It's been three weeks since I came home with Riku to Kairi. And every night I have nightmares. And everyday when I wake up I feel weak and sick. I haven't told Riku or Kairi about it yet. I don't want to worry them. But...maybe, I'm the one who should be worried. I'm the one being haunted by the Darkness.

We're at the Island and Riku looks up at the sky. "It's getting dark." he mummers. "That late already huh?" says Kairi, "Guess it's time to go home then." "Yeah it looks that way. Well, I'll be the first to dismiss then. Bye Kairi, Sora. Good night to each of you." Says Riku leaving us. "Bye!" shouts Kairi happily. "Yeah, Bye, Riku." I say with less enthusiasm. "Well I better get going too. My mom won't be happy if I stay out late again. Bye, Sora." says Kairi smiling. I bring a half-heartily smile to my lips and say, "Yeah, I know, bye, Kairi." She looks at me. I can tell she knows something is wrong. But she says nothing, just gives me a concerned look and walks away.

I sigh once she was gone. "Guess I have to go home too." I mummer to myself. I jump off the bent tree I had been sitting on and head for my house that is just outside of town, on the other side of the long bridge leading here. I get across the bridge and it's dark now. I look at my house. My mom's light is out but the living room light is still on. Great. Mom's waiting for me. What time is it? I ask myself. I look at my watch; 8:45 PM. Shoot. I'm dead meat now. There was no running away now. So I opened the front door and went inside.

"Where have you been, Sora?" asks a woman sitting in a chair, wearing a purple flowery robe, and has long brown hair, the same shade as mine. I knew it. Mom was waiting for me. I sigh and answer, "At the Island with Riku and Kairi, LIKE I said I would be." She sighed angrily. "Son, don't act like I'm stupid." she started. "I never said you were..!" I said in defense of myself. She lifts a hand and says, "Sora, I was still talking. It is rude to speak when others are already speaking. Doesn't your school teach you any manners?"

I knew then to just shut up. I didn't reply. "I specifically told you to be back here by 7:00. Did I not?" she asks. I nod. "Then why are you home after dark? Almost 9:00 instead of 7:00?" she asks. "I was hanging out with Riku and Kairi. I didn't realize what time it was." I explain. "When it is almost dark you don't know what time it is?" she asks with anger in her voice. I knew now that there was no simply going to bed without dinner. I was gonna get it now and I knew it.

She rises from her chair. Here it comes. She walks over to me. I flinch. She raises her hand and I step back. She moves her hand in a swing and I shut my eyes tight. I felt a hard slap across my face and I gasp and am forced to step back. The stinging in my right cheek tells me it is either bruised or got cut by her wedding ring. She still wears it even though dad died two years ago. Too bad I was asleep then. I feel something wet slide down my cheek. Blood. I got cut by the ring.

I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was looking at the ring. It has a little blood on it. She doesn't care. She just takes it off muttering to herself "I'll just clean it later." She brings her attention back to me and I suck in a breath as she grabs my hair and pulls, causing me to fall down. "Get up." she says pulling me up by my hair. She looks at me. "You disgust me. Why can't you just listen to me." she says. I look at her but know better than to answer that question. She glares at me and pushes me into the wall and I slip on the tile floor and fall to the ground. She walks up to me, fists balled up. I put my arm up over my face to protect myself and she starts wailing on me with all her might. I try not to make any sound, that just makes her madder.

Once she stops hitting me I remove my arm from my face and look at her. She gets up and walks into the kitchen. Never a good sign. I quickly stand up and when I do I stagger and almost fall again but I caught myself on the counter. But I slipped into the shoe step by the door where you put your shoes when you come in and I fell down again. Mom comes back in with a kitchen knife. And a big one at that. My eyes widen. Oh god no, please don't let her kill me tonight.

I quickly get up and look around for something to protect myself with. My eyes wild I can't find a thing. NO! I thought as she came closer. Her eyes narrow. I back up and I'm at the wall. Have to get out. I thought. She comes over to me. "I can't stand you. Never could. You're a piece of worthless shit I wish I never had." she says calmly but hatefully. I look at her. "I'm tired of you too, bitch." I say and duck to her side and run for the door and yank it open and out I go. Running as fast as I can I can hear her running after me. I run faster and zip into an ally way. Gotta lose 'er! I thought. I run as fast as I possibly can looking around for a street I know. Alise Strt. Ken Strt. Roe Strt. Ploy Ave. No no no no! I thought, gotta find Riku's street! I'll be safe there!

