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We had all gathered at the portal out of here and we were waiting for Roxas and Kairi to return with the crystal keys. Roxas came running to us, looking horrified. I stepped in front of the others, again, taking my place as leader. "Roxas?" I asked once he stood before me, "What's wrong?"

"It's Kairi!" he he cried out. Sora's eyes literally looked like they were about to pop out of his head. "What?" he demanded, "What's wrong with Kairi? Why isn't she with you?" He looked like he was going to cry. I returned my attention to my best friend's blond Nobody, "Tell me what you know."

"Well, I was on my way back here with the ring, and I decided to walk Kairi back too so she wouldn't get lost, so I went to the room I knew she was going in and I found her passed out on the floor, and not only that, but she kept changing!" says Roxas. "What do you mean she kept changing?" I asked.

"She kept changing from her original form to one of Darkness in like seconds. I don't know what's wrong with her!" he cried. "I do." I heard Sora barely say. I turned to my best friend, "What is it, Sora?" "She stole all of my Darkness when it started to take over me. And now, all because of me, she's fading." answers Sora with his head down.

I instantly took off in the direction I knew Kairi would be and I heard footsteps behind me. I guess everyone else wants to come too. Though I only willed for Sora to come. We got to the room she is in and just as Roxas had said, she's passed out on the floor changing from Light to Darkness.

Sora rushes past me and gets down on his knees and lifts Kairi up into his arms. "Kairi!" he called at her, "Kairi, open your eyes!" Doesn't that bring back memories? I winced. Shut up, Ansem. And get out of my head while your at it! I walked up beside Sora and looked at Kairi's changing form. "She'll fade if nothing is done." whispers Namine.

I turned to Namine, "Then there must be a way to save her." Sora looks at the blond with tear filled eyes, "How? How can we save her?" Namine sighs and shakes her head, "It's just too risky, Sora." "Tell me!" he demands. I look at him again, he's angry, but sadder than anything else.

"Sora, if I tell you, you'll want to do it." says Namine. "Well duh! Now tell me! Please, Namine, I can't lose Kairi again, please tell me how to save her!" he begs. She looks at him, worry filling her own eyes. She doesn't want Sora to fade. I know that's what will happen if he saves Kairi. Kairi's my friend as well, and I too, I still, have a thing for her. But I don't want to see my best friend disappear either.

I sighed, as being the leader of this group, I have to make sure we get out of this world alive. "Tell him." I said, facing Namine now. She gapes at me, "W-what?" "Tell him, Namine." I said as evenly as possible. She nods slowly, she doesn't want to tell him, she doesn't want him to fade. None of us do, but Kairi's our only hope of getting out of here. What must be done, has to be done.

Namine looks at Sora and nods. He looks back at her questionably. "How do I save her?" he asks. She sighs, then takes a deep breath, then she speaks, "Kairi is fading, and the only way to save her, is to take away what's causing her to fade, the Darkness. If it is removed Kairi will be restored."

"And what will happen to me?" he asks. She looks down, trying not to obviously cry, "You, will fade." Sora looks surprised but he quickly changes that to a look of determination. I should have known. He's going to sacrifice himself to save Kairi. Again. But you better come back again this time, Sora.

"How do I take the Darkness from her?" he asks. Namine looks at him, tears already streaming down her face. "Just tell him, Namine. He's made his choice." I say, in the most leadership way I could. In all reality, I want Kairi to be saved, but I don't want to lose my best friend to the Darkness.

She looked at me in disbelief, like I would try and stop Sora. I sighed, "Namine, it's his choice. I can't and won't try to control what Sora does. He knows what's right and what's wrong. He isn't a mindless child. Just tell him. We need Kairi to leave here anyway." She nodded and faced Sora again. "To steal the Darkness from her you have to-" she says but gets cut off by a man in a black coat saying, "There is no escape for the lot of you. You all will die here."

We all looked over to our left, where he heard the voice come from. The man was standing there, on a ledge. Sora glared up at him, as did I, and most likely everyone else in our group. "You think you can keep us here?" demands Axel. "Ah yes, I heard you had escaped, Number Eight." the man said. "The name's Axel." growls Axel, "Get it memorized."

The man threw back his hood to reveal Xemnas. "I know your name." he said. "Finally gonna show yourself huh?" growls Sora. Whoa, I didn't know Sora could be so aggressive. "Indeed I have." says Xemnas. "Then you shall die like the rest of them!" declares Aqua. Wow. Another person I didn't know could be so aggressive. Goes to show what I know.

"Oh will I?" asks Xemnas. I couldn't help but to say this, "Well duh, I mean, have you seen how the others ended up after they tried to stop our escape?" That got a few snickers from my friends. Go me. Xemnas though, did not look amused. Oh well, can't always please everyone.

