Anthony's POV

"I got to go.. I was just going to walk" She said loooking down probably guilty she was going to just leave

"Ill drive you.. I have to get Ian and I breakfest" I said then walked over to the door and slid on my shoes then grab my keys "Come on lets go."

She stood there for a mintute then she throws on her shoes too.

"Ladies first" I said when I open the door

"Then I think you should go first" Ian said walking into the livingroom/kitchen area then she laughed and walked outside. She walked out side then stopped and looked confused when she saw 2 cars in the driveway.

"The black one" I said so she knew which one was mine

"Whos that inside?" she said when we sat down in the car

"The is my best friend / business partner Ian Hecox"

"mhmm" Is all I heard from her seat

"Why did you lie about your name last night?" I asked

"I only want to be Anna if I go out and went to have fun and be loud otherwise I want to be Ameila that shy girl"

"I think I like the both of you" I said smiling

"Sorry by the way Anthony" she said looking at me then looking down


"Being a bother last night.. I had a bad day and decided to go out"

"We all have those days but some more then others" I reasured her then pulled into the bar lot

"Thanks" She jumps out of the car as fast as she can then walks to her car and stands there looking at her car then she turns around walks back to my car "Hey Anthony .. I lefted my purse at your house"

I started to laugh "Get in the car well going get breakfest then go get your purse!"

She jumps back into the car "I just want to go home" She states giving me a hard look

"After we get breakfest you can" I stated

"No thank you.." she gets out of the car "Ill call my friend and ill pick up my purse later... Thanks for last night by the way" then she shuts my car door and pulls her phone out of her shirt.

I pull out of the lot then go to Mickey-D's to get some breakfest