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Chapter 14


"He relies too much on Susanoo. All you have to do is get past it, and it should be good." Kurama explained.

Naruto sighed, this was going to be a long battle. Unless Madara was asking to finish it then. Naruto drew up the water surrounding him from the air. The humidity visibly dropped. Grass and trees dried up, and a flood of water was surrounding him. He compressed it into a ball, all in Kyuubi form, using his hands. Suddenly, the water disappeared.

Madara twitched his eyebrow. Where did it go?

Naruto was concentrating on the water. He compressed half of his own chakara into it, not counting Kurama's chakara. He learned this trick from Gaara. His own personal water would work like his own sand, but this was only a test. Right now, his water wasn't moving quickly, but Gaara had said that he had slowly over time, put amounts of chakara into it.

Naruto drew the water out from his stomach, and suddenly, it felt quick and easy to move. "Mizu mizu no bullet!" Naruto whipped tiny water droplets (like fish men) at the Susanoo.

"What are those tiny things..." Madara realized that Susanoo had used his sword to protect his invincible armor. Or he thought it was invincible. He threw sixteen and a small senbon along with them towards Madara.

Madara looked purely evil as he sent Susanoo's sword crushing down on it. They exploded, and a gigantic flood of water crashed into Madara and Susanoo. But Madara began... steaming. The water on him was dissapearing into the air. Madara raised Susanoo's gigantic sword to swing around to hit Naruto. But Naruto was gone. Madara looked around, terrified. Where did he go? "Mizuken."

A clear sword stabbed through Madara. He looked up at Naruto. "No way... I..." Naruto wretched the sword out of Madara's stomach. Naruto smiled. So did Madara. It was not Naruto who was stabbing Madara. It was the other way around. He was caught in gengetsu. Naruto coughed up blood, smiled weakly, then was gone in a puff of smoke.

Madara looked wide eyed around, where was the real one? He had used gengetsu on a pathetic clone. Naruto grinned. It's over. That was his clone he was fighting the entire time. That means what he used was only half of his power. And that gengetsu was about Kurama's level of gengetsu. Naruto had learned how to dispel gengetsu, but still could barely pull up a weak gengetsu that Madara could easily see through. So the approach was not gengetsu.

Naruto realized Zoro was right next to him looking around for Naruto. Naruto grinned, "Boo!" Zoro freaked. "Oh it's you, Naruto, I thought that Madara dude had come over to kill you,"

"Yeah, I was just planning on how I should approach him," Naruto began gathering up water. He transformed back into Kyuubi chakara mode. Bursting out of the rocks, he threw twenty senbon bombs at Madara.

Madara easily sent them crashing down with his sword. A huge wave exploded on him, then suddenly, it was rising up in mist. Puddles were scattered on the floor, but most water was swirling in the air.

"Fuuton: Kamikaze," Naruto waved his hands around, and water followed his hands. A huge tornado suddenly blasted, swirling with gallons and gallons of water, and wind blowing it violently around. Madara's eyes widened, "An A rank jutsu..."

"You're too focused on defense." Naruto said, twenty kunai with attached paper bomb seals hit him in the chest in back.

"How did you manage to hit both sides at the same time?" Madara asked, "moreover, how did you get past Susanoo? He's the... ultimate protection."

Naruto landed on his feet, smiled, and turned around. "The tornado redirect the kunai,"

Madara's eyes widened, he knew what was going to happen.

"Katsu!" he grinned as he said Deidera's favorite line when explosions happen. A gigantic boom filled the air, and for a while, Naruto couldn't hear from the shock of the explosions. Madara's body tore through the air, and laid on the ground.

Naruto smiled, Madara was still alive. He hopped over to Madara and said, "You rely too much on Susanoo," Madara closed his eyes. "You win, kid."

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