I keep running, taking sharp turns, hoping to lose mom along the way so she will just go home. If I can lose her I will be safe. I gasp as a sharp pain shoots through my right shoulder. I am forced to stop. I turn and look behind me. I see my mother behind me with the kitchen knife buried deep into the top of my shoulder, a sick smile on her face. Everything goes dark and I fall down, my body going numb.

Darkness. That's all I see now. Am I dead? Alive? Am I alone? I can't hear anything. Am I deaf? Am I blind? I can't feel anything. I must be dead. If my eyes are open I can't tell. I can't move. Am I paralyzed? What's happening to me. I can't even speak out loud. I don't even know if my mouth is moving at all. Maybe I am dead. Yeah. That's it. I'm dead. So now what? Do I lose my heart and turn into a Heartless? Do I just stay like this? Forever?


What was that? A voice? Am I alive? Still can't tell. Please, Voice. Say something again.

"...ra? Can me?"

What? That doesn't make sense. Maybe I'm crazy. Still can't move. Voice? Say something else. Something I can understand. Please.

"Sora? Are

Sora. Who's that? Oh yeah, it's me. But what else are you saying? "Sora? Are yo..." Yo? Do you mean "you"? "Sora? Are" What's "re"? Please, Voice, say


"Sora? Can you hear me?"

I understand that. Thanks, Voice. But, who's asking if I can hear? Aren't I dead?

"Sora..please answer me. Open your eyes. Say something. Anything...please."

That voice...I know that voice. But..I can't remember his name. What was it again? It starts with an "R" doesn't it?

"Sora, wake up. Please, for your best friends."

Best friends? I only hear Riku. Riku! That's it! That's his name! OW! What was that? A sudden burst of pain in my shoulder. Did I just wince? I thought I couldn't move...

"Riku! He moved!"

That voice. It's a girl this time... That's right, my other best friend. My light..right? My best friend's are...Riku...Riku, and...

"Are you sure?"

Riku again. What's her name? Please say her name, Riku!

"Yes. I saw it. He winced. Is he in pain, Doctor?"

The girl. Doctor? There's a Doctor with them? How? Where are they? I did wince... Where am I? What's going on? Ow.. Sirens hurt my ears. Ah! I can hear more! I hear...sirens. From, an ambulance? Is that where I am? In an ambulance with Riku, Kairi, and a Doctor? Ah! That's it! Kairi! That's her name! Kairi..."my light..."

"Did he just speak?"

A new voice. The Doctor no doubt. I want to hear "Kairi talk..."

"Sora? Are you talking to me?"

Am I talking to her? It appears I'm saying things by accident. Maybe she is only getting bits and pieces of what I'm saying. Hmmm. Let's try something..."K-Kai..ri.."

"Sora! Doctor! He can hear us! He said my name!"

I'm seeing something now...Light? Very dim light. I want it. Need it. I reach up towards the light. Huh. I thought I couldn't move. I reach for it with all my might. The light. Need the light. Need it. Must have it.

"Riku! He's opening his eyes!"

Kairi again. Am I opening my eyes? I see...I see...a white ceiling...and...Three people looking over me. Kairi. Riku. And a man in Doctor clothes. Go figure. I see faint red lights from behind me. Yep. It's an ambulance.

"Sora? Can you hear us?"

That was the Doctor. I nod, "Uh-huh.."

"He can speak too it seems. Sora? Can you see us?"

Still the Doctor. Again I nod, "Yes.."

The doctor sighs, "Good. You will heal rather quickly then." That reminds me. "Doctor? How bad is my right shoulder?" I ask him looking at him wearily. I saw Kairi from the corner of my eye. She looks both sad and tired. My fault. Riku looks the same. Again my fault. "Sora? Can I ask you something?" asks the doctor. I look at him. He didn't answer my question, but, I will be nice and answer his. I don't feel like talking right now, so I nod.

"Who did this to you? All these bruises, the cut on your face, the knife in your shoulder?" he asks. I felt silly asking this, "Didn't you...take the knife out...?" The doctor laughed a little. always a good sign. "Yes I did, a gauze is against your stab wound right now. Now, Sora, who did this to you? Are you being abused at home?"

