's no school law you could use against me."

Hibari was quiet as he heard the protest from that small, clever mouth. Clenching his fists, he punched the wall next to the boy's head, just an inch away from the brown head. The consequence of his punch made the wall crack a little.

Tsuna stunned on his place while his eyes widening in fear.

"Shut up, Tsunayoshi," Hibari hissed. "Shut up and listen to me."

Unwillingly, the brunet shut his mouth and allowed Hibari to talk freely. Hibari sensed that the small boy cringed after his punch and mentally winced. He didn't want to make the herbivore scare of him, nor did he want him to submit through sheer force, but he had no choice.

Tsuna didn't give him much choice.

Slowly, he let the hand that grasped the boy's wrist free, but made sure that the brunet couldn't escape away from him. Trapping the small boy against the white wall, Hibari spoke in lower tenor. "Tsunayoshi," he started. "I know that I broke your heart and I was the one that broke our relationship," he paused and Tsuna's breath hitched at this confession.

"But, I've never wanted that. I...honestly, I was jealous of Reborn," his voice lowered down, but still managed to stay steady. "I was your boyfriend, but you'd never told me about those important things. You'd rather tell him first than me, and you know that I'm a very possessive being." He stopped again. Gray eyes searched for the honey ones that tried to look away.

"When I first heard the news, I wasn't mad about what was happening to you. I didn't care about it at all. What was more important to me was that you were safe and sound," he confessed, eyes locking with the honey orbs that slowly, but bravely looking up to meet with his own. "But, my patience wore out when I saw that man, Reborn, he was outside of your room when I was about to enter the room. He annoyed and irritated me. I hate that carnivore."

At this, Tsuna cringed and he looked down again. "It was not an excuse to leave me."

Hibari nodded his head. "I know, but my pride can't accept that."

"If it's pride that you seek, I don't even have any of it, senpai." Tsuna looked up, eyes searching Hibari's dark ones. "I've lost it the night I lost my dignity. That night, I'm no longer the Sawada Tsunayoshi that you wanted."

"Tsunayoshi, I didn't mean that."

"Yes, you meant it, senpai," The brunet shook his head. "You mean it. You're just confu—"

His word was cut off when a pair of soft lips attached to his. Eyes widening in surprise, Tsuna stared at the person and saw the prefect kissing him. The kiss was desperate, but it was still careful and full of love. He could feel the sincerity and desperation from the kiss. Slowly, he let his eyes close and opened his mouth to give entrance to the lips and mouth that he had been missing the taste of.

Hibari's eyes opened in surprise when Tsuna gave him permission to enter his mouth. He smiled into the kiss when he saw the adorable boy's eyes close, enjoying the kiss. Maybe, he should've done this earlier, Tsuna could feel his true feelings much better through the touch than the words that he tried to utter, but always failed.

Go figures. He wasn't a talkative person.

He always hid his emotions and used actions rather than voices.

Letting his eyes close, the skylark smirked and deepened the kiss, trying to convey his feelings for his ex-boyfriend through one heated and passionate kiss. For a moment, Hibari broke the kiss to give both of them the air and again, locking their lips desperately as if it was the price for their lost moments.

Finally, feeling that breathing was becoming hard for them, the taller teen pulled his lips from the brunet and smiled lovingly. "Tsunayoshi…" he said, breathless.

The small tuna blushed when he realized that he'd just kissed his ex-boyfriend. He had been missing the man since their break-up and when Hibari kissed him, all those feelings surged to the surface and brusquely, he'd forgotten about their separation.

Looking down, Tsuna could feel his face getting hot. Hibari must be smirking at him, right now.

As the brunet guessed, the skylark was smirking in delight and pleasure when the small boy's cheeks turned bright pink and looked down in embarrassment. Slowly, he reached out his hand and tipped the boy's chin upward to look at him.

"Tsunayoshi," he called again. Ah…how he loved the way that name rolled out of his tongue. It sounded perfect.

Huge, round honey eyes stared at him. Waiting for the next word.

"Does this mean," he paused, unsure. "We're back together?"

Tsuna almost said yes – yes, he'd almost agreed – but stopped when he remembered what Xanxus had said.

"Trash, I raped you so that you'll bear my child and have no choice but to marry me."

His heart clenched in pain. No. Xanxus had no right towards him. Not when Hibari wanted him back. But, the skylark still didn't know about the news. That the rapist was actually his uncle. If he knew, Tsuna couldn't comprehend what he would do or what he would say.

Hibari was a very possessive and jealous person.

And…Tsuna knew that much.

He didn't want the second break-up. He had had enough with his first break-up and if they were back together…Tsuna wasn't sure if he could handle the second separation. Not when he was carrying the baby inside of his stomach.

Xanxus's seed.

Xanxus's child.

He cringed. Slowly and weakly, he shook his head. He couldn't accept Hibari back. Staring into those confused and unbelievably warm gray eyes, Tsuna smiled forlornly. "I'm sorry, Hibari-san, but…"

He paused, tears slowly made its way down his soft cheeks.

"We can't get back together."

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Chapter 19: The Failure

"What's troubling you, Tsunayoshi?" the skylark asked again. The way the lithe brunet acting made him worry. "Tell me. I'll bite that person to death."

Again, Tsuna just shook his head. "No. You can't."

A twitch on a fine eyebrow. "And why is that?"

"Because you can't, Hibari-san." Tsuna sobbed, his body trembling with his cries. "Because I'd decide to accept that person."

Because I'd decide to accept that person.

Those words rung in his mind. A red marred his face. Hibari could only see red. What in the fuck's name was Tsunayoshi babbling about? Who was the person?


"So, what? You want to say that you failed?" Reborn asked calmly.

Mammon went quiet. "I wouldn't dare to say I'm succeeded or failed. But," he paused. "Up until now, I can't find any evidence that say Xanxus's movement is suspicious."


Timoteo raised a pair of gray brows in question. "What's it, Bianchi?"

"President of Kokuyo Corporation, Mr. Rokudo Mukuro wants to see you. I've him waiting in the waiting room." she said without any emotion.

Timoteo was silent for a few seconds before he smiled and said, "Well, call him and let him in my office. I'll be waiting." Nono said before he spoke again. "And please postpone today meeting to tomorrow morning."