"No..Michael.. I don't. Im sorry. I bet if we spend some more time together we will. But may I ask, where's Daniel?"

Birkhoff and Michael with nothing to say. Not knowing how to explain a government cleaner, Owen killed her fiancé. She doesn't even remember Division and how she met him as an agent. Just that she was in love with him.

Alex and Sean walking in holding hands looking more in love than ever.

"OH MY GOD. Nikita. You okay? I came here fast as I could with Sean."

Nikita sitting up. And adjusting her sleepy eyes to the light.

"Yea Alex. I'm fine-"

Michael Interupting-

"WAIT. YOU remember Alex?

Not knowing if she wasn't supposed to, but she did. She nodded her head.

"I do remember her. But not much. I believe I somehow saved you..right?"

Alex with a confused voice.

"Right.. Michael, and Birkhoff can I talk to you guys over here? You too Sean come."

The team walking over.

"Michael. What do you mean 'you remember alex?' how bad was the accident?"

Birkhoff willing to explain while Michael still takes this in.

"Her cerebrum was hit. Hard. It was bleeding, but they managed to stop the bleeding. Bad news is her memory is all over the place. She remembers only certain time phrases and important people. She remember me, you, and I don't know about Sean but she doenst remember Michael. To top that. She still think Daniel is alive. AND she doesn't remember Division. I think the rest is a blur to her."

Everyone speechless, waiting for Michael to say something.

"Nikita. It's me Sean. You remember me?"

"I do. Boyscout right?" Grinning with the joke.

Birkhoff butting in again.

"WOW. You remember him? This is weird mikey if only she remem-"

"I get it. She doesn't know who I am. She has no memory of me."

Michael storming out.

What happened 24 hours ago:
"Niki, head to your right and your getaway car is in the lot." Birkhoff said in her com.

"Got it. Michael, Sean, and Alex are they all out of the building?" Nikita asked.

"Mhm. Just get out of there the cops will be here any minute."

"Im at the car. Heading home. Keep me posted."

"Will do. Seatbelt! Safety first." Birkhoff said obnoxiously/

"Really, Nerd?" As she clicked her belt, and started driving out of the parking lot.

"I'm couple blocks away from your gates, get ready to open."

"Copy that."

But as she crossed her last light, a car out of nowhere came the driver's side, crushing Nikita. With the other driver dead on the ground cold…. A large crashing noise, bursted in Birkhoff's speakers.

"Niki.. what was that?..." No answer.


"Ohmygod.. Michael, GET DOWN HERE. Start the car." As Birkhoff and Michael rushed to accident site.

They were too late. The Paramedics had already gotten to her, and she was at the hospital. The two rushed to Kaiser Hospital.


"Nikita. I think you should know. Daniel died. He was in a…. boating accident."

Alex addressed Nikita. Hesitating whether she knew what Division was. Or a cleaner.

"What?" "How can this be?" No. husband?"

"Im sorry Nikita. Take a second to take it in."

Alex addressed.

"But you have Michael, and he's your fiancé.."

Nikita cutting in.

"NO..No. NO.. this cant be happening. We were in love… I was in love. We were going to live together for the rest of our lives. No. No. I don't believe you."

Nikita being stubborn as she can be. Alex started questioning.

"Lemme ask you this. How did you too meet?" Knowing she wouldn't remember.

"UH.. I don't know actually. But .. umm. .."

"Nikita. You had some memory loss, and something are blurry and other things are clear."

"But I don't LOVE that other man.. Michael? I don't know that man. He's a complete stranger to me."

Alex, Birkhoff, and Sean only sighing. Only glad Michael was outside not hearing this.

"Niki. THAT man over there was here all night. Holding your hand, bawling his eyes out, to make sure you were safe."

Nikita in shock

"Wow.. He did that for me? He's a very kind man.."

"Niki. He's your fiancé. He would do anything for you." Birkhoff sat down.

"…Ohkay. Ask him to come in. I want to talk to him…" Nikita answered, not knowing what really to say.

Alex and Sean went outside to get Michael, as Nikita was still in shock.

"Michael. She wants to see you." Alex motioned Michael.

"Why. Why would she want to see me. She doesn't even remember me." Michael said with grief.

Alex comforted Michael.

"It's the accident talking, not Nikita. She'll remember sooner or later, but until then… you are a stranger to her. Right now you are going to introduce yourself, like meeting for the first time. Okay? She cant take anymore of her past haunting her." Alex said wisely.

" Yea man. Cmon. Give it try. You don't want her to be angry at you, or she will be able to remember. Give it a go. And also you should ask her… if she remembers Division." Sean supported Alex.

Michael steps towards the door, going for the knob.

" I have to make her fall in love with me, all over again. Strangers, again." He pushes the door open.

"Hi, Nikita my name is Michael, how are you feeling?" He asked..

"Im feeling better. Thanks for asking.." She said out of confusion.

"I know you don't know me yet but I need to ask something…" Michael sighed…

Birkhoff, Sean, and Alex all closing in knowing what Michael would ask.

"Do you know what Division is? And who.. Percy is?.."

Waiting for an answer felt like hours. But it was only a matter of seconds when she responded.

"Division? I have no idea what you are talking about. What's Division? And Who's Percy." Nikita answered.

The team was speechless. Nothing to say.