Another story. I can't help it. The NFA forum doesn't help either. They got a challenge called Fix it going and its done on the 30 so I thought maybe I'll try and see if I can get this done by then.

If I can't, well least I can have fun with this and all my other stories. Enjoy the prologue my friends.

She hadn't heard from him in days. Now she knew why.

"Oh Tim…" she murmured as tears fell and splashed the typed up letter left for her. Left where the typewriter used to sit.

She finished the letter and folded it in half. "They'll pay for this" she muttered angrily.

She locked her brothers place or rather what was left of it and left for NCIS.

"What the hell did you all do?" She screamed when she walked in the bullpen after getting by security.

"What are you talking about Sarah and where is your brother?"

"Good question Jethro, it seems Tim quit last night or someone impersonating him sent me an email" Vance cut in.

Everyone turned to look at him then Sarah. She only walked to Gibbs and gave him the letter.

"I hope you're happy!" She hissed. She turned and sat in her brothers empty chair glaring at Gibbs as he read the letter.

"Dear Sarah,

I am writing this to you because I know you'd try and stop me. I am sorry little sister but I couldn't let that happen. I know you'll be fine, you're a smart kid.

I guess you're wondering why I left and finally gave up. I was attacked by a dog at a crime scene sis. Almost died till I shot the beast. What makes it more tragic is no one on my team cares.

Gibbs sent me to drive the dog to Abby. Didn't seem to matter I was mauled by it and luckily didn't die on the way back. Ducky, who I once thought a friend, allowed it. Abby then turned on me when she realized I shot the dog.

And of course to top it off Tony put on a cd of when dogs attack which nearly gave me a heart attack. Ziva didn't stop him. I think she may been amused.

I guess that clears it up huh sis? I love you Sarah with all my heart but I am done. I have no idea what I'll do now though. NCIS was my dream and they shattered it.

Love you sis,