I think for a minute. I sigh, deciding to tell the truth for once. I nod. "Who did it, Sora? You have to tell us so we can help you." he says. I gulp, and with tears forming in my eyes I say, "My mother, she did it all..." That made everyone gasp. I never told anyone. I told them I was happy at home, that mom never hit me and that I was just clumsy, to cover my bruises. I was finally letting it all out. Tears fell down my cheeks. I closed my eyes and I instantly fell asleep.

When I woke up again I was laying in a hospital bed in a bright white room. I closed my eyes again to shut out the light. "Hey now! Don't go falling back asleep on us!" I smile and open my eyes and face him, "Riku." "What happened to you, man? I found you lying in the street across from my house. You were cold and bleeding badly. I thought we'd lost you. You have no idea how that made me feel." he says. "Made US feel." chipped in Kairi. I sighed and winced. It hurt to breathe. But why? I was only hurt in my shoulder. Wasn't I?

I turned to Riku the beast I could and asked him, "Is there something wrong anywhere near my lungs?" He looked at me regretfully, like he shouldn't be telling me. I sigh in response and give him my best tell-me-everything look. He smiles a bit at that. "Yes." he says simply, the smile gone. "What?" I ask. He sighs, "You were stabbed multiple times, Sora. Not just in your shoulder." I sucked in my breath and my eyes went wide at that. "H-how many t-times?" I managed to choke out.

He looked regretful again. That was it. The last straw. I was tired of everyone hiding everything from me. He was going to tell me. Even if it kills him. "Tell me how many times, Riku." I said narrowing my eyes. He sighed and looked at me, his eyes started to water I think. "Nine-teen. You were stabbed nine-teen times." he said. I gasped then winced again and cried out. Kairi stood up. "I'll get the doctor! He's in pain!" she said. And with that she was gone.

"Wh-where?" I asked him. He looks at me then looks out the window. It's still dark. "Riku.." I say. He turns back to me, his eyes solid. "Once in the shoulder, Three times in the lower back, twice in the chest, four times in the upper back, five times in the arms, three times in the legs, once in the left hand, and once in the collar bone." he answered. My eyes were wide, my mouth gaping.

"H-how? I only remember the shoulder..." I say trailing off in confusion. "The doctor says the pain caused you to black out, you didn't feel the rest. Thank god. You might have died if you had felt it." says Riku shaking his head. I was trying to make sense of all this. Kairi comes back with a doctor. A different one from the one in the ambulance with us.

"Okay, Sora. I'm going to give you some knock out gas so we can see what's going on with your heart." he says. "My...heart?" I asked. He nods, "Your heart waves are way off the charts. Okay stay calm." he says and puts a "gas mask" on me. You know, one of those little breathing masking that cover your mouth and nose that doctors give asthma people. Yeah that one. After a few seconds I was out like a light.

Where am I?

The Darkness.

Who are you?

You know who I am, Sora.

I do?

Don't tell me you forgot already! Man, that's just heart breaking!

Okay, wise guy. Just tell me who you are.

That's not like me. Guess. You should know my voice, Sora. Just try. Guess my name.

Can I have a hint?

That's no fun. Guess. You know my voice, Sora!

Your voice does sound familiar. But...I can't tell who you are. Give me a hint. I can hear the voice sigh.

It starts with an "R", that's all you get! So guess.

"R", right. Okay. hmmm. "R." R-Ro...

That's it! Come on! You know my name!


Come on, come on! You know it, so say it!



So, I'm in the Darkness?


But why? Are you here too?

Not exactly, Sora. I'm in your heart. Your in the Darkness.

What? But how?

Well, you have darkness in your heart. And it seems to be dragging you under.

What? Dragging me under? I don't understand.

Sora, it's like this, from what I know your heart collected darkness in it when you released your heart two or so years ago. And the darkness has been building. And it has been dragging you deeper under. That's why you get the dreams. Why you wake up sick. Understand now?

Yes..but, Roxas, how do I stop it from taking over me or killing me?

Do you know what your light is, Sora?

Yes. It's Kairi.

Good. That's important.

What about it? How does knowing my light help me any?

If you don't lose sight of your light, she can pull you back. You just have to let her know so she can save you.

So, I have to tell her when I wake up?'s the thing, Sora, you won't be waking up.

What? Wh-why not? Roxas! Why not?'re dying, Sora. They put you in surgery and you're not going to make it. Your heart is giving out. There's no time left. If Kairi can't save you now, you will be lost to the darkness forever.

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