"Enough of this!" says Xemnas. Great. He's going to fight us now. I gritted my teeth and shook my head. I can give you the power to easily destroy this man. I growled inwardly, Shut up will you? Xemnas jumped off the ledge, landing a few feet away from us. Sora stood up, now holding Kairi in his arms and weaves between us and sets her down by the door then takes his place by my side.

"Let's finish him off for good, Riku!" he said, his eyes on me. I smile, the way I always did when I have a plan and answered, "Right behind you." He nodded and I turned to the rest of our friends, "Everyone attack him but refrain from attacking each other." My eyes set on Xion as I said this. She nodded and looked away. I don't care how sorry she is. I'll be keeping an eye on her for awhile.

Everyone nodded and we returned our attention to the man before us. He had summoned his ethereal blades and was facing us now. I summoned my Dark Blade as the others summon their Keyblades. Xemnas smiles and rushes us and we easily scatter. I always keep Sora in sight, since I know it's really just him Xemnas is after, we're just obstacles in his way.

Not that it matters, he won't defeat all of us, especially not Masters' Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. I saw Xion going in for an attack on Xemnas as he was trying to get a good hit on Master Ventus. I followed after her as quickly as I could, which was quicker than her, and I got there first and delivered a strong blow to Xemnas's back, causing him to fall on one knee, and allowing Ven to have his escape.

Xemnas comes up and throws his blade at me. I jump back, but not fast enough, the tip of the blade manages to hit me on the shoulder, causing me to fall back to the ground, clutching my shoulder, which now felt like it was on fire. "Riku!" I hear Sora shout, "You'll pay for that, Xemnas!"

The next thing I knew Sora was in front of me dodging attacks from Xemnas, and hitting him with his own. I quickly got up to help him but I fell to one knee as my shoulder blasted with pain. Ignoring the pain, and using a quick healing spell on it, I got back up and joined in the battle with my best friend. My shoulder still hurt terribly, but I wasn't about to lose this thing.

Sora and I fought side by side, just as we had the first time we fought this man. Masters' Aqua and Ventus joined in with us, as Master Terra, Xion, and Axel sent attacks from afar. Roxas and Namine kept behind us, but in front of Master Terra, Xion, and Axel. using short ranged far side attacks. This was working greatly. Until we started to lose.

Xemnas had started to use that double clone thing on us, causing Sora, Masters' Aqua and Ventus, and I to be pushed away from his real body. We were stuck fighting like three Xemnas clones at once, as Roxas ran for the real one, with Axel right behind him. Xion and Namine try to shoot long range attack at the real one but they don't quite make enough damage to faze the Organization leader.

Xemnas easily throws Roxas across the room, causing him to hit the wall behind Namine and Xion, also knocking him unconscious. "Roxas!" both girls called. Namine, now infuriated, rushes Xemnas, as we are still stuck fighting the clones and she summons a Keyblade I never knew she had. More stuff I don't know about.

She summons a pure white Keyblade with white crystal-like flowers all around it. As she runs the Keyblade glows a weird blue color, then, so does she. She raises her Keyblade and prepares to strike him. He jumps away from her and she keeps going for him. She reaches him and strikes him a few times with really strong combo hits and he jumps up onto a ledge. I finally got through the clones, all three of them disappeared and the four of us that had been fighting them go to help Namine.

Xion and Axel stayed back to guard Roxas while the rest of us went for Xemnas. Terra ran past us and high jumped up onto the ledge Xemnas was on and they began fighting. Ventus and Aqua joined him and Namine, Sora, and I ran after them. "I'm getting up there!" declares Namine, who starts to climb the ledge. "Be careful, Namine!" I said, following after her, but not climbing the ledge.

Sora follows beside her and I stay to make sure they get up safely before I go after them. Once they were on the ledge safely and fighting with the Masters against Xemnas, I started my climb up the ledge. I was about half way there when Master Aqua was knocked off the ledge. She screams from the sudden fall and I jump away from the ledge and catch her as she falls and we both hit the ground hard, me more hard than her because I was under her and I hit the ground instead of her.

"A-are you okay, Master Aqua?" I asked her. She looks at me and blushed bright red and nodded quickly and got up off of me. She reminds me a lot of Kairi for some reason. I got up and dusts myself off then faced her. "We need to get back up there and help them." I said. "I know, sorry I knocked you down." she said.

"Don't be, you were knocked down, I just didn't want you to get hurt." I said. She blushed again and I started up the ledge again and she followed me. We easily got up there and helped them corner Xemnas. Sora was making so many combo hits at one time I'm surprised he can still see what he's doing. He's infuriated.

