This takes place when Seto and joey are kids, before mokuba and serenity were born.

This chapter is really short, I looked like more when I typed it oh well I'll write more next time.

Disclaimer- I don't own yugioh, but if I did there would be a season with little Joey and Seto as friends.

I sat there all alone watching a happy blond boy who was my age. He looked in my direction and I quickly looked at the book in my hands and pretended to read. He walked towards me and I got up and started walking away.

"wait" said the boy who was now running towards me, but that only made me walk faster. Once he reached me he grabbed my hand and I just stood there looking at my book.

"why were you sitting all alone? don't you have any friends?" asked the boy.

"no I don't have any friends" I said

"I thought I was the only one who didn't have any friends, I'll be your friend so we don't have to be alone anymore!" said the boy with a smile.

" I don't even know your name" I said.

"um sorry, my name's Joey"

"my name's Seto"

"do you wanna play on the swings Seto?" asked Joey.

"um ok" I said and I walked over to the swings with Joey.

"sit down and I'll push you"said Joey.

I obeyed, sat down and held onto the chains on the swings as joey pushed me higher and higher.

"my turn!" said Joey enthusiastically. I got off the swing and lett Joey sit down then got behind hin and started pushing him higher and higher. RING. "what teacher do you have?" asked Joey

"Ms. Rose" I said

"she's my teacher too!"

Of course I had already noticed him in class since the first day so I already knew.

"how come I've never seen you in class? it's because you're so quiet" said joey

"I think we should go line up at our class number" I said and then started walking to the number with Joey following me.

(after school)

"Seto your parents aren't here?" asked the blond, although it was more of a statement that a question.

"your parents aren't here either" I said

"hey Seto you wanna know something?"


"you're my first friend"

"you're my first friend too"

A small white car stopped in front of us with my dad driving. I got up and waved goodbye to Joey.

"bye Seto" said Joey as I went into the car.

(Joey's P.O.V)

I just stood there watching the white car as it drove away. 'Seto, my first friend, he's really smart and he listens to me, but he's so quiet'

"Joey hurry up" said my mom. I went into the car and my mom drove away.

Once I was home I put my stuff away and layed on my bed. 'I wonder what he's thinking of right know'

(Seto's P.O.V)

'what's that weird feeling I get when I'm around him? does he feel it too?'

"Seto I bought those cookies you like!" said my mother from down stairs in the kitchen. I got up from my bed and ran down stairs to the kitchen where mom was putting groceries away. I sat down on a chair by the kitchen counter and opened the box of cookies that were there.

"anything happen at school today Seto?" asked my mother.

"I have a friend" I said before I bit into a cookie.

"what's his name?"

"how do you know it's a "he"?"

"your father told me that you were talking to a boy when he picked you up"

"oh, his name's Joey"

"you should invite him for dinner"

"I just met him mom!"

"hm, is he in your class?"


"maybe you should take some cookies to school and share them with him"


'I wonder if Joey likes cookies, bet does, he eats everything!'

"any girls you like?" asked my father as he walked into the kitchen and grabbed a soda.

"huh?" I said, not understanding my father's question.

"Seto is too young to be liking girls yet" said my mother.

"but he's more mature and intelligent than most boys his age, he's growing up so fast and he'll like girls and then start dating them and eventually marry one" said my father

"but right know he's still a child and has no interest in girls yet" said my mother.

I grabbed a small plastic food bag and enough cookies for me and joey to share then I left my parents in the kitchen talking about me getting a job and having kids some day, parents are weird. I went up to my room and started thinking about what my father was talking about. 'do I like Joey the way I'm supposed to like girls?'