Okay, so this is the sequel for uSerS Level 1. So if you haven't read that yet, go read that first. As I have stated, there will be 5 'books' for my story, and 12 chapters in each. This is the second 'book'.

Anyways, I've been thinking a lot about the characters, and Shizu especially. I'm wondering whether I portrayed them correctly. So I decided as their years in Kumi Academy go by, they'll start to change. Shizu may not always be nonchalant and reasonable right now, but eventually she will be.


I walk through the January snow. It brings great memory of last year. When I first came, when I was just starting my user life. I laugh. I'm having a recollection when it's only been 2 weeks and 2 days.

I make sure I had everything. I have my wooden sword that looks beat up, and I have my bracelet safely on my left wrist. I enter the academy door that said '2' on top of it.

"I'm back." I mutter. (A/N: This is where the theme song enters, but since this isn't an anime, just pretend the theme song enters right here)

They told us to get here before 4 PM (excluding the level ones of course). I look at the school clock once I'm inside, and it's 3:20. When I'm inside I see there's only two tables, one for the uniforms and one for the class schedules. My uniform will now have the number 2 on it. I go up to the uniform table.

"Swordsman, and long socks." I say smoothly. One of the guards nods and hands me two pairs of shoes, two pairs of socks, and two sets of uniforms. I miss wearing these purple clothes. I go over to the class schedule table.

"Shizu Sanu." I say simply.

"Before I give you your schedule I have to inform you of something. Level twos share physical education and enrichment with level threes." One of the guards says. I nod my head and the other guard beside her gives me my schedule. I take a look at it.

Swordsman 2: Room 9

Physical Education: Girl Locker Room

Newspaper Club: Publication Room

General 2: Room 12

This schedule will be a little hard getting used too. I walk all the way to the girl dorms, to my dorm, number 26. I open the door and I see that everyone's here. And I thought I was pretty early.

"I miss you Shizu! Woah, your hair!" Emi says giving a surprised face.

"I don't want to talk about my hair." I say sighing. I forgot to mention, my hair's shoulder length now.


"Cheers!" Ryuta says.

"To the return of Shizu and Daiki!" Yuina says. We lift our plastic cups and then drink our regular water.

"These cups cost money and they're not that needed you know?" I say.

"Yeah they are! We have to celebrate my birthday too!" Souta shouts.

"In a week, buddy." I reply.

"Why did Yuina say Shizu's name first?" Daiki asks pouting.

"Because I'm older." I say with pride.

"Well, welcome back you guys." Chou says smiling.

"Hope you learned, dears." Kazue says.

"Oh, we learned." I say.

"And from your wooden sword, Shizu, I can tell you're a swordsman." Ryuta says. I nod my head.

"Obviously, I'm a savager." Daiki says taking out his fox. It's orange and extremely cute.

"Does it have a name?" Akio asks.

"I'm still thinking. It just hatched a week ago." Daiki replies.

"A late boomer eh?" I say. The fox crawls onto Daiki's shoulder. Daiki gives a big grin in return.

Our family finishes the dinner and then the 3 young ones go to sleep, Kouki, Ume, and Akio.

"Good night, Shizu." Ume says. She's so cute now that she can finally talk. Although, it's kind of weird she has the same first name as Tanaka.

"Night." I reply.

"See! Why is it all about Shizu?" Daiki asks with wide eyes.

"How long is it going to take for you to know that I'm better than you?" I ask playfully. Daiki glares at me.

"Now, now. No fighting dears." Kazue says.

"Sorry." I say.

While the others are doing their own thing, and the young ones are asleep, Daiki comes up to me.

"Got business with me?" I ask.

"Yeah, I do. Let's play Goldfish." Daiki says.

"Well okay." I say laughing at how childish that game is.

"With a bet." Daiki adds grinning.

"Alright, bet on what?" I say getting hyped.

"The other person decides. If you lose, you cut your hair- a little above the shoulder." Daiki says. (A/N: Shizu really loves how her hair is long. She waited until it was perfectly to her waist. And yes, I was too lazy for Shizu to explain this in the story.)


"Your brother's girlfriend? Wasn't she blond?" I ask.