It seems he was killing Xemnas and no one was helping him. "Get down, get off the ledge, go! Go to Roxas! Go! Get down! I'll handle Sora, calm him down." I commanded. They listened and climbed down. Wow, this leadership stuff is easier than I thought it would be.

"Sora! Sora, stop!" I said, trying to pull my best friend away from our enemy. It took a bit but I finally got him away from Xemnas, who I swore was dead now. Then Xemnas looks at us and sneers, "I'll be seeing you again." Then he disappears and Sora glares at me. I sigh and release him and we go down to our friends to go check on Roxas.

We got to Roxas, and Namine immedietly asked me, "Is Xemnas dead?" I sighed and shook my head. Everyone was staring at me. "I swore he was when I pulled Sora away from him. I didn't know he was still alive. But he said he'd be seeing me again then he disappeared. Sorry I miscalculated." I explained. They all nodded in satisfaction. No one blamed me for his still being alive. Except maybe Sora. But we all know that won't last more than two minutes.

"So, how's Roxas?" I asked, getting everyone's attention back to the injured blond and away from me. "He's out cold but he should be all right once I heal him up nicely." says Master Aqua with a smile. I return her smile and nod and she puts her hands above Roxas's heart, if he has a heart, and her hands glow a bright pale shade of green and she sets them on his heart and he glows too.

After a few minutes her hands and Roxas stop glowing and she sits back against the wall. We all sit against the wall, waiting for Roxas to come to. When he finally does we all sigh in relief. He looks at all of us and smiles a goofy grin. A lot like Sora. After all, he is his Nobody. He straightens himself and smiles sheepishly at Namine. How funny is that, Sora is in love with Kairi, and Roxas uis in love with her Nobody.

She smiles back and even hugs him. Sora smiles sadly. I know that reminds him of his love for Kairi and how she's in danger of leaving us all. So I bring everyone's attention back to her for Sora's sake. "What do we do about Kairi?" I ask. They all look at me, then at Kairi's body, only a few feet from us. We all get up and go over to her body and Sora picks her ups half way into his arms and he looks at Namine once more. "Tell me how to save her." he says.

"Okay." Namine says sadly. Roxas looks at Sora sadly as well. Sora turns to Roxas. "Think about it. What if this was reversed, and you were me and Namine was Kairi. Would you do this for her?" he asks. Roxas sighs and nods, "Yeah, yeah I would." Roxas looks down and I have to fight from trying to rip Sora away from her and getting everyone through the portal. But as I said before, we can't leave her without the Crystal Heart, and only Kairi can wield it.

So I stayed where I was and waited for Namine to instruct Sora. "All you have to do is hold her very close to you and will her Darkness into you." says Namine, "It isn't hard, but you'll disappear when it's done." Sora sighs, "I hate to leave you all like this, but, I can't let Kairi fade to the Darkness. I won't allow that. I will never allow that." I nod, realizing, that again, Sora is sacrificing himself for the good of not just Kairi, but all of us too. So I can't stop him. Because I promise. I will find a way to bring him back. No matter what else happens, I will bring him back from the Darkness.

Sora holds Kairi very close to him and looks at Namine. "Like this?" he asks. Namine nods, trying to fight back tears. I look around, Master Aqua is already crying silently with her head down. Master Terra is looking away and Master Ventus is crying too, but he's watching Sora.

Xion is crying against Axel, who is holding her, but not crying himself, although he is coming very close to bursting into tears. Roxas is crying but he's watching Sora, just like Master Ventus is. Namine is crying as Sora closes his eyes, no doubt willing Kairi's darkness to leave her and enter him. Just as she as she had done for him, from what I heard from Namine.

Then as Sora wills Kairi's Darkness away, we all gasp, noticing that Sora is starting to literally fade before our eyes. Like he had when he struck himself with the Keyblade that unlocks people's hearts when I was being controlled by Ansem. Which by the way will never ever happen again. EVER.

Sora keeps disappearing before our eyes and everyone starts to cry. Everyone but me. For some reason, I can't cry. I want to cry for my friend who is giving his life up for Kairi's again, but I can't make the tears come. I guess I'm not very emotional. Sora opens his eyes, just as he's almost completely gone. He leans down and kisses Kairi's lips then looks up at me.

He's almost gone, and I still can't feel any tears coming. Why can't I cry just this once? My best friend is dying for crying out loud! I wish I could cry out loud right now.. Sora looks at me and smiles. he smiles the same way I had when we closed the door to Kingdom Hearts together, and I was left in the Darkness. Now I know what's going to happen next.

Sora looks at me with that smile. I look at him, ready for his final words to me.

"Take care of her."

Then Sora disappears completely.

"I will." I whisper, "Don't worry, I will."

I close my eyes. And then, just as those words left my lips, I started to cry.