Chapter 15

Happy Endings

Naruto stared at the defeated opponent before him. He did it. He defeated the ultimate Madara who was on almost even levels with the first hokage. No way.

Chopper ran, terrified towards Naruto, "Are you okay?"

At that moment, Naruto was so exhausted from chakara exhaustion, he cloapsed, causing Chopper to yell, "Help! Someone! Get a doctor!" Naruto barely smiled as he closed his eyes, shutting off the light of the sun, on the cloudless day.

"YOU ARE A DOCTOR!" Zoro who was nearby yelled at Chopper.

"Oh yeah!" he turned into his human form, picked up the bloody, injured, blonde, and ran towards Going Sunny as fast as he could.

The rest of the crew members ran towards him quickly (including the ninja).

Chopper gently put him down on the bed of the "hospital" for injured members. The rest of the crew members stared at him, who was running around, grabbing medicine from the racks.

"Get out of this room, he needs to heal!" Chopper yelled, throwing all the crew members out, except for Sakura, who stayed behind, telling Chopper she was also a medic.

The Akatsuki were right behind them. "Hey, can I join you?" Sasori said shyly (A/N: Alliteration XD)

"Hn," Itachi said, leaning against the wall, staring menacingly at Luffy, "nothing better to do,"

"Tobi is a good boy!" Tobi screamed, Deidera running after him, Tobi obviously had done something stupid.

Itachi had just appeared, scaring Nami half to death. The crew members stared at the two ex-Akatsuki members.

Luffy grinned his trademark grin, "Sure."

"Hey, aren't they our enemies?" Zoro asked.

Usopp face palmed, "That's Luffy for you,"

Itachi sighed. He only joined this organization for Sasuke.

"You killed the Uchiha clan though..." Lee said

Itachi didn't feel like opening his mouth to explain the truth. "Tobi get over here,"

Tobi ran over obediently, Deidera following closely behind.

"Explain," Itachi said, sounding still bored.

The entire explanation was detailed and brilliant. Shikamaru's eyes were still lazy.

Lee had fire in his eyes, "Itachi-san you are much, much, much more youthful than I thought! Konoha was much less youthful than I thought!" He was definitely angry.

Shikamaru said lazily, "It was a brilliant plan, thought out by a mastermind. I can believe Konoha has it's dark sides."

Luffy was asleep along with Zoro, and the rest of the crew were only thinking wow. Of all the Straw Hats and the to be Straw Hats, he carried the heaviest burden. (in

Naruto, he also has the worst, poor Itachi)

They all agreed to the two victims, waiting in silence for Chopper to come out. Deidera finally found sympathy for the always smug Uchiha, that only seemed to lookdown upon him.

A piercing scream rings through the air, "JASHIN-SAMA! KAKAZU!" Hidan yelled angrily.

"Idiot! I'm stuck too!" Kakazu yells back.

"Shut up you guys, I can't sleep!" someone else yelled. No way, Itachi thought, Kisame slept through the whole thing?

Zetsu appeared on the ship, "Hello Itachi-san, Deidera, Tobi," Itachi looked calmly at the plant man while the others jumped.

"I'm going to leave with their crew, if you can see," Itachi said.

"Very well, you, Uchiha Itachi, are too strong to stop. Both Deidera and Tobi are too. If I ever succeed in recreating the Akatsuki, you, Straw Hats, will be my first target," Zetsu said, warningly.

"Hn," Itachi said calmly.

Tobi ran around screaming, "He's going to be after us!"

Deidera yelled, "Baka! We'll be much stronger than, yeah!"

"And we will too," Zetsu said, disappearing into the ship.

Sasori sighed, "Fool, the likes of you will never beat me,"

Luffy grinned, "I'll just beat you down."

Usopp was shaking in fear next to Tobi, who was doing the same. Sanji said, "I may not care about the rest of the crew, but if you hurt my ladies, than..." He was gone. Sanji spit out his cigarette and stamped on the area Zetsu disappeared at.

Deidera couldn't hold back his laughter. Luffy and most of the rest of the crew. "Well, you guys can be part of the crew than! Lets see if the strange immortal dude, or that other guy with the mask that likes money wants to join."

"Hidan and Kakazu? I doubt it, un." Deidera said.

"We can at least try, can't we?" Nami said, getting over Tobi's agonizing version of Itachi's story.

"No, let's not, at all, (un)." Sasori and Deidera finally came to an agreement, for once in their lives.

"Why not?" Luffy asked.

"Kakazu has a temper that would kill anyone, and the only person he can hang out with is Hidan, because Hidan can never die." Sasori said, averting his brown eyes from Luffy's intense stair.

"What about Kisame, un?" Deidera asked.

"Tobi is scared of fishman," Tobi said, still holding onto Usopp.

"He's a fishman?" Nami said, her voice deadly.

"No, he is more of a human fish," Itachi replied.

"Is that any different?" Zoro who woke up, asked curiously.

"Yes, and no, un," Deidera said mysteriously.

"Just hurry up and decide," Sasori said.

"Yeah!" Luffy said.

"I'll just go and ask." Itachi said.

"Hurry up," Sasori replied.

Itachi was back in a flash, holding Kisame, his red eyes boring into Sasori's. Sasori smiled. Nami backed away, next to Usopp, and held onto Tobi, "How do you survive these scary people?" She asked.

"Don't worry, Nami-san, you can hold onto me as much as you want," Sanji got a bloody nose thinking of that.

Shikamaru and Lee didn't let their guard down next to the former enemies.

Franky, oblivious to the attitude in the air, stared face to face at Kisame, after stating his proposal.

Kisame replied bluntly, "Nah, I don't feel like it, I guess I'll just do whatever I want, you guys will only slow me down."

"Hn," Itachi said, smiling.

"Yohohohoho!" Brook who was there all along appeared out of nowhere, even though that doesn't make sense.

Chopper burst out next to Sakura, "He's going to take several months to heal, but he's awake."

"Hey guys," Naruto's deep voice came out of the open cabin door, Luffy burst in first, side by side to Tobi, followed by Usopp, Shikamaru, and Lee, Brook slipped next to Luffy, and Franky ran in next to Deidera, while Robin, Zoro, Itachi, and Sasori simply walked in after the rest had run in.

Naruto didn't look too great, wrapped in bandages, almost head to toe, he smiled. "Can we stay on this island until I get well enough to walk? It'll only take a few days with the Kyuubi's power."

"Sure," Luffy said, "are you okay?" He asked worried.

"Tobi is happy he met you, Naruto."

The people that walked in last, saw he was okay, and hung out in the deck. "Aww, no Robin, Sasori, Itachi, nor Zoro by my death bed?"
"YOUR DEATH BED!? NARUTO! DON'T DIE!" Tobi screamed, running around next to Luffy who was also running around.

"Baka! It was a joke, hmm," Deidera replied.

Naruto smiled, he was back with his crew.

A/N: I know it's not going to end here. I'm going to add a sequel sometime.