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Prologue: The Hero

Minato stared at the boy in front of him as his own life blood poured out of him. The shinigami Thanatos stood behind him slowly sealing the Kyuubi within his son.

His beautiful son.

Slowly and painfully Minato turned to stare at the woman he fell in love with, her fiery red hair was unusually dull, as she also slowly bled.

He knew he couldn't stop her incoming death, for he already tried… the Fates seemed to have already cut the thread. Wincing he turned to face his son not able to look at the woman he loved dying before him.

As deep sadness and despair filled him, he lightly touched the boys cheek, tears pooling out of his eyes as his son stared back at him.

His eyes already sharp and intelligent, and so full of mischief much like his own…

Eyes even more beautiful, a face even more breathe taking, and a smile even warmer than Luke's…

That's right Uzumaki Kushina, with her beautiful bright red hair and fiery personality caught the eye and heart of Hermes god of messengers, thieves, and shepherds himself.

Heartbroken that he had to leave May, Hermes traveled to the Shinobi World which lay in a different dimension in hopes to relieve himself of his pain. Upon arrival he automatically took notice of a certain red head who recently joined the village… call him a pedophile or whatever else, but there was something about this young girl that intrigued him.

Her courage, fighting spirit, determination, loyalty, and love for pranks drew him in… and even if he didn't first know it himself… he was in love.

So he disguised himself as a young boy, Namikaze Minato in hopes to capture her heart… which proved more difficult than he had originally thought, but after trial and error… much error… he finally managed it. And when he did he was the happiest man alive.

Even more joyous than Dionysus when he is full of his "Happy Juice," or Apollo when Artemis let him get away with calling her "Little Sister."

The only problem was he grew too attached. He began to forget about his godly duties, and for a while every other woman.

He even became the Fourth Hokage, as the village became his second home… and truthfully he wouldn't have it any other way. He was happy, in love, and more powerful here than on Olympus… but happiness for a god can never last...

Hermes knew of the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed into Kushina. He knew of it because the Nine Tails and the other Tailed Beast were creations of his son, Pan. Who had made them once sealing the Ten Tailed Bijju into himself as the demon was disrupting nature, not wanting the Bijju to run rampant Pan asked Artemis a favor which she granted… much to everyone's surprise. Pan released the beast from within in, and Artemis captured it into the moon sealing it… and since then Pan had been sleeping in the other world exhausted.

Even though he knew the Bijju wouldn't cause harm the other shinobi didn't know that… He also knew once she gave birth the seal would weaken, so he took charge keeping the fox sealed as he offered words of encouragement… And in return she threatened to cut his balls off for all the pain he was putting her through.

This of course made him laugh, and in his joy he didn't notice the damn Son of Hades come into the room.

The said son of Hades released the Kyuubi making it run rampant with his sharingan, and Hermes chased him, surprised at finding it was "Madara," or as the nickname Hades had given him Tobi.

They fought, but Hermes knowing he couldn't release his full powers without injuring his allies held back and because of this Tobi escaped… and Kushina was dying…

And from this point on… is… dead.

Hermes turned away from his lover's body holding back a sob, she knew who he was, and he told her how he had bedded with other woman before… and she didn't care saying she loved him. The love in her eyes was even more genuine than the love in May's. He remembered the feeling of happiness… completeness…

Now seeing her cold… and dead… left him feeling… empty.

As a God he knew he would eventually get over it… but for now he had no doubt in his mind that as he sired more children all the mother's faces would look like Kushina…

He turned his eyes painfully back to his son, knowing this would be the last time seeing him in a long time, and kissed his temple whispering a blessing in Greek.

He blessed his beautiful son with the best gift any demi-god could ask for… luck.

Then he smiled down at his said son, before turning to the Third Hokage who was watching nervously trying to give them privacy, but was having trouble doing so as more and more presences began to close in on them.

"Tell them I am dead." Hermes said staring into Sarutobi's eyes, "Tell them to treat my son as a hero… the greatest hero."

Sarutobi nodded, "Do you wish to tell him about you Lord Hermes?"

"No," he answered simply, "When I feel he is old enough I want to bring my son into the other dimension… where he belongs."

"Hai," the old man murmured with a bow, "As you wish."

Hermes nodded as his wounds began to heal, "Close your eyes old man," quickly Sarutobi followed Hermes orders as the said god disappeared in a golden flash.

My son will be one of the greatest heroes… Even greater than the Child of the Prophecy.



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