Notes: This take place between books 5 and 6, after the festivals and before Nakatsu declares his love for Ashiya in public. Just something meant for laughs. I understand how the dorm placement works, don't worry! This is based more off the Live Drama's interpretation of how the dorm placement works then the books'.

Thanks for reading! :)

The Not So Subtle Hint

A pleasant breeze drifted through the window, teasingly pushing the curtain out to tickle the teenager's arm with the lightest of touches, as the young psychic worked on his homework. His pencil moved easily over the paper at a rapid rate. Kayashima had much to do or the occupants of room 203 might risk falling behind after all the hustle and bustle of the festival that ended just days ago.

They had busted their asses for a few pencils and some notebooks. Cheap bastards.

He sighed as he focused on his work and pushed such thoughts out of his mind, moved his arm away from the curtain's reach, and enjoyed the wave of freshness that filled his room. Nakatsu was sitting on his bed freshly showered with a towel around his shoulders. He was stewing again, something he had been doing often these last few days. It wasn't as serious as most days though, so Kayashima didn't bother with it. Nakatsu would talk when he was ready.

The blonde was comfortable as he watched his roommate work. He absently realized he should be catching up on work as well, but let the thought slip by as fast as it had come. He tilted his head and sighed when he couldn't take it any longer. "Hey, Kayashima."

While he didn't set his pencil down he did turn his head to the soccer player to show he was listening. "Yes?" Knowing onyx eyes caught hazel ones and Nakatsu just stared for a while. Nakatsu seemed to remember what he had on his mind and cleared his throat.

"Oh, well, I had just been trying to figure out how you made it into this dorm. I mean, you're pretty smart. You don't even play a sport. I know this is a mix of everyone, but shouldn't you be Dorm 3?" Wasn't yoga artistic? Kayashima took very good pictures whenever he had a camera in his hands. He could easily make the photography club.

A very awkward silence settled over the room. Nakatsu had not expected that. Nothing changed about that ever stoic face and Nakatsu had the fleeting thought of how he should set up a staring match between Kayashima and Sano. Finally those thin, pale lips opened as onyx eyes remained as unfazed as ever. "Your aura has been a very deep shade of purple recently, Nakatsu. Are you having trouble with your sexuality?"

The blonde squawked in an undignified manner as he jumped at such a straight forward accusation, but was otherwise speechless. A smug look flashed in Kayashima's eyes and it dared him to bring up the subject again before he turned back to his homework and the boy started writing again as if nothing had happened. As if on cue turmoil befell the blonde as he started to wonder about his sexuality; dammit he had just got that off his mind!