Author's Note: Hey guys, back with a new ZEXAL story! This time it's not a one-shot, but a collection of connected one-shots.

Hope you guys will like it enough to stick with it! Kind of a crack pairing because Kotori and Shark have virtually no interaction or screen-time together unless Yuma's dueling Shark, but I'm making it work and I planned it out so hopefully it'll pan out into something believable :)

Kotori frowned as she checked her watch. Yuma was fifteen minutes late to their shopping trip. She blew her fringe out of her face as she recrossed her legs and folded her arms, all in a huff.

"He has no respect for time, I swear," she muttered to herself. "And he'll probably blame it all on Astral too…"

She shrugged to herself, tugging at the ends of her skirt as it inched its way up her thigh with the slight breeze. It was a lovely sunny, clear day and if she was going to spend it waiting, then the least she could do was enjoy the warm weather. After all, he'd left her hanging in worse conditions (like the sudden flash thunderstorm at the monorail terminal when they had planned to hit a new indoor dueling park). So she smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying the sunshine and the cool breeze that made her hair tickle the back of her neck and-


That was too deep to be Yuma's voice. Her eyes opened, readjusting to the afternoon sun. "Hey, uh, Shark," she said, surprised to see the older duelist. "What are you doing at the mall?"

"Waiting for Yuma, but it looks like he forgot," he said, crashing down on the bench next to her. "It's been nearly twenty minutes."

"Really? He was supposed to meet me too! Looks like he double-booked us and forgot us both," she said, her cheeks puffing out in annoyance. "Yuma…" she groaned. "So, what were you meeting him for?"

"Nothing special."

"You sure? With Yuma it's normally a duel or something, right?"

"I guess so."

"I was supposed to meet him to go shopping for something to wear for the WDC Eve," Kotori told him. "He's never had a reason to attend something fancy before, and his sister Akari trusts me to not make him look like a total fool."


"I'm so glad the nice weather's keeping up! The tournament might have had to be postponed if a storm came through, especially since the entire city was used as dueling grounds for the preliminaries," Kotori said cheerfully. "I bet Yuma's too busy enjoying it to realize that he's forgotten about us."


Kotori turned to face him more fully, folding her legs underneath her and resting her arm on the back of the bench as she frowned. "Hey Shark, you seem super distracted, anything I can help with?"

Shark had been looking up at the sky, eyes unfocused until she had addressed him directly. His eyes slid over to watch her. "Nothing's wrong, if that's what you're asking. I just figured that since he was so adamant on this friendship, he might make a little more effort to be on time," he tried as a joke.

Kotori lightened up a little, but she still caught the hint of seriousness there was before his rough, short, and awkward laugh. "He does want you around, Shark, there's no doubt about that," she said, trying to ease his worries. "He's just terrible with timing. He's late to school so much that the secretary knows his name backwards and in three other languages," she explained jokingly, a fond smile playing on her lips. "He's completely incorrigible, but when he finally does get here with his excuses of traffic and not being able to find his wallet and having to stop by the bakery to get his late breakfast, he'll make sure that you're the focus even if he's being self-righteous or big-headed about the entire thing. It's just how he works. So don't worry too much, alright?"

She saw his shoulders relax a little, his stiff demeanor caving into a slouched one. "Alright, I'll take your word for it," he said. "But that doesn't mean I'm not gonna rip him apart when he finally gets here."

"That's the plan!" Kotori agreed, laughing along.