Chapter One: I Think He Likes You


"And then Miss Brandon said that a real policeman was going to be coming to class next week! Isn't that so cool? I want to be a cop when I'm older and beat up all the bad guys and drive really fast with the siren and flashing lights… Don't you think I'd make a good policeman dad?"

I chuckled as I looked in the rear-view mirror at my seven year old son. His face was flushed and his eyes shone with excitement as he waited expectantly for my answer. Every week we had this conversation and every week he had something different that he wanted to be. I loved the fact that he had so many dreams and I knew that I would support him in whatever he chose to pursue so long as he never lost that enthusiasm and look of pure delight.

"Jake, I think you would be the best policeman in the whole world."

His answering smile was always my favorite and I made it my goal to see it as often as possible.

Jacob was my life and I tried to be the best dad I could, which wasn't always easy. I never thought being a father was a possibility for me even though it was something I had always dreamed of. Being a single man with no prospective partner meant adoption was pretty well an impossibility and holding no attraction for the Eves of the world meant I wouldn't be gaining a child in the traditional way.

At the young age of 24, still single and with the fourth rejection from the adoption agency, I had resigned myself to never having the family I yearned for.

The very next day the fire of hope was rekindled.

An amazing woman, who was already the mother of four grown children, wanted to spread the joys that being a parent brought. She had chosen my file out of dozens and had offered to carry my child, no expectations for the future and all rights would be signed over to me. It was hard for me to understand at first how someone could be so selfless, so giving, but then I had met her.

Sue Clearwater was a Saint and I quickly accepted her offer. Her husband Harry was just as amazing and explained that this was something his wife had always wanted to do. The fact that I was more likely to hit on him had helped ease any trepidations he had had at first.

Apparently the two were retiring had plans of an early retirement in France soon but Sue had insisted that she wanted to do this before they left. She said that raising her four children had given her the greatest joy and that she couldn't imagine not helping someone experience that. Though she felt she was too old to raise another baby, she wasn't too old to have one for someone else.

I would be forever grateful to the Clearwaters. They had allowed me to be involved from day one, letting me experience the overwhelming joy of seeing my baby in that first sonogram and even encouraging me to be in the delivery room where my son uttered his first cry. They hadn't wanted me to miss a thing and constantly gave me advice for when I would finally be on my own.

I still kept in touch with them to this day and my son was always happy to talk to his 'Aunt Sue and Uncle Harry'. He understood the situation with a maturity that always astounded me and I would always remember how he hugged me and told me he was glad I was picked to be his dad.

I had cried then and still tear up when I think about it.

"Dad, look! We're getting a new neighbor!" I had just pulled into our cul-de-sac and sure enough there was a large moving van parked in front of the house next to ours. I was hoping this new addition would be more like the lovely Swan family, who had become close friends of ours, and less like one Miss Tanya Denali who was convinced that I had just never known the love of a 'real woman'.

Yeah, thanks but no thanks.

I was curious but there didn't seem to be anyone around. Maybe I'd stop by later to welcome whoever it was into the neighborhood.

"Who do you think it is? Do you think they'll have a kid my age? Or maybe a dog they'll let me play with? When are you going to let me get a puppy? I promise I'll take real good care of him! I'll walk him every day and pick up after him, please?"

"We'll see." I was careful not to look at his face, knowing I'd cave the moment I saw the sad pout on his face. Jake had been begging me for a puppy for a month now and though I wasn't a fan of dogs, the moment I saw him crying quietly in his room and begging his stuffed animal to turn into a real dog I knew we would be getting one.

His birthday was on Sunday and the two month old black lab I had picked up from the shelter yesterday was running excitedly around my sister's apartment so I could surprise him that morning. I just had to hold out two more days and not tell him so that I wouldn't have to see him so sad.

"How about we have a barbeque? You can even help me flip the burgers." I was desperate to make him happy again. I knew I shouldn't spoil him as much as I do and should probably tell him no more often but he was a true gift in my life, one I never thought I would have, and I never wanted him to be anything but happy.

I was just lucky he was such an amazing kid.

He smiled again and everything was well again. I pulled the car into our driveway and he scrambled out of the back seat, running to the front door. Though he looked like a mini version of me with bright green eyes, crooked smile, and uncontrollable bronze hair, his unlimited energy and inability to keep still could only have come from my mother.

"Come on dad! Sheesh, you're so slow," He dragged out the so to emphasize just how slow he thought I was being and I made it a point to drag my feet and move even slower. He gave me an irritated huff and an eye roll before running over and hauling me to the door by the sleeve. "You're not funny dad! I'm hungry so please pick up the pace here."

