Tommy smile becomes a 100-watt smile at Kim's applause. He circles around her with the whip cream and fruit. "I am going to enjoy this dessert." Tommy sets the items on the table and leans down to kiss Kim on the mouth when hears a familiar voice. He lets out a cuss word.

Kim looks at him confused before the realization hits her. "Tommy that was Hayley voice I heard wasn't it?" She sits up on the table. That lumberjack better be telling Tommy the truth. Kim did not know Hayley well enough to know if she took the ranging duties as serious as she should especially with her wanting to be close to Tommy.

"I have to go check out a strange activity that occurred about five minutes ago." Tommy sighs before giving Kim a quick kiss on the lips. "Be back as soon as I can." He drives to walk away but Kim stops him by grabbing his hand.

"Handsome, why can't one of the other rangers do it," Kim pokes her lips out.

"Beautiful, they are teenagers; they will not want to do it," Tommy moves hair out of Kim's face. "I will be back before you…"

Kim finishes the sentence for him. "Know it," Kim interrupts. "They are probably doing what we were doing and should be made to do ranging duties like we did instead of having sex."

Tommy looks horrified. "Kim please do not talk about the rangers and sex."

Kim rolls her eyes. "We did the same thing at their age."

"Still we were more mature besides now I am not definitely in the mood to make love." Tommy kisses Kim on the forehead.

"You don't want to take me on the floor," Kim challenges as she strikes a sexy pose.

Tommy gulps. "Um uh… I need to get going," Tommy shivers as Kim bends.

Ha, thanks mom for putting me in gymnastics. "I really think you should stay and make one of the kids go," Kim rubs Tommy's arm.

"I will be back as soon as I can," Tommy can feel goose-bumps on his arms. He walks out the door. That woman has me wrapped around her little finger.

Ooh, that lumberjack had to call Tommy and not the other rangers. Kim frowns as she watches him leave. I am going to give her a piece of my mind. She throws on a hat and calls her driver. Kim did not take the time to put on much of a disguise and regretted it the moment she saw her limo driver stare at her.

"Are you Kimberly Hart?" The driver asks excitedly.

Kim scrunches up her face. "No but I do get that a lot." Kim smiles at him. "Thanks for thinking I look that good through." She slides into the limo. As soon as the limo driver is in the front seat, she tells him where she wants to go. I should make it back in time before Tommy returns. Kim hops out the limo and tells him she should be right out. She walks inside the café and hears giggling. I knew it. This means war. She walks to the kitchen where she hears the noise.

"Hayley, you are brilliant, you could have sent any ranger to check out that activity."
Kat smiles at Hayley. I just might make him mine.

That is what you think. Hayley stops her eyes from rolling. "I knew once the signal come to me from Tommy's command center that he was the right one for the job," Hayley cannot hold in another giggle. Who knows what she was trying to get him to do?

Kim stomps into the kitchen. "I knew you two had plotted to get Tommy away from me."

Hayley and Kat spin around at the sound of Kim's voice.

"What are you doing here?" Hayley questions her not too nicely.

"Oh I don't know maybe catching two lumberjacks in the act!" Kim moves closer to the women.

Kat whirls around Kim. "Who are you calling lumberjacks; midget?"

Hayley laughs, "Good one Kat."

"You two barbaric lumberjacks ever realize that if I was not in the picture than you two would be fighting against each other now instead of me?" Kim smirks, "Well at least one of you knows how to play the game right and it is not idiotic smelly Kat."

Kat turns and looks at Hayley. Could she be into Tommy? No women on God's green earth can deny his charm or the fact that he is beyond hot. "Hayley is this true?"

Hayley gives Kat a look. "Duh stupid and thank you Kim for messing up me using blonde twit." "I do have to admit it was fun using her the way I did before and now."

Kat lets out a low growl and grabs one of the pies for the bake sale tomorrow.

"You would not dare throw a pie at me." Hayley backs up.

Kat rolls her eyes. She wanted to throw a cement pie at Hayley but she also wanted to hit Kim.

Kim sensing Kat's train of thought ducks just as Kat flings a pie at her,

The pie hits Hayley at the top portion of her face. "Why you blonde twit," Hayley lunges a pie and hits Kat in almost the same spot where she had hit her. "Ha, how you like them apples or should I say whip cream since it is all over your face."

Kim giggles softly not wanting to be hit with a pie. They both look like giant marshmallows.

Kat and Hayley begin flinging pies at each other at a rapid pace.

"Hey watch it lumberjacks; you two almost hit me with one." Kim groans.

Hayley and Kat look at each other before they lunge pies at Kim hitting her in the chest and stomach simultaneously.

"Ugh, you two ruined my Chanel ensemble." Kim wipes the pie off the best she could.

"Whose fault is it that you are a midget," Kat tells her.

Kim's response was to hit both the women directly in the face with a pie. "Ha, I knew my grace and agility would come in handy someday besides ranging."

"Why you little witch and you ungrateful blonde twit." Hayley grabs two pies. "You should have never returned and you should be happy that you got to spend any time with Tommy."

Kat and Kim each grab a pie in one hand.

The women begin flinging pies at each other. Hayley slips on some pie on the floor and knocks Kat over in the process. Kim laughs but has to dodge pie as it is flung at her from off the ground. Hayley pushes Kat off her and flings a pie at Kat. Kim flings pies like she is in a contest and must not lose. She barely has pie on her face or body.

Tommy walks in on one of the funniest scenes his had ever seen in his life. Kim, Kat, and Hayley were throwing pies at each other, slipping, and sliding everywhere. He did not know whether to laugh or scold the woman for throwing the bake sale pies at each other. "Ladies, ladies, ladies!" What in the world is going on in here?"