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A/N: This is not a fluffy romance. It is a supernatural drama. The main players in this story will be Carlisle and Ephraim, and later Bella; however fanfiction only allows two to be listed. There will be a HEA for Bella, but beyond that I will not say.

Rating: M. There will be adult themes, battles, character death and swearing.

Betas & prereaders for all or part of this story: feebes86, Mist, Mrstrentreznor & SanoraElle


My name is Ephraim Black.

I am the Alpha wolf of the Quileute tribe from La Push, Washington.

I have been the Alpha for seventy years.

I am ninety years old, but I look twenty-five.

This is not how I wanted my life to turn out, and I blame Carlisle Cullen for that.

This is our story.