"Yeah, that's the only difference. And her hair is a bit longer." Tomoko replies. "I think it looks nice." Katsumi says. Everyone looks the same, except for Emi and I.

"Kind of looks like Hiromi." Tomoko says. She's lying on her bed.

We started talking for hours. Our main topic was about our break and holiday.

For Emi, her family restaurant was completely full every day since it was during the holidays. She also spent great times going around the whole city plaza with her family.

For Tomoko, her family made her animal companion, Nana, and her train the whole entire time. Whenever she had a chance, she would sneak away from her family dojo and go to a music store to play her guitar. Tomoko was about to say something else, but she changed her mind.

For Katsumi, her parents came back just in time for Christmas. After a few days, they left to go on another foreign mission.

And for me, it was a bunch of things.

"So, you guys excited to be level twos?" Katsumi asks.

"Yep!" Emi says.

"We'll finally be able to do a tournament." Tomoko says.

"With 100 points as prize." I add grinning.

"You sure like points Shizu." Katsumi says.

"I still can't believe you joined the newspaper club just for points." Tomoko says.

"I kind of gave all 112 of my points to my family during the break." I say. Stupid Daiki only gave 75 points. Well, he was using some points like what Ryuta told us to do in his letter.

"That's so sweet!" Emi says. I give a smile in response.

"Oh yeah, did you guys notice our schedules?" I ask changing the subject.

"Yeah, the only thing that didn't change was our homeroom." Katsumi says.

"And we're sharing P.E. and enrichment with level threes! We can meet more people!" Emi says excitedly. I'm surprised; I thought she was going to say boys. Must be the holiday vibes.

We talked, played cards, got settled, and eventually it was time to eat dinner. (6 PM) We went into the E.A. and sat at our table, with the floating chairs of course. Only the level ones are wearing uniforms, so they stand out.

I looked around for familiar people.

Several tables in front of ours, was Ken and his followers. He looked like a gentlemen as usual. They were mostly guys, and they were probably the most popular guys out of level twos. Then again, some might not be level twos.

A couple tables to my left, was Arisa and her followers. She's wearing the white scarf and looking unsure as usual. Hopefully she took my advice to get stronger. Mana's with her too. I have to admit, I was a bit shocked when Daiki said he served Arisa afterschool.


It was after dinner, everyone was getting ready to sleep. I was getting a small sip of water. Daiki came up to me.

"Can I talk to you outside for a minute Shizu?" Daiki asks.

"It's dark and cold though." I reply.

"You can't take it?" Daiki asks smirking. I put the water bottle down.

"Fine, but only for a few minutes." I say as we walk out of the tent.

"So, I need help." Daiki starts off.

"And why did you ask me for it?" I ask.

"Well, I need help because I want to help someone. And that someone a female, your age." Daiki says. I stand there dumbfounded.

"Are you really Daiki?" I ask.

"I am!" he says embarrassed. I laugh a little.

"So who is this girl you want to help? Is it because you like her?" I ask grinning.

"She's the person I serve afterschool. And no, I don't like her! I kind of feel sad for her." Daiki replies.

"So, what's her name?" I say impatiently.

"Arisa." Daiki says simply.

"HAA?" I shout.

"Shh!" Daiki whispers to me. I calm down.

"Why would you want to help her? She's so unconfident." I say in a lower voice.

"I told you my reason already. And how do you know her so well?" Daiki questions. I didn't tell my family about how I helped in the monthly mystics.

"Well, you know, she's in my PE." I say looking guilty.

"Shizu, everyone in our level is in our PE." Daiki says.

"Skip the details, I just know her okay?" I say.

"Fine. So any advice?" Daiki says.

"Have you tried talking to her?" I ask.

"I did, but every time she stays silent or murmurs very few words." Daiki says.

"Well, what did you try saying to her?" I ask.

"Other than "how may I serve you?", I tried saying funny things." Daiki answers. I think for a little bit. I think about Ken and I, how we became buddies.

"I got it! Be serious with her. Maybe a little harsh if you have to. Tell her she has to change, and help her change." I say. Daiki looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Do you know how hard it is for me being serious?" Daiki asks.

