This is probably the first time I uploaded a story so late at night... Ah well.

In honor of Earth Day (and The Lorax movie) I've written this poem. It's not my greatest, but I think it at least gets the message across.

Happy Earth Day! :)

There once was a girl, with very short hair,

Who loved to eat peaches, pumpkins and pears.

She cared for her planet, which she loved so much,

But how would she help? She didn't know such.

Then all of the sudden, just who should appear?

No one but the Lorax, who said, "Hello my dear!

My name is the Lorax, I speak for the trees.

And that I believe is just what Earth needs!"

"But what can I do?" the little girl asked.

But the Lorax was sure she was up to the task.

So he whisked her away, some tree roots in hand,

To the local park, to start off their plan.

They started to plant those small, tiny trees,

Some neighbors poked out heads to this sight to see,

Soon they all joined in, the tall and the small,

To every tall giant and the smallest of all,

They didn't just plant those small little trees,

But flowers and seeds, like apples and peas.

The girl ran to the Lorax, and hugged him real tight,

And thanked him so much for making things right.

He stopped her right there, saying, "You know what's true?

The reason this happened is it started with you."