Summary: At the age of sixteen, the candidate for Vongola Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi, was thrown into Vendicare prison on the accusation of assassinating the young Lion of the Vongola, Sawada Iemitsu. Now, five years later, new evidence is found proving the prisoner innocent. Upon being released, his guardians find he's no longer the same boss they once knew and loved; he's broken, lifeless. Will they be able to help heal him? Or is the warm, kind, and caring Tsunayoshi gone forever? Semi-AU. No Pairings. Rated T for language.

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Tsunayoshi Sawada was starting to get scared.

There was something wrong with him.

Everywhere he looked was black.

Every time he tried to move his arms and legs, they wouldn't obey him, as if chained.

He was imprisoned in his own mind.

He had never felt this way before, but he knew what was happening.

There was no way it could be anything else.

He was possessed.

"NO! GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF OF OUR DECIMO!" rang out the clear, furious voice of one Hayato Gokudera.

The silverette lunged forward, trying to get at the bandaged guards of Vendicare prison.

Before he could get more than a foot, though, two pairs of hands shot out to stop him.

"Calm down, Hayato," said Takeshi Yamamoto in an uncharacteristically grim voice.

"You can't just attack the Vindice," added Ryohei Sasagawa in an oddly quiet voice.

"But they're taking away Decimo!" shouted Hayato, his expression one of desperation. "We have to save him! They can't take him away!"

"Shut up, herbivore," hissed Kyoya Hibari, and Hayato stopped struggling for the briefest of seconds.

Taking those seconds as an opportunity, Kyoya turned to a small boy of about 10 years of age who looked as if he was trying his best not to cry.

"Who is the most likely person to have killed Iemitsu Sawada?" Kyoya asked of him.

The boy, Fuuta de la Stella, sniffed once before getting a determined look on his face, getting ready to consult the ranking planet in order to prove that his nii-san was innocent.

As leaves, rocks, and twigs began to float all around them, young Fuuta went into a trance-like state, and when next he spoke,his voice was distant.

"Out of everyone in the mafia, the person most likely to have murdered Iemitsu Sawada is...Vongola Decimo candidate, Tsunayoshi Sawada."

At these words, there was a great outcry, and the Vindice guards, who had stopped to see what was going on, turned and escorted their frantic prisoner away.

Hayato Gokudera collapsed to the floor, all his energy leaving him, and Chrome started to cry.

As everyone present fell into a state of shock, nobody noticed the small droplets of rain that had begun to fall from the clouds blanketing the sky.

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