"Well, you sure are serious for tape." I answer.

"How can you tell?" Daiki asks.

"Your school bag has tape all over it. And written on top of the tape is Tape: Serious Business." I reply.

"Fine, but it's hard for a guy to be harsh with a girl." Daiki says.

I thought of Ken and how he first treated me. "Want to bet?" I say.

"Huh?" Daiki asks confused.

"Never mind." I say squinting my eyes. "Just take my advice."

"Alright, but how do I change her?" Daiki asks.

"Well, get her to feel better about herself. Then everything else will be easy." I say smiling.

"Okay, thanks cousin." Daiki says. I give another smile.

"Come on, let's go to sleep." I suggest. Daiki nods his head and we go back in the tent.

As I'm trying to fall asleep, I start to think of how Daiki and us changed. And I have to say; we became nicer.

A year ago, all we thought about was our family. Now, look at us. I'm helping Ken and I helped in the monthly mystics. And Daiki's going to help Arisa. I like this change in us. We're the same, but different.


And speaking of the devil, Daiki just came in. I was so close to telling him I like Ken, but I didn't. I haven't even told my friends yet. I guess I should tell them, I mean we're really close.

We finish dinner and walk back to our dorms. Mana and one of her friends intercept us unfortunately.

"Well, well, if it isn't Shizu Sanu the homeless girl." Mana says as she swishes one of her blue pigtails back. I sigh.

"Nice to see you too, Mana." I say fake smiling. My dorm mates and I walk past her. And Emi waves bye to her.

"We are too generous to them." Tomoko says when we reach our dorm. I put my bracelet in front of the door to scan and then I open it.

"I know right." I say.

We all take turns showering and then we start talking. Emi, Katsumi, and I are sitting on the floor while Tomoko's sitting on her top bunk bed.

"I know we're ready for level 2." Emi says.

"You bet. Katsumi and I get to choose whether to be a knight or a samurai. What are you choosing Katsumi?" I ask.

"Probably a knight, it has a whole lot of strength." Katsumi says.

"Well, I'm going to be a samurai! It has speed." I say.

"Is this because you watched Tanaka during the monthly mystics battle?" Katsumi asks grinning.

"Of course!" I reply. Katsumi laughs.

"Enough about schools! Let's talk about guys!" Emi says.

"Fine, how's your love life Tomoko?" I ask. We all look at her.

"Nothing." Tomoko murmurs.

"Nothing?" Katsumi asks. Tomoko looks down from her top bunk and nods her head.

"Come on Tomoko! You don't have to lie to us!" Emi says smiling.

Tomoko looks at us for a few seconds. "I got with Junsei during break. There, I said it!" she says blushing. Emi squeals.

"Oh that is so sweet!" Emi says.

"Don't ask for the details." Tomoko says glaring at us.

"So since we know I'm interested in many guys, and Katsumi's forever single, how about you Shizu?" Emi asks. I think for a moment.

"Well, I do like a guy but I can't tell you who he is." I say.

"Aww, why not?" Katsumi asks.

"Because I can't tell you why I like him. And I'm not saying that in the shallow way, I really do like him." I say simply.

"Then just tell us his name." Emi says.

"Yeah, we won't ask why." Katsumi says. Tomoko nods her head in agreement.

"Fine." I say. "It's Ken Takeda."

"The principal's son?" Emi asks. They all look at me shocked.

"Mhmm, got anything to say to that?" I say and give a creepy smile.

"Nope." Tomoko says since Katsumi and Emi are still shocked.

We're all silent for a moment. "Do you guys think we're ready for level two?" I ask them.

"Of course!" Emi says.

"Sure it'll be more of a challenge but-" Katsumi starts but Tomoko cuts her off.

"I know we're all ready for a challenge." Tomoko says as she puts her hand into a fist.

"And did you guys see those level ones in the E.A.?" I ask.

"I know; they stood in awe!" Emi says.

"Were we that annoying?" Katsumi wonders.

"Most likely." Tomoko replies. We all start laughing. I have a feeling this year is going to be a blast! (A/N: And yes, that is foreshadowing.)

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