I openly laughed and with a 'finally' the door was unlocked and we entered our home. The moment I saw this house I knew it was perfect. The main floor was an open concept plan with a beautiful kitchen and a half bath. There was a room off to the side that I used as my office and the living room was a mixture of an entertainment room and a play area. We had no use for a dining room so my other baby, a shiny, black baby grand piano, took up that space. My love of music was something my son shared with me and every night we sat down and played together, whether I was teaching him a new piece or we were just messing around with different melodies. The top floor held both our bedrooms and a guestroom along with two full bathrooms, one shared and one off of my room.

The house was perfect and if I wasn't already sold then the backyard had sealed the deal. It was a large fenced in area and I could already picture the tree house, slide, and swing set I would install for my son. I could see myself teaching him to throw a football and installing a fire pit to one side when he was older. Needless to say the papers were signed that very day.

By the time I had changed out of my work clothes, Jake was already on the back porch with a package of hamburger patties clutched to his chest. He wasn't allowed to be around the barbeque alone, just in case curiosity got the best of him and he tried to turn it on, so he chose instead to stand right next to the door so he could see me the moment I stepped out.

He was bouncing on the balls of his feet and I could practically feel the energy vibrating off of him. "I'm starving! Can I help light the barbeque?"

I laughed because he knew exactly what my answer would be since it was the same every single time. "Not until you're tall enough to see what you're doing. Why don't you play for a bit and I'll call you when they're ready to be flipped."

"Fine but only if you promise not to forget this time!" I don't think he'll ever let me forget the one time I flipped the burgers myself. He was so upset that I put on another pack just to see him smile again. I really needed to learn to not be such a softie or he would walk all over me during those rebellious teenage years I heard so much about.

"I promise. How many do you want today kiddo?"

Thinking about it for a moment he finally held up two fingers, "Toasted buns too please."

I gave him a thumbs up and he went straight to the swings. His newest thing was seeing how high he could swing. There was sand underneath so I wasn't too worried about a hard fall and so long as he didn't decide to jump off I let him have his fun.

Lighting the coals, it didn't take too long for the burgers to cook and Jake happily flipped them and then went to wash up and set the patio table. I had just plated the burgers and turned to wash up myself when I was attacked.

A yelp of surprise left me and I fell onto my back with my attacker on top of me. I tried to fight the heavy man off of me when I realised a few very important details; he was very hairy, had paws, and was currently giving my face a bath with his tongue. "What the…"

"Dad! What happened?" My son came running out of the house and stared at my current predicament with wide eyes and a slack jaw. At the same time I caught a glimpse of someone jumping the fence and running over to us.

"I'm so sorry! Marvin, heal boy." The beast finally got off me and I was able to finally catch my breath. I turned to give this new neighbor the riot act on controlling his dog when I was drawn into a pair of sparkling blue eyes and the air left my lungs once again.

Standing in front of me was perhaps the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. Once I was able to tear my gaze from his eyes I immediately looked down to his lips. They looked so soft and were such a lovely shade of pink. His tongue peaked out and slowly licked his bottom lip causing my mouth to go dry. His hair was a golden blond and slightly curled, just long enough to fall into his eyes. His body was lean though clearly muscled and I found myself fantasizing about what it would feel like to have him pressed against me, no clothes between us and the satin sheets of my bed bellow.

I had apparently not been too subtle about my perusal and resulting attraction to him if the smug look on his face was anything to go by. I blushed but couldn't help the small whimper that escaped when I recognized a similarly hungry look in his eyes.

"I'm very sorry about Marvin. He has a thing for meat and I guess something over here was just too much for him to resist," my heart skipped a beat when the delicious southern drawl I had missed earlier left his lips and I had the distinct feeling he wasn't exactly talking about the dog.

Realising I was still on the ground I scrambled up and held my hand out to him, "Edward Masen. I guess you're the new neighbor?" A spark shot through my body when his hand made contact with mine and a gasp slipped through my lips at the feeling. It all just felt right.

"Jasper Whitlock and you guessed right. I just moved in today and so far everything has exceeded my expectations," his gaze was still hungry as it lingered on my bicep which I had unknowingly flexed. I had never felt this level of attraction in my life and it wasn't until I was knocked off my feet again that I realised I had forgotten everything but the man in front of me.

The damn dog had knocked me down again and I tried to fight him off while both my son and Jasper laughed, the traitors.

"Look dad, he likes you!" my son said through his giggles as he tried to remove the beast from my lap.

"Yes, he sure does," Jasper murmured, pinning me with under the intensity of his eyes.

Yup, definitely not talking about the dog.

This is my first attempt at slash so any advice you guys can give would be great. I'll have the next chapter out in a week but I'd really like to just see how much interest there is in this. The chapters will be longer but again, just testing to see how many people would like this before I really start into it. There isn't going to be a lot of drama, just lots of sexual tension, lemons, family moments, and a few other things you'll see later.

Hope you enjoy and can't wait to hear